Saturday, October 31, 2009

was thinking about dragon deck on my way home and linked it with the one that i saw in last week's tourney.i realize that the now tournament legal card:gold sarcophagus. it would make a great combo with D.D.R and in turn would makes a great combo with his deck.

Effect: select and remove 1 card in your deck. During your second standby phase after this card's activation, add the removed card to your hand.


Effect: Discard 1 card. Select 1 of your removed from play monster, special summon it in attack position, and equip it with this card. When this card is removed from the field, destroy the equipped monster.

Effect: You can remove from play 1 dragon-tpye you control to special summon this card. Once per turn, you can special summon 1 dragon-type monster, except "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon", from your hand or graveyard.

as we all know,red eyes darkness metal is the main engine of dragon deck (or at least thats what i see),getting it in hand or summon it as soon as possible would greatly benefit and hasten the game all you have to do is:

1. use gold sarcophagus.
2. removed red eyes darkness metal dragon.
3. D.D.R it, throw your dark horus or whatever dragon type monster with huge attack and special summon red eyes darkness metal to field.
4. uses red eyes darkness metal effect special summon dark horus to field.
5. please do remember you have not normal summon and can do so now.

PS: Can anyone please tell me why dragon decks are commonly called as hopeless dragon?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tourney report at bishan north shopping center.Morphing Jar saved my ONCE and got me killed ONCE.LOL!
Deck used: Gladiator beast yet again.

Round 1
Opponent: ???/Lightlord
Result: OO
Game 1: he drew a full hand of magic and trap(which at the end of the match he revealed that he didnt shuffle his deck and yes i forget to shuffle his too.and all his monster he put it at the bottom),including 2 foolish burial,that he use to send wulf.but i had proving groving etc and controlled the game.
Game 2: cant really remember but i remember how i contact into heraklinos when he had no cards in hand and stands at 3200LP,next turn he drew ehren,put in attack mode and milled 3,lucky no wulf.i drew into brain control on my turn and won.

Round 2
Opponent: Alex/undead synchro
Results: XOX
Game 1: drew 2 shrink,2 waboku,1 trunade(i was thinking,hmm...not a bad hand,just give me 1 monster will do) BUT!next turn drew indomitable gladiator beast and the next next turn still no monster.and when i finally drew into a monster it is a murmillo!and i had to use shrink plus indomitable gladiator beast to kill 1 monster.Sad...
Game 2: very close match,he attacked into my face down morphing jar when i had no cards and i drew 2 shrink,1 waboku and the rest of the cards forget already.lucky he got no burial from different dimension.and i slowly won.
Game 3: very fast hand:2 book of moon,1 solemn,1 trunade,1 morphing jar,1 dimensional fissure.i set turn he giant trunade plus heavy storm=instant gg.

so,this is GB deck is still in the midst of tuning,as i dont want to main DDGB,because you will be in a severe disadvantage when you play against normal GB.the decklist is as follow:

Monster (14):
cyber dragon x 1
equeste x 2
laquari x 2
murmillo x 1
hoplomus x 1
samnite x 1
bestiari x 1
darius x 1
test tiger x 2
rescue cat x 1
raioh x 1

Magic (14):
shrink x 3
book of moon x 2
proving ground x 3
indomitable gladiator beast x 1
trunade x 1
MST x 1
heavy storm x 1
brain control x 1
smashing ground x 1

Trap (12):
call of the haunted x 1
bottomless x 2
mirror force x 1
torrential tribute x 1
waboku x 3
GB war chariot x 2
solemn x 1
dark bribe x 1

Sidedeck (15):
shadow imprisoning mirror x 3
mirror of oath x 3
book of moon x 1
dimensional fissure x 3
X.E.N.O x 1
kycoo x 2
retiari x 1
morphing jar x 1

Saturday, October 24, 2009

some random combo that i suddenly thought of utilising lightning warrior's effect to its maximum potential.This combo makes use of 2 cards that most people will throw away when they get,here it is:

Effect: When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent's life point, your opponent draws cards until his/her hand has 7 cards.

Effect: Activate only during the battle phase. synchro summon 1 synchro monster. (Send the appropriate synchro material monsters to the graveyard.)

It goes like this,normal summon sasuke samurai #3,attack,let opponent draw 7 cards.activate call of haunted pulling some random 4 star tuner,then activate urgent tuning.tune for lightning warrior,attack again...POP!2100damage on top of normal battle damage.

EDIT: ok,so many people ask me about this,i should make it clearer.assume opponent got 2 monster and chain shrink when sasuke samurai attacks,or maybe you already have the required tuner on field.sorry for not making it clearer.i know,this combo isnt that good,but it can still be a fun deck to play you can even add in des koala to burn 2800 damage too.BUT that would be involving another deck that resolves around this concept.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

just a small post as an add-on to the previous post about turn player who can choose the order of the chain of is another information that is very useful when you are in a situation(due to very complicating card rulings jumping all over the place) whereby you do not know how to build up the chain.

Player A: Turn player
Player B: Non-turn player

1.Mandatory effects (controlled by player A).
2.Mandatory effects (controlled by player B).
3.Optional effects (controlled by player A).
4.Optional effects (controlled by player B).

As shown above,if player A controls a mandatory effect card(example caius),it will be chain link 1,if player B controls a mandatory effect card as well,it will be chain link 2,if not then skip 2 and goes to 3,and so on and so forth.

Monday, October 19, 2009

as mentioned in my previous post,card rulings sometimes play around with english.just one word of difference in card text can have a totally different meaning.i would like to put up the following example as an illustration,since they are used rampantly:

Effect: Once per turn, you can send 1 monster from your hand to the graveyard to special summon 1 level 4 or lower zombie-type monster from either player's graveyard.

Effect: Once per turn, you can discard 1 card to special summon 1 level 4 or lower "lightsworn" monster from your graveyard. During each of your end phases, send the top 3 cards of your deck to the graveyard.

See how similar these 2 cards are?but these 2 cards respond differently when faced with the same situation.
Book of moon:
1. Zombie master will not be able to revive the monster after he sends 1 monster to the grave in an attempt to special summon 1 zombie monster.
2. Lumina will be able to revive the monster after she discards 1 card in an attempt to special summon 1 lightsworn monster from grave.

Removed from the field after discarding/sending 1 card/monster:
1. Zombie master will not be able to revive the monster after he sends 1 monster to the grave in an attempt to special summon 1 zombie monster.
2. Lumina will be able to revive the monster after she discards 1 card in an attempt to special summon 1 lightsworn monster from grave.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

was broswing through the SJC Austin coverage and saw this interesting article that i thought is good to is the source and url: . i have also copied the article below. anyway its regarding some common ruling dispute that constantly occur over there, so it is good for the duelist to know and avoid future misplays. i have highlighted the important points as well.

Coming out of SHONEN JUMP Championship Orlando, there were a few rulings and card interactions that came up repeatedly. A lot of Duelists weren’t familiar with how certain cards worked together (or didn’t work in some cases), so let’s take a quick look at some of the most common cases.

“Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor” and “Royal Oppression”
A lot of Duelists are familiar with “Necro Gardna,” a card that is removed from the Graveyard as a cost in order to activate its effect. But many of those Duelists went on to play “Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor” Decks, and that caused some confusion, because while Vayu is a card that you remove from the Graveyard to claim an effect, removing Vayu is part of the effect resolution – it’s not part of a cost.
Because Vayu’s effect doesn’t remove Vayu from the Graveyard until its effect successfully resolves, activating “Royal Oppression” to negate Vayu’s effect is possible, but pointless. If you negate Vayu’s effect, Vayu and its partnered Blackwing just stay in the Graveyard. They can be activated again immediately once the Chain is finished, so the Duelist that Chained “Royal Oppression’s” effect is just wasting 800 Life Points.
This is the reason why Rodrigo Togores, winner from SHONEN JUMP Championship Orlando, was able to play “Royal Oppression” himself in his tournament-winning Vayu Deck. Togores knew that Oppression would shut down opposing Lightsworn and Gladiator Beast Decks, while only limiting a handful of his own plays. So what makes Vayu different from “Necro Gardna,” and how did it slip past hundreds of Duelists? The explanation is actually pretty obvious and lies in the card text.
“Necro Gardna” says: “Remove from play this card from your Graveyard to negate 1 attack this turn from a monster your opponent controls.”
“Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor” says: “If this card is in your Graveyard, you can remove from play this card plus 1 non-Tuner “Blackwing” monster in your Graveyard, and Special Summon 1 “Blackwing ” Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck whose Level equals the total Levels of the removed monsters.”
The use of the word “and” in Vayu’s text indicates that the entire text represented there is a single effect at resolution. It isn’t segmented into cost and effect like “Necro Gardna’s” effect, which is clearly divided into two portions separated by the word “to.” You have to do the first thing, “to” claim the effect of “Necro Gardna.”

“Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor” and “Shiny Black “C””
Speaking of Vayu, a lot of Duelists haven’t noticed that “Shiny Black “C”” can destroy the copies of “Blackwing Armed Wing” and “Blackwing Armor Master” that Vayu Special Summons. These Duelists are confused because they think “Shiny Black “C”” stops Synchro Summons, while Vayu only Special Summons the Synchro Monsters it brings out.
But that’s not how it works. Once again, the solution lies in the card text, and the effect of “Shiny Black “C”” states that it works, “When 1 Synchro Monster is Special Summoned on your opponent’s side of the field…” While all Synchro Summons are Special Summons, not all Special Summons count as Synchro Summons – Summons that result from Vayu’s effect are not Synchro Summons, but those monsters can still be destroyed by “Shiny Black “C.””

“Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon” and “Five-Headed Dragon”
Ancient Prophecy’s “White Night Dragon” and the Ancient Prophecy Special Edition reprint of “Red-Eyes Wyvern” are getting more and more Duelists interested in Dragon Decks. But a few little mistakes can trip up your game. For instance, here’s the text for “Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon’s” first effect:
“You can remove from play 1 Dragon-Type monster you control to Special Summon this card.”
This effect lets you Special Summoned Red-Eyes from your hand – not from your Graveyard. There were several Duelists in Orlando who tried to bring “Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon” back from the Graveyard, not realizing that to do that they would need “Call of the Haunted” or “Red-Eyes Wyvern.”
Moving on, check out this line of text from “Five-Headed Dragon,” the biggest and baddest monster in any Dragon Deck’s arsenal:
This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon.”
That means that even once you’ve successfully Fusion Summoned “Five-Headed Dragon” with “Future Fusion,” “Dragon’s Mirror,” or even “Polymerization,” you can’t Special Summon “Five-Headed Dragon” back from the Graveyard if it gets destroyed. If a card says it can’t be Special Summoned “except by” a particular method, only that method of Special Summoning will ever work for that particular monster.

“D.D. Crow” and the Damage Step
There was some confusion in the Round 1 Feature Match from Orlando, where we saw Mike Powers take X-Sabers against Germal Daniel’s DARK “Skill Drain” Deck.
In that Match, we saw this play:
“Powers Normal Summoned Fulhelmknight and attacked a “Sheep Token,” but when he tried to Special Summon his second Fulhelmknight with the effect of his first, he lost out to Daniel’s “D.D. Crow.””
This was later identified as an illegal play and a mistake on Daniel’s behalf. “XX-Saber Fulhelmknight’s” effect triggers during the Damage Step, but “D.D. Crow’s” effect can’t be activated during the Damage Step. The main categories of cards that can be activated during the Damage Step are:
  • Spell Speed 2 effects that alter the ATK or DEF of monsters
  • Counter Traps
  • Effects with text that state they activate in the Damage Step (including those that say they activate when a monster is sent to the Graveyard by battle)
“D.D. Crow” cannot be activated during the Damage Step, making X-Sabers that much better.
Be sure you know these rulings for your Duels, because if you Duel enough you’re bound to run into at least one of these situations. As long as you know they work, these situations are super-easy to deal with.

If you notice, they play around with english pretty much be sure to read up the card text thoroughly and i will show in my next post,between the comparison of 2 look-a-like effect of the cards,but work differently.Enjoy!

as the dates draw near to Asia Championship,everyone is busy thinking of the cards for their sidedeck against all the meta.glad that undead synchro will not be around since mezuki cannot be used,but there may still be variants of it.the following are cards that i think is worth siding into when you are playing against.


1. Light-imprisoning mirror.they will be severely crippled since they cannot use their effects or to mill.
2. D-fissure for the gladiator beast,no honest,no guardna,no wulf jumping around and no charge of light brigade.
3. kycoo.they cannot remove guardna,and slowly remove their monsters one by one.also do note that you should remove their monsters that has only one copy in their grave,to prevent judgment dragon from coming down.kycoo is a monster so it can be destroyed easily,unlike magic or trap where you only have heavy storm,MST,catastrophe etc.

Grave BF:

1. Dark-imprisoning mirror,shut down their vayu engine,grepher and armageddon knight and DAD.
2. same thing,D-fissure for gladiator vayu in grave=no swarming around.
3. soul release,i know its kinda weird to put that in.but it has huge potential in graveyard removal.

Gladiator beast:

1. Swallop flip.its a counter trap + good effect against gladiator beast.
2. Mirror of oath,destruction power + free draw.
3. Royal oppression. no more tagging for the poor gladiator beast.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

went for a tourney today and the results was a disaster.LOL.format used was single elimination and i got knock out in the first round.anyway the following is the report.and undead synchro totally owns...decklist can be found below as well.

Deck used: cat GB

Round 1
Opponent: kelvin/undead synchro
Result: XX
Game 1: i started first,i think i drew into darius,proving ground,heavy storm,trunade,call of the haunted,book of moon.i summon darius and set call and moon and end turn.his turn set a monster and 1 card.on my turn i used proving ground and contact for gyzarus,and he chained bottomless,and i book of moon it and end turn he MST my set call,and everything just fall apart as he began to rush me.
Game 2 (sided into DDGB): drew into 2 shrink,heavy storm,trunade,proving ground(LOL,these 3 cards love me today),and kycoo.same thing lasted for a few turns before he mind control my laquari and i died.

Monster (15):
rescue cat x 1
test tiger x 2
airbellum x 2
summon priest x 1
samnite x 1
laquari x 2
equeste x 1
murmillo x 1
hoplomus x 1
darius x 1
bestiari x 1
morphing jar x 1

Magic (13):
brain control x 1
MST x 1
trunade x 1
heavy storm x 1
shrink x 2
BOM x 3
proving ground x 2
smashing ground x 1
indomitable gladiator beast x 1

Trap (12):
bottomless x 2
mirror force x 1
torrential x 1
call of the haunted x 1
waboku x 3
dark bribe x 1
solemn x 1
gladiator beast war chariot x 2

Sidedeck (15):
shadow-imprisoning mirror x 3
mirror of oath x 2
dimensional fissure x 3
shrink x 1
kycoo x 2
cyber dragon x 1
retiari x 1
equeste x 1
proving ground x 1

My sidedeck is very weird indeed.reason being,i notice more often than not,when i'm playing mirro match,DDGB always tend to lose to normal GB,hence i decided to play cat GB,hence i sidedecked the DDBG elements just in case im playing against any grave related decks.and these cards takes up 10 slots of my sidedeck.mirror of oaths is to put in against mirror match.SIM is for dark-theme decks.considering whether to play pure GB.hmm...

PS: mike,i think you are somewhat right in your post about cat GB.LOL!

many of us already know that a turn player has the priority to activate trigger-like or ignition effects, but a turn player can also choose how the order of the chain resolves,provided that the cards are controlled by him. i will be using the following example to illustrate my point:

Situation:Player A has black whirlwind on his field and summons blizzard the far north,attempting to special summon gale from his this point of time,player B wishes to respond with royal oppression.

so how can Player A special summons the gale and avoid being oppressioned?

most important part of this question is that,player A is the turn player hence he can choose how he wants to resolve the chain:

1. blizzard the far north as chain link 1,black whirlwind as chain link 2.
2. blizzard the far north as chain link 2,black whirlwind as chain link 1.

this is what happens if player A chooses option 1 and resolving backwards,we have:
black whirlwind resolves,then blizzard resolves.because royal oppression must be chained DIRECTLY to the activation of blizzard,meaning,taking chain link 2 as their spot,they will miss their timing.
this is what happens if player A chooses option 2 and resolving backwards,we have:
blizzard will resolve first,followed by black your opponent can chain royal oppression because it will take on the 3rd chain and it is now chaining DIRECTLY to blizzard.

Friday, October 16, 2009

some random post after playing tag force 4 (it's my first time playing tag force.LOL),what i realize is that if you wants to start first in a duel,always choose scissors,most of the time you will win.if its a draw then proceed on to choose paper.its works for me.haha...hope it works for you guys too.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

look at the current meta,almost all of them relies heavily on grave.of course,gladiator beasts aside.if you are able to totally lock down their grave,you are very likely to win the game since now that you have completely shut down their "engine".removal(or D.D decks as some may call) decks come to mind,when talks about grave removal.but why are we not seeing these decks in play and dominate the meta as d.girl is back to 3?since on theory they are suppose to counter them?i shall write about my own comment on why by right they should work but by left they don't.

The pros:
1.they can protect themselves.yes,imagine d.assailant or d.girl kills 1 monster,next turn opponent summon a bigger monster,you get to remove them from play and clears the monster zone for you.
2.they don't even need to ultimate offering to spam summoning to otk you,all they have to use is return from different dimension,with average attack of 5 monster having 1600 attack and a clear monster spell or trap can be "cleared" using cold wave or heavy storm or trunade etc.
3.d.d survivor!free suicide monster and food for tribute or synchro summon when dimensional fissure or macro cosmos is in play,and your opponent cant bottomless him.i mean he can,but will not be so stupid.
4.3 copies of dimensional fissure or macro cosmos is enough to give your opponent a headache. of all,d.d dynamite for the win!let lightlord mill all they want,just set 1 dynamite,activate on their draw phase and see them cry.
6.different dimension gate also works well with your survivor.can easily get rid of irritating monsters,especially monsters with high attack.
7.they even have their own black hole!first one,grand convergence.second one,chaos end.
8.their own monster reborn,dimension distortion.of course it is quite difficult to use,as it requires to have no cards in grave.
9.their own draw engine,chaos greed.but again high requirement.
10.their super big monster gren maju da eiza,better than helios.merely 10 cards in grave gives you a 4000 attack monster.with hugh supports that gives it food like,magical merchant,reasoning,monster gate.
11.other support cards includes escape from dark dimension,D.D.R etc.

The cons:
1.extremely have to summon monsters one by can yawn at the thought of it.
2.dont have their own really good supports for this tuners(though you can play summon priest and rose,warrior of revenge),swarming abilities,their own divine wrath or the like.
3.gets overide by imperial iron wall.all your opponent has to do is to throw in these 3 cards and cripple your whole deck.very vulnerable.
4.dimension capsule escapes your dimensional fissure or macro cosmos. can scoop after they black rose you,no more return of d.d survivor.your survivor no longer survives. LOL! can scoop when your opponent is playing GB,dont believe you can try and let me know the score.

the above mentioned are what i though of removal decks.though they used to have their glorious past in the d.d monarch era.but then again,it really owns zombie synchro(even with card of safe return,and d.girl at 1) when im going crazy over it last year.please refer to point 6 of the cons of this deck when play against GB.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

here is the rulings from yugioh-wikia regarding worm links:
  • During the end phase, the effect which allows you to draw a card starts a chain.
  • If "worm links" is flipped by "ceasefire", then its Flip Effect does not activate, so cannot activate its effect of drawing a card during the End Phase.
  • During the End Phase, the card-drawing effect of "worm link" is treated as a Flip Effect. If "worm links" if flipped by battle and then "royal command" is activated during Main Phase 2, then the effect of "worm links" is negated during the End Phase.
  • When "worm links" is flipped, its effect activates and starts a chain. After this effect resolves, during the End Phase, its effect starts an additional chain.
  • The effect activates every turn during each player's End Phase.
so help this clears the doubts for some of us.

some small amendments to the previous fun deck.i had removed raigeki break and replaced it with back to square well as the the slight change in monster due to the inclusion of Fiend Roar Deity Beast Cerberal.

addition of cerberal is to hasten the gameplay since it is a tuner(for tuning purpose of course),as well as additional food for raiza after you have discarded it for back to square one or PWWB.enjoy guys!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

 Worm Links

Effect: FLIP: If this card is face-up during the end phase, draw 1 card.

if you notice it carefully,it did not state who's end phase then you get to draw 1 card.which means my end phase i draw,opponent's end phase i draw its a + 2,since you have waboku to protect it.extremely good drawing engine for this deck.tired of drawing?tribute for raiza for more fun!haha

here is a new fun deck that i have contemplated for a while.its call is not a top deck as in a tier 1 deck but a fun TOPdeck deck.haha.

Monster (18):
legendary jujitsu master x 3
raiza x 3
drilloid x 3
worm links x2
cyber valley x 3
demon roar god cerberal x 2
d-hero malicious x 2

Magic (11):
scapegoat x 1
enemy controller x 3
book of moon x 3
brain control x 1
heavy storm x 1
back to square one x 2

Trap (11):
PWWB x 3
waboku x 3
threatening roar x 3
torrential x 1
mirror force x 1

strategy of the deck:
1. as the name of the deck suggest,to topdeck opponent's card,giving them dead draw.there is a catch as to how to topdeck properly,is it the backrow or monster?i always go for the monster.reason being,you topdeck their backrow they can chain it(eg bottomless),so no point doing that.topdeck their monster is the key,gives them the same monster again and wasted another normal summon.
2.PWWB and back to square one have to drop 1 card from hand,hence handsize is extremely important in this deck.i had incorporated malicious to make dropping 1 card even more useful.example,PWWB their monster,drop your malicious.remove malicous,special summon another another,tribute for raiza then topdeck another card. stated in point 2,in order to fully utilise PWWB and back to square one,drawing power is extremely important,as it is a food for your PWWB and back to square one.worm links comes in extremely useful(will explain its effect further in next post),with the protection of waboku and roar.furthermore,cyber valley and scapegoat is another drawing engine for you.not only that,cerberal is special summoned due to the effect of PWWB or back to square one,top decks your opponent and you can get a free tuner on the field.its a +2.
4.legendary jujitsu master,defensive monster and again,topdecks your opponent's monster.
5.enemy controller and book of moon,is mainly to help drilloid,for easy destruction of irritating monsters or even big monsters.
6.enemy controller+scapegoat token+cyber valley=get rid of opponent's monster+free draw.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

was debating with my friend today over who wins first in the scenario:player A had a face up bora,with no hand or set cards while player B had a set marshmallon and no hand and other set cards.player A lifepoint is at 1000,while player B is at,take a pick!as i will reveal the answer below.

Effect(Marshmallon): The controller of a monster that attacks this face-down card takes 1000 damage after damage calculation. This card cannot be destroyed by battle. (damage calculation is applied normally.)
Effect(Bora): If you control a "blackwing" monster other than "Blackwing - Bora the Spear", you can special summon this card from your hand. During battle between this attacking card and a defense position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as battle damage to your opponent.

Important things to take note is that the damage inflicted by marshmallon is AFTER damage calculation,while bora inflicts battle damage DURING damage step,i think by now the answer is pretty obvious.anyway to elaborate further i will include the break down of damage step:

Substep 1. Start of the Damage Step
Substep 2 Flipping the Face-Down Monster Face-Up
Substep 3 Before Damage Calculation
Substep 4 Damage Calculation
Substep 5 Battle Damage - After Damage Calculation
Substep 6 Resolve effects(EG the Trigger Effects of "D.D. Warrior", "D.D. Warrior Lady", and "D.D. Assailant" activate at this time)
Substep 7 End of the Damage Step - Monster(s) Destroyed by Battle are Sent to the Graveyard

As shown above,the victory is already declared during substep 5 of the damage step,which is BEFORE the effect of marshmallon takes place. 



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