Wednesday, September 30, 2009

yes i'm going to talk about book of moon extremely versatile card in the current things that most people already know are as follow:

1. stop their tuner from synchro
2. stop monster's attack
3. destroy a monster with a high attack but lower defense than that of your monster's attack
4. resetting a monster.meaning you get a 3000 attack barbaros even if you normal summon it,making it 1900 attack,flipping it by after book of moon will give you a 3000 attack barbaros.
5. stop monster's from activating subsequent effect after the turn player uses his priority,best example DAD.

escape under the LOOPHOLE of skill drain!!!
yes...this card allows your monster to have their trigger effect activated even if skill drain is active on the field,why?because as i had mention in the earlier post,skill drain does not negate the activation of monster effects,and in order for it to negate their effect,monster had to be FACE UP on the field when it's effect resolves.dreading to get rid of that skill drain?no yout GB for gyzarus then book of moon it,and pop!no more skill drain!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

this card dominates and is an important card of the current meta decks like undead and vayu.allowing the player to return back mezuki,guardna vayu etc is a common known knowledge but what is more important is that,this card stops this:


opponet plays gold sarcophagus?no problem,activate burial before he gets to add it to his more card added.seriously burial should be limited or at least semi.

anyway graveyard is really important in this meta.played with baha's demon god roar deck today,he put in charge of the light brigade and added in ryko,allowing him to mill and fill his grave with demon god roar cards at the same time,then do the loop.charge of light brigade is broken too.will be doing a update on demon god roar cards soon and a recount of the experience that i played with baha today.

Monday, September 21, 2009

i am in a dilemma these few days pondering whether to play dimensional fisure or light imprisoning mirror against lightlord.


Reasons being:
1.dimensional fissure stops honest,since honest cant be sent to graveyard,while LIM cant stop honest.
2.dimensional fissure does not stop lightlord monster from milling,which can be a good thing as well,as wulf cant be special summoned and they will eventually deck out.LIM stops their milling.
3.dimensional fissure is extremely vulnerable against lyla,once lyla breaks it,lightlord will start to swarm.LIM stops lyla effect,and in fact most of lightlord monster's effect.

take note that dimensional fissure will stop celestia's effect since celestia cant pay her cost,same goes to LIM,the question is,which side are you on?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

decklist up!

Monster (14):
GB laquari x 2
GB equeste x 2
GB hoplomus
GB darius
GB bestiari
GB murmillo
GB retiari
kycoo x 2
morphing jar
cyber dragon

Magic (14):
dimensional fissure x 3
book of moon x 3
brain control
giant trunade
heavy storm
proving ground x 3

Trap (12):
bottomless x 2
dark bribe
trap stun
mirror force
waboku x 3
GB chariot

Sidedeck (15):
dark imprisoning mirror x 3
summon priest
test tiger
slave ape
rescue cat
airbellum x 2
cold wave
mind control
shrink x 2

alright!lets have a dissection of GB decks and the deck they hate the most!mirrormatch!
its quite obvious now that GBs will have no problem fighting grave BF and for lightlord,its a little tricky,which i will explain on my next post.what dimensional GB feared is their own enemy-mirrormatch!when playing against mirrormatch,what i advise is to do the following:

1.remove waboku.reason is simple,you do not want to have a situation whereby opposing GBs ramp into your own and you chain waboku and they get to tag into murmillo first to destroy your GB,since they are the turn player,they get to tag out replace with 3 shrink back.its very versatile,be it offense or defense.whats more is that not only you save your dear GB,you still get to tag!
2.rescue cat,summon priest and the gang of monster that i had put into my sidedeck is a MUST to swap out your kycoo,raioh and 1 proving ground.having monsters on your hand is crucial as it allows you to have constant supply of monsters,hence you can safely take out 1 proving ground(1 proving grounf is equals to 1 monster drawn).rescut cat and priest allows a flexible gameplay depending on the situation.imagine tuning into goyo,kop their GB,next turn attack and tag! for dustshoot,it really depends on individual play.dustshoot is extremely good in the early game,because opponent's handsize is still big.but now for late game which can even be a dead draw.

Khatib Tourney Report

Khatib tourney this week.Format used: 3 round swiss to decide top 8 followed by single elimination

Deck used: Dimensional GB

Round 1
Opponent: Strider/ Grave BF
Score: XOO
Game 1: kinda exciting,he kept drawing into burial,and lucky i manage to get fissure to destroy that irritating arms wing.match was rather tough,and he D-draw into another burial and i was like OMG@#$D%^*!
Game 2: sided out my 3 dimensional fissure and replaced with 3 dark imprisoning mirror.drew into 2 dark mirror for my first turn set 1 dark mirror but kena cyclone away.lucky my bestiari is behaving very well,contact and clear his field.drew another proving ground cleared his field again and thats game for him.
Game 3: Didnt remember much,but he conceded when i had 2 laquari standing at 2100atk and 1 hoplomus defending at 2400def and 1 set dark mirror and bribe.

Round 2
Opponent: YaoJie/ Dimensional GB
Score: XOX
Game 1: he was totally in control and i had nothing much that could be of any help...
Game 2: sided away all 3 wakobu,3 dimensional fissure and replaced with 2 shrink,trap dustshoot etc(will explain the reason later).i started first set equeste and 1 bottomless and a dustshoot and ended my turn.chained dustshoot when he drew and took away his only monster in hand(equeste).his hand was solemn,e-con,dimensional fissure and forget the rest.he got a bad hand,didnt manage to draw into any monster for 5 turns.LOL!
Game 3: he started first,with a attack mode laquari,and set some cards.i summon laquari and attack chaining shrink,and guess what?he SOLEMNED!!!OMG!@$$ddft$%!
Note: wrong side-deck for this match costed me the game.sigh...

Round 3
Opponent: Anthony/GB
Score: OXO
Game 1: Bestiari is doing its job again clearing the field for me and won the easy game
Game 2: sided in priest,cat,airbellum etc(will further explain on next post).i drew into the 2 naughty airbellum!and lose on the third turn i think.LOL.
Game 3: hightlight of the game was that,during mid game he ended his turn with an open field and 2 cards on hand.think he got into my mirror force thats why.on my turn i had a cat,torrential,proving ground and a test tiger.simple gameplay,sacrifice cat for 2 airbellum deal 3200LP and drop his 2 card,set a torrential and turn he drew proving ground,lucky guy.haha.and summoned laquari which i torrential turn my turn to prove(proving ground) and won.

TOP 8s
drew lots and paired with my friend kel who is using grave BF.won the first game,second game reminded him to side dust tornado and cost me the game.LOL.well thats all for this week's week Dimensional GB round 3!woahaha...

Friday, September 18, 2009

i will be introducing a relatively new card today. this is a card that i like and has huge potential in it,but comes with a huge drawback as well.

Effect: Activate by paying 2000 life points, and revealing all cards in your hand to your opponent. Look in your opponent's hand and select 1 card. Until your opponent's next end phase, the selected card is removed from play.

Take note: paying 2000LP and revealing your hand is a cost to activate this people can solemn you and you will cry!yes you will!

anyway gone are the days where we can use deliquent duo,forceful sentry,confiscate to drop opponent's here are a few cards that can still work rather well with this card.

Effect: Declare 1 card name. If your opponent has the declared card(s) in their hand, discard all of the declared card(s) to the graveyard. Otherwise, you randomly discard 1 card.

Effect:Declare 1 card name. Look at your opponent's hand, and if he/she has the declared card in his/her hand, remove that 1 card from play. If he/she doesn't have the declared card in his/her hand, remove 1 random card in your hand from play.

how these cards work is self-explanatory.haha.Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

first attempt at lightlord deck.will explain my choice of cards.

Monster (24):
judgement dragon x 2
wulf x 3
necro guardna x 3
lumina x 3
lyla x 2
garoth x 2
jain x 2
honest x3
zombie carrier

Magic (15):
solar recharge x 3
charge of light brigade x 3
book of moon x 2
heavy storm
giant trunade
brain control
foolish burial x 2
monster reincarnation

Trap (6):
beckoning light 
mirror force
torrential tribute
call of the haunted
transmigration prophecy

why no herald of creation?
not a need to,as monster reincarnation will be a better choice though both of them have almost the same effect.herald being a monster would mean that you need to waste 1 normal summon,you need to protect it and it may come at the inappropriate times(when your judgement is not in grave).

why transmigration prophecy?
extremely versatile in the context of gameplay nowadays.especially against undead,grave bf or even mirror match.put their vayu or mezuki back to their fun will stop their swarming or even their guardna if you are going for the kill.take note that guardna can chain to it,hence it will negate the very first attack on that turn.sometimes tranmigration helps yourself too,but putting your judgement back to deck or gives you that very much needed extra turn when you are going to deck out.

why celestia at 1?
with 3 charge of light brigade and 3 solar recharge,your judgement can jump out as fast as the second turn or the third,and clearing the field for you.hence there is no need for celestia to be at 2 or 3.since back row you have your lyla and not to mention heavy storm etc,front row you have your garoth and jain with honest giving the extra protection you need.

PS: will update my version of grave bf and dimensional GB soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

with the arrival of extra pack 2,everyone is going after charge of the light brigade and spam all their money on the almighty Lightlord decks.please do take note that,despite having charge of the light brigade,lightlord decks will not be as powerful as what others had expected.because it has too many weakness...and i'm going to show you how to counter lightlord.

Effect:1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Discard a number of cards to the Graveyard. Return cards from the field to its owner's hand equal to that number.

Effect:1 Tuner + 2 or more non-Tuner monsters.
If your opponent controls a face-up LIGHT monster, you can select and activate 1 of the following effects once per turn: ● Destroy 1 set card your opponent controls. ● By sending 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard, destroy all Spell and Trap Cards your opponent controls. ● By sending all cards from your hand to the Graveyard, look in your opponent's hand and send all LIGHT monsters on it to the Graveyard. Afterwards, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the combined ATK of all opponent's monsters sent to the Graveyard that way.

The combo of these two cards works like this:
Step 1-synchro for brionac,bounce all of its lightlord monster's to hand.bounce that judgement dragon,bounce that wulf,bounce...then drop whatever card that is in your favour like mezuki,zombie carrier,guardna etc.Done?Proceed to step 2.
Step 2-synchro your used brionac for AOJ Decisive Arms,set some important M/Ts and drop your whole hand for its 3rd effect!Your opponent will scream...dropping his Judgement,wulf,lyla,lumina and taking 7800LP!kind of instant otk!

Other fun ways are:
1. Waboku,threatening roar max to 3 each and let them mill until they die.
2. Light-imprisoning mirror.stops their milling and effects.
3. Dimensional fissure/macro more grave,no more wulf.and where the hell is my honest?

Haha...enjoy owning lightlord decks...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dimensional GB Round 2!

Monster (12):
GB laquari x 2
GB darius
GB equeste x 2
GB hiplomus
GB murmillo
GB bestiari
kycoo x 2
test tiger
morphing jar

Magic (15):
giant trunade
brain control
heavy storm
BOM x 3
Gladiator's proving ground x 3
dimensional fissure x 3
swords of revealing light

Trap (13):
GB chariot x 2
compulsory evacuation device
mirror force
torrential tribute
dark bribe
trap stun
bottomless x 2
waboku x 3

Sidedeck (15):
SIM x 3
shrink x 2
cold wave
mind control
call of the haunted
airbellum x 2
rescue cat
summon priest
test ape
GB samnite
test tiger

reason for taking out light imprisoning mirror is simple,only deck when needed to side against is lightlord.but dimensional fissure will be a better choice when fight against lightlord because with LIM on field,honest activates as usual,guardna can still negate attacks.if you have noticed,this time i primarily prepared my sidedeck to have more monster and can switch from dimensional GB to a "tuning" GB.its sided in such a way to counter mirrormatch because dimensional GB will lose out to them due to the lack of monsters and not tactic wise.maybe god didnt want me to be the champion,haha,because on round 2 of my finals i drew into a murmillo despite putting in 6 take note that dimensional GB is EXTREMELY weak in mirrormatch,but against other metals,its ownage if properly played!

PS:just got my own retiari and realize that its attack is 1200.kinda imba,escapes bottomless and reusable d.d.crow effect ftw!

updating about the tourney that i had yesterday at Bishan North Shopping Center.
Deck used: Dimensional GB (with slight changes to main deck and huge change to extra deck)

Game 1:OXO
Opponent: ???/TCG exclusive XX-Saber Deck
Round 1: He goes first,and summoned airbellum with 1 M/T set,end turn. I fissured his airbellum summoned equeste and attack(this is where the strange thing happens),he chained gottom's emergency order.i shocked for 2 minutes as i remembered that there must be 1 x-saber monster on the field before he can activate i took the card and read the whole chunk of japanese text and questioned him.he apologised for that and put back his card,and i told him in a tourney he cant do that as he already used it.and won the game slowly with the GB's in control.

Round 2: the highlight was that while i still had 8k LP,he had 2300,he brain control my 2100atk laquari and attacked,i chained waboku and he sacrificed my laquari for his gardestirke and ended turn.after that i didnt draw into any monster and died.LOL.

Round 3: I goes first,summoned a kycoo in atk mode set 3 M/T and ended.He brain control and kycoo and i chained book of moon to it,he set 1 M/T and ended with his LP at 7200.On my turn i summoned another kycoo,he chained his set solemn judgement dropping LP to 3600,i counter chained with dark bribe and attacked for game!

Game 2:OXO
Opponent: Jess/undead tele synchro.
Round 1: i goes first set a dimesional fissure summon a GB in face down defense and 2 set M/T and ended. On my 2nd turn i attacked with my GB and he chained raigeki break on my dimensional fissure and went on to search for his goblin zombie.main phase 2 i used another dimensional fissure and he "cried".LOL.from there its pretty much game.

Round 2: Ran out of monster in late game and cant stop his irritating black knight of dark dragon with 1900atk and got ramped to death.

Round 3: interesting game,i drew into to proving ground and tagged into gyzarus and cleared his field for 2 turns.haha.then went on to tag into heriklinos and attacked with kycoo for game.

Game 3 Finals:XX
Opponent: YiJie/Dimensional GB
As expected i would lose to him due to mirror match,not because of skill but due to me lacking of monster(with 12 monster in my deck only).even more fun was in round 2 when i drew a trap hand and CONTINOUSLY drew into traps for 5 TURNS!wondering how he cut my deck.LOL.the monster pathetic monster that i drew into was murmillo and that cant really save me from dying even though i sided 7 monsters into my deck after round 1 with him.

so yeap,i got 2nd for this tourney and won 3 packs of ancient prophecy and 1 LE12 pack.this tourney "wakens" me further that my deck needs to improve more when dealing with a mirrormatch.will be updating my decklist soon.going to spam extra pack 2 soon.woahahaha...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

As many are using skill drain against the current meta,i will be writing a post on its rulings so that duelist may clear their doubts and avoid future misplays.

Effect: Pay 1000 Life Points. The effects of all face-up Effect Monsters are negated.

sources from PoJo and Yugioh Wiki:
one very important criteria in order for skill drain to negate the effect of a monster is that the monster must remain face up on the field when it's effect resolves for it to be negated. Continuous effects of monsters will also be negated. Skill Drain does not negate maintenance costs(eg cards like core chimail), nor does it negate conditions placed on monsters or tokens (eg. debris dragon, scapegoat).

also do remember that skill drain DOES NOT prevent the activation of effects,as the following example will show.
Example 1: Exiled Force is on the field along with an activate skill drain. Since skill drain does not prevent effects from being activated, you can activate exiled force's effect tributing himself as a cost, and targetting a monster on the field. When the effect resolves, exiled is no longer face up on the field, so it's effect is not negated.

Example 2: Snipe hunter is on the field. His effect is activated: a card is discarded and a target is picked. Skill drain is chained.Nothing else is added to the chain. Skill drain resolves, and applies its negation effect. Snipe hunter's effect is now negated.

see how this goes now?hence it explains why rescue cat escapes skill drain,because skill drain has to fulfill 2 important does not prevent the activation of effects and the monster must remain FACE UP on the field when its effect resolve.when rescue cat's effect resolve,it is no longer face up on the field,so skill drain cant negate it.

further rulings:
1.Paying 1000 Life Points is a cost.
2."Skill Drain" negates the effects of face-up Effect Monsters on the field, but does not negate effects that activate in the Graveyard, such as "Witch of the Black Forest", "Sangan", "Mystic Tomato", "Giant Rat", "Sinister Serpent", and "Vampire Lord".
3."Skill Drain" has no effect on "Stardust Dragon". For the first effect, tributing "Stardust Dragon" is a cost, so "Stardust Dragon" is not on the field and is unaffected by "Skill Drain". The second effect activates in the Graveyard, so "Skill Drain" cannot negate it.
4."skill drain" allows gladiator beast to tag out,as the gladiator beast is no longer on the field when its effect resolves.however when another gladiator beast tags in,its effect is negated by "skill drain".

of course the list of rulings are not exhaustive,i just mention the important ones that most people tend to forget or overlooked.

Monday, September 7, 2009

as the ocg extra pack 2 will be releasing soon,i will be doing a review on the impact of its arrival on the current meta.

1. Lightlord:
with the arrival of charge of the light brigade,lightlord decks will be even fast,better and stronger! charge of the light brigade is also the main reason why konami didnt touch judgement dragon on the september banlist,if not nobody will be buying extra pack 2!anyway with 3 solar recharge and 3 charge of the light brigade,you could almost draw half of the deck within one turn and judgement dragon will be flying around on the 3rd turn most propbably.thats kinda crazy!not only that it allows you to search for the irritating lyla,lumina or even ryko.furthermore,not to mention that milling helps to special summon your wulf out.swarming 5 monster within one turn is as easy as 1,2,3!Not to mention the introduction of new members like eileen and aurkus.kicking opponent monster top deck is pure fun.

2. Dimensional GB:
almost all top tier decks now rely heavily on graveyard,dimensional GB can be said as a top tier deck and a counter to those decks at the same time.the inclusion of GB retiari in extra pack 2 will be a good card to be included into the deck.just imagine removing opponent's judgement dragon before he can reincarnate it;removing that BIG FAG vayu that even royal oppression cant stop and of course removing the mezuki nonsense before your opponent starts swarm their field again!retiari is like another d.d.crow just that it is reusable.see anything you dont like on your opponent grave?just tag in for it,remove that monster,attack,then tag out and you know the rest...

3. Graveyard BF/Vayu turbo:
vayu is an imba kind in my opinion,escapes royal opppression,divine wrath,chariot and the like.throwing 3 vayus into the grave using armageddon knight or dark grepher,trigger its effect,burial back,trigger again,burial back...your opponent can get ready to scoop and offer his handshake.though i have not really see any cards in extra pack 2 that is useful to give this deck a further boost,it is already a very fast deck by itself.

4. Undead synchro:
with mezuki returing to 2 and thank god card of safe return is banned,no more unlimited drawing power but that doesn't stop this deck from dominating this format AGAIN!dropping the mezuki using raigeki break or wing wind blast is killing 2 birds with 1 stone.not to forget the best zombie search,goblin zombie and zombie master that lets you pull monsters from the grave like monster reborn isn't banned at all.LOL.mirror match?even easier,tune into doomkaiser dragon,kop the zombie carrier of your opponent's then tune for another doomkaiser,then kop another one for FREE.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

as promised here is my dimensional gb deck used against the vayu turbo on saturday tournament.

GB laquari x 2
GB darius
GB equeste x 2
GB hiplomus
GB murmillo
GB bestiari
kycoo x 2
test tiger
morphing jar

MAGIC (15):
giant trunade
brain control
heavy storm
BOM x 3
Gladiator's proving ground x 3
shrink x 2
dimensional fissure x 3

TRAP (13):
GB chariot x 2
trap dustshoot
mirror force
torrential tribute
dark bribe
trap stun
bottomless x 2
waboku x 3

Light imprisoning mirror x 3
Dark imprisoning mirror x 3
Mirror of oaths x 3
smashing ground x 1
shrink x 1
dust tornado x 1
raioh x 1
ancient forest x 2

i don't have dimensional prison, hence i replace it with shrink. the point of playing GB in my opinion is that,get ride of opponent's monster as much as you can,best is if you could remove them from play.hence the need for D.prison. the second point is that,in order to play GB well,let them battle as much as possible!if not they will not be called gladiator beast...LOL!

there is an argument over the rulings of light-imprisoning mirror with one of my friends. though it is widely known that honest can still activate its effect while light imprisoning mirror is on hand,as honest activates and resolves on hand. hence i decided to check up the rulings and posted them below.

sources are from PoJo and Netrep:

When determining if a monster’s effect should be negated by “Light-Imprisoning Mirror”, check the monster’s Attribute at the time its effect is resolved.

When a Non-LIGHT monster’s effect is activated while the monster and “Light-Imprisoning Mirror” are both face-up on the field, if you chain “DNA Transplant” and select “LIGHT”, the monster’s effect will be negated if the monster is still face-up on the field when its effect resolves because it is now a LIGHT monster.

“Light-Imprisoning Mirror” cannot negate the Continuous Effects of LIGHT monsters.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My first post for this blog shall mark the day i first joined the Bishan Weekly Tournament.
Its a single elimination format and my first match is with Andy.
Deck used: Dimensional Gb.
Score: XOX

Round 1: Got stuck for a few turn allowing him to store hand. Summon DAD out my GB equste, chained torrential. He burial back all his vayu and stuff and with goblin zombie used for synchro and OTKed my 8k life doing the loop.

Round 2: Only remember he chained royal oppression dropping his LP to 2300, i purposely tag in GB murmillo wanting to waste his LP, hence he dropped to 1500. He drew burial and did all the mumbo jumbo. i had forgotten about the details but only remember he played heavy storm and i chained both copies of BOM that i had set on his armor wing and arms wing. next turn he flip summon arms wing and i chained torrential. then he ended his turn and i drew my darius for game!

Round 3: Drew a trap hand and on my 2nd turn drew a kycoo. made some terrible mistakes which i don't really want to recall again and died.

Could have won the game but my plunder on 3rd round was really fatal. thats for it now. will update on my decklist later.


A YUGIOH Duelist.Please do email me if you have any questions regarding rulings,card sales,game plays etc.

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