Monday, August 23, 2010

Boost warrior

How come i always seem to find quickdraw dandywarrior supports in all sets? maybe this theme is so versatile that any cards can fit into it? if so, then that is really amazing.

To be honest,boost warrior didnt catch my attention on first sight. it is only under close examination of its text did i realize that it is actually good.

Effect: If you control a face-up tuner monster you can special summon this card in face-up defense position. While this card is face-up on the field, all face-up warrior-type monsters you control gain 300 ATK.

the boosting in ATK for warrior-type monsters is rather irrelevant. what caught my eye is its special summon ability. 

it allows you to special summon itself when there is a face-up tuner monster. which is rather "free".

Quickdraw synchron can be easily special summoned, thereby fulfilling this card's special summon ability. discard dandylion for quickdraw, special summon 2 tokens, and boost warior. synchro for 1 formula synchron, and 1 drill warrior instantly.

from shriek, it is a non-tuner, which means the above combo can gives you junk destroyer and destroying 3 cards immediately!

well, i think quickdraw is really hard to keep up with in this format, with 3 blackrose easily accessible and dark hole sucking people in.the other decks will have to marvel at it and sigh. LOL...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Banlist thoughts.

Banlist for September 2010.


Rescue Cat
Heavy Storm
Brain Control


Black Whirlwind

Royal Oppression

Infernity Gun


Monster Reborn

Dark Hole

Semi Limited:

Mystical Space Typhoon

Chaos Sorcerer

Snipe Hunter

Ojama Trio

Magic Cylinder


Black Rose Dragon
Goblin Zombie
Cyber Dragon
Treeborn Frog
Royal Decree
United We Stand

well,finally the long awaited list is here!i am actually still in the state of shock to see black hole and monster reborn back. and coming to think of it, konami is extremely clever. firstly reprinting starlight road in yusei pack, and then giving us some cards of mass destruction. black rose back to 3? dark hole ? 

oh well...maybe i can start buying all the potential cards that are currently banned and make a profit out of it once they are released from the "prison". haha...

like i said before, with new sets coming out, OTK and FTK decks are still possible, and also the emergence of new meta. 

though bf-zephyros the elite's effect is left untouched except with a condition placed that is trendy nowadays, BF may not be the top tier meta again in this format.  currently, i feel that quickdraw dandy is still the top meta and may continue to dominate.

and i have a feeling that zombies may be 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Random thoughts

coming to think about it, having a banlist actually makes the game more lively. it stops/slows down those FTK/OTK decks, hurts the meta a little. then all duelists have to come out with new ideas again.

Even with the banlist there are still a lot of metas around, some last longer, while other perished under the mighty hand of the banlist. still it is no surprise that with every new banlist, there are new metas coming up, fighting their way to the top of the ladder.

imagine what it would be without banlist? people grew tired of confiscate + delinquent duo + forceful sentry, sixth sense + six sense = draw 12, the chaos dragon explode. and we see the same old thing again and again.

as the banlist is approaching, take your chance to play the crazy decks like frog FTK etc, enjoy it while you can.

lastly, gusta OTK is really kinda gay. LOL...too bad it escapes the new banlist. =(

Monday, August 9, 2010

Khatib tourney 08/08/10

Tournament report @ khatib.
Format: 3 round swiss, follow by top 6 single elimination.
Deck used: bandit BF

Round 1
Opponent: Jun Jie / machina gadget
Score : OXO
Game 1: BF beat down FTW!
Game 2: I drew only 2 monsters after dont know how many games, and was at a very low lifepoint of 1000+ due to gadget beatdown. Cant do much.
Game 3: System down him twice FTW!

Round 2
Opponent: Shifu / Sporelord
Score: OO
Game 1: very close match. until i drew 1 whirlwind and 1 brain control with allure and next turn i drew a blizzard. summon blizzard, revive kalut and brain control his lyla synchro for trishula. removed his field's judgement dragon, monster reincarnation from his hand and lumina from grave. gain control of the game after that.
Game 2: cannot remember.

Opponent: Casper / Dandywarrior
Score: OXO
Game 1: Beat down FTW!
Game 2: He trap hole and bottomless my monsters, as a result, i can hardly draw monsters after that.LOL. and lost.
Game 3: Oppression his drill warrior when he attempts to special summon back. massive advantage from there and my bora keep tramping his tokens.

Opponent: Shifu / Sporelord
Score: XX
Game 1: Cannot remember.
Game 2: too many monsters on his field and i cant do much.

So i got 1 pack of sleeves as prize. hohoho...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Banlist Prediction

As September is around the corner, and new banlist is coming soon, it is inevitable that predictions are made. and now, i shall make my own predictions. with some considerations of the current meta.

Limited to 1:

Trishula - simply too imba. and must be put to a stop to this.
Infernity Gun - infernity's version of monster reborn. limiting this card can greatly hurt the infernity deck greatly.
substitoad - main engine of the frog monarch deck.
mass driver - look at magical explosion. konami just doesnt like OTK decks.
treeborn frog - time for him to get back in, after taking some fresh air out for a while.
dandylion - time for him to get back in, after taking some fresh air out for a while.

Limited to 2:

Kalut - look at honest
pot of avarice - too good in a monster-grave-filling deck.
swap frog - slow down the Armageddon of the water abuse, and then tribute as a food for substitoad.
solemn judgement - just a hunch.haha...


destiny draw - why is it in here in the first place?


Crush card virus - time for it to be back and take some fresh air.
magician of faith - time for it to be back and take some fresh air.
Dark Magician Of Chaos - i wish it to come back every single time a new banlist comes.

some cards like pot of duality, dargunity aclys, etc. i will expect them to get into the list, but think about it, the US side has not get it yet(for dragunity), and even if they do get it (pot of duality), its only been a month. Konami wont do such things because they wants to make money, and lots of it. oh well, at least i thought so. hohoho...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tournament Report 010810

Khatib tournament report
format: 3 round swiss, cut to top 8, then single elimination.
deck used: Bandit BF

Round 1
Opponent: Jeff / Hero beat
Score: XX
Game 1: Drew a hand of traps, and a few small BF monster which is not a match for his raiohs, another neos.
Game 2: Cannot remember.

Round 2
Opponent: ???/ Dark scorpion deck?
Score: XOO
Game 1: ally genex crusher plus cliff the trap remover = useless setting icarus and traps. and no monster to win him.
Game 2: beat down FTW!
Game 3: beat down FTW!

Round 3
Opponent: Shifu/ sporelord
Score: XOO
Game 1: Fatal error, i set 1 starlight road, and he got 1 monster set on the field. i scare it is ryko, so i heavy storm myself, want to jump stardust to protect. end up realize i had only 1 trap on field. =.=" died to 2 judgements after that.
Game 2: he stormed me, i solemned. managed to get rid of his holy light, by setting 1 blizzard and 1 kalut and synchro for magical andriod. and slowly stall, slowly regain my lifepoints. and win as he had on judgement around!
Game 3: i think he had a bad hand, and my arms wing slowly tramp his tokens, plus starlight road, bottomless, royal oppression and solemn as my backfield.

Top 8
Opponent: Jun Jie/ machina gadgets
Score: XOO
Game 1: went top decking mode, and he top draw a machina force and special summon his machina fortress.
Game 2: Massive control plus goyo on field.
Game 3: massive control plus arms wing slowly tramp his gadgets.

Top 4
Opponent: Jeff/ Hero beat
Score: XOO
Game 1: got controlled. cant remember the details.
Game 2: he didnt manage to draw monsters, and luckily no shining or absolute zero.
Game 3: 2 snowman eaters eat away his cyber dragon and raioh, and slowly applied beatdown. luckily he didnt manage to draw any monsters. and my goyo grabbed his raioh.

Top 3:
Opponent: Jeric/ whirlwind BF
Score: XX
Conclusion: xing you lost to him, and i had to win him. because he got a BYE earlier, and in an event of a three way tie, he will become 3rd. sadly, i got OTKed in 2nd game. trunade, sirocco,bora,bora,gale, focus all. synchro into scrap dragon destroy my bora, all attack. =.="

In the end shared 2/3 placing with xing you, and got a box of dragunity structure deck.


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