Friday, May 25, 2012

Drilroid VS flip effects

Something caught my attention as i was watching the video of Singapore qualifiers.

Not sure how much life the opponent (with snowman) has, but if as long as he has more than 2300LP to survive the attack from gear x, then he might be able to survive that turn. regardless, i am trying to highlight the importance of knowing the various substeps of the damage step.

Lets have a look at these 2 cards: Drilloid and snowman.

Effect: If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, destroy the monster immediately with this card's effect without applying damage calculation.

Effect:When this card is flipped face-up, select 1 face-up monster on the field and destroy it. 

So, lets have a visit to the various sub-steps of the damage step: taken from pojo, and i have taken only the key points of various substeps.

The damage step:

Substep 1. Start of the Damage Step

Some cards have effects that activate at the start of the Damage Step. Monsters like "Steamroid", "Rampaging Rhynos", "Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger", "Etoile Cyber", "Super Robolady", "Super Roboyarou", "Black Veloci", and "Jain, Lightsworn Paladin" with Continuous Effects that are applied when attacking a monster, attacking directly, or being attacked are applied at this time without starting a Chain.

Some monsters have Trigger Effects that activate when attacking a face-down monster and start a Chain at this time because they do not flip the face-down monster face-up, like "Neo-Spacian Grand Mole", the "Mystic Swordsman" cards, "The Six Samurai Irou", "Razor Lizard", "Sasuke Samurai", and "Sasuke Samurai #4". Each of these effects destroys, etc. the monster without flipping it face-up or applying damage calculation.

Substep 2 Flipping the Face-Down Monster Face-Up

If the monster being attacked is face-down, it is flipped face-up at this time. If the monster has a Flip Effect or a Trigger Effect that activates when it is flipped face-up, the effect will not activate at this time.

Sometimes the flipped monster will have a Continuous Effect that causes it to "self-destruct" if proper field conditions are not met ("Giant Kozaky", "Zombie Mammoth", "Thunder Nyan Nyan", etc.) When this occurs, the monster is not immediately destroyed. Damage calculation is still conducted. If the monster is destroyed by the battle, its effect is not applied. If the monster survives the battle, it is destroyed by its effect after damage calculation. 

Substep 3 Before Damage Calculation

The effects of cards like "Drillroid" and "Ehren, Lightsworn Monk" activate at this time, after the face-down monster has been flipped face-up and before damage has been calculated. Sometimes these effects will state something similar to "without applying damage calculation", which means that damage calculation will not occur and will actually be skipped over. (The remainder of the Damage Step that occurs AFTER damage calculation will continue as normal)

Substep 4 Damage Calculation

Substep 5 Battle Damage - After Damage Calculation 

Substep 6 Resolve effects.    

After damage calculation, the infliction of Battle Damage, and any effects that activate as a result, the Damage Step has a section devoted to dealing with the Flip Effect of the Flip Effect Monster that was flipped face-up by the attack. If the flipped monster had a Trigger Effect that activates when the monster is flipped face-up ("Royal Keeper", "Nightmare Penguin", etc.), it will be activated at this time.

Substep 7 End of the Damage Step - Monster(s) Destroyed by Battle are Sent to the Graveyard 


As you can see, snowman eater effect activates at substep 2 and flips face up while drillroid was mentioned specifically in the example that it activates in substep 3. that is to say, when drillroid attacks a face down snowman, snowman's effect can be activated since it takes place at substep 2.

Wikia also has this scenario updated under the rulings section, Jap wikia also has this too.


Q: If you attack a monster reverse effect of the backside defensive display with this card, the timing of the imposition of a reverse effect or Effect Monster When will reverse.

A: Will be processed after the effect of "drill Lloyd": A. (05/05/26)


Q: If you attack a monster to trigger the effect of inducing effects when you reverse the monsters of view behind the defense on this card, do you want to invoke the induced effect.

A: Yes. And will be fired. (05/05/26)

yup, so thats about it. haha 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Night shot

ever since the release of this card, many have been comparing this card with MST. again, this is something like comparing PWWB and rageiki break. it really depends on the situation, so there is no definite answer as to which card is better.

so lets take a look.

Effect: Target 1 Set Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls; destroy that target. Your opponent cannot activate the targeted card in response to this card's activation. 

sometimes, i felt that i have "earned" from MST mainly because i MST the card during the end phase of my opponent. then you might ask,why would i feel that way? for a simple reason, because my opponent cannot activate it, since it has just been set. 

feel something similar? thats exactly what this card does! 

it is indeed true that your opponent can activate another card in response to this card, and then chaining that card being targeted by night shot. but think again, you are forcing your opponent to waste another card unnecessarily. and that can be an advantage for u!

not only that, how many times can u chain another card and then chaining the card targeted by night shot without making losses?or unnecessarily? or even just to pull that off?

furthermore, night shot avoids the situation whereby u activate MST and hit a MST of your opponent's on your turn and make a loss. still remember that awful feeling?

of course, on the other hand, there are certain cases whereby MST is better. things like MST opponent's call of haunted when he activate it on his turn, or MST away an already face up macro cosmo or something threatening.

all in all, it really depends on your play style. and adding on to the "PWWB vs rageiki break" dilemma. hahah

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Phoenix wing wind blast

This post is actually long overdue. wanted to get this up months ago, but have no time to do so.

anyway, everyone was amazed when Sam won the Malaysia Qualifier with PWWB teched. i then thought about this card, and the followings are some of my thoughts on this card.

again, note that this may not be as relevant as how it used to be since it's an overdue post.

Effect: Discard 1 card to select 1 card your opponent controls. Return the selected card to the top of it's owner's Deck.

when inzektor was so popular months ago, and i believe it still is now. this card might just be an effective way of countering inzektors.

imagine opponent equip hornet to damsel, it is better if u can PWWB away the hornet back to the top of their deck compared to thunder break their damsel. firstly, you know what they are going to draw on their next turn. secondly, with 2 call running around, you dont want opponent to revive back the damsel once you thunder break it and re-equip again. by tossing hornet to top of the deck, you leave a lone damsel there and you can simply get rid of it(only 1000atk) on your turn. furthermore, in situations where your opponent has only 1 copy of hornet in grave, even if they have call of haunted set. there is nothing much they can do because u had PWWB it.

in an indirect way, still remember why trap dustshoot is so good?because u know what your opponent hand is. and that is the point, with PWWB u know exactly what ur opponent's next draw is! in certain situations, you are tossing a dead card for your opponent and buying yourself 1 more turn to turn the situation to your advantage.

sometimes, with 2 call of haunted and 1 reborn in play, it is always better to leave that threat on top of the deck rather than destroying it and sending it to the grave. it is also better to PWWB shining than thunder break it. 

PWWB and thunder break have always been the hot topic of discussion among yugioh community due to their similar draw back (discard 1) and relatively different outcome. there are countless possible situations that may occur, and comparing these 2 cards base on different situations yield different results. hence please do not bomb me by telling me that PWWB>thunder break or vice versa. i am only giving my opinion in some situations where PWWB is more favourable and by no means i am saying one is better than the other.

ok, thats all from me. time to see my cards after such a long while.


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