Wednesday, January 27, 2010

playing with black feather or lightlord decks can sometimes be very irritating,especially when it come to the damage step. Your opponent will keep asking you " turn player priority?"

from what i have observed, and also my experience, most of the time when people( your opponent) takes the initiative to ask that, they have kalut or honest in hand. Maybe you can think about it this way, when you, as the opposing player has honest in hand, you do not wish to quickly reveal that honest in hand, and also technically wrong( ok,maybe not wrong, but flawed.) to do so. As a result, more often than not, you will be anxious to ask your opponent if he wished to throw his honest first.

this will generally gives you an idea that your opponent has a very high chance of holding a honest in hand. i say high chance because there are people who perpetually asking you "TPP", no no TPP is not the traffice police post you are thinking about but turn player priority. making it difficult to "guess" whether they have a honest in hand. generally this can be seen fairly easily after the first game, so be mentally prepared while you are sidedecking for the second game.

the rule of thumb is, take note of how the opponent reacts when it comes to dropping honest.

so, how can we "cheat" lawfully using honest or kalut?



scenario: player A and B both have only one card and that is honest in hand. the turn player is player A who has a garoth on field, while player B has a raioh on field.

question: player A, being the turn player wishes to drop his honest. how can player B win in this situation?

before the answer is revealed, let us take a look at honest. honest is very special in the sense that it can be activated at any point of time before and during the DAMAGE CALCULATION of the DAMAGE STEP,meaning from substep 1 to substep 4. and the break down of damage step is as follow:
Substep 1 Start of the Damage Step
Substep 2 Flipping the Face-Down Monster Face-Up
Substep 3 Before Damage Calculation
Substep 4 Damage Calculation
Substep 5 Battle Damage - After Damage Calculation
Substep 6 Resolve effects (EG. the Trigger Effects of "D.D. Warrior", "D.D. Warrior Lady", and "D.D. Assailant" activate at this time)
Substep 7 End of the Damage Step - Monster(s) Destroyed by Battle are Sent to the Graveyard

and the answer is...
Player A: i, as turn player wishes to drop honest.
Player B: ok.
Player A: thanks.
Player B: thank you too. now let us proceed on to damage calculation shall we?
Player A: ok. 
Player B: you dropped your honest first and let us resolve it, making your garoth 3750ATK(1850+1900). now at damage calculation, i would like to drop my honest. resolving, my raioh will become 5650ATK(3750+1900). so i win!
Player A: OMG!!!

see how this works? because most of the time, players dont really say," i wish to drop my honest at damage calculation" it allows the opponent to seize this advantage and overturn the situation. if player A had said that he wishes to drop it at damage calculation, it would have saved lots of trouble and won the game.

all in all, this is a slight trick that you can play, but may end up finding your opponent( or in this case player A) landing some punches on you. or maybe stuff something up on you at where the sun dont shine. so do follow the warning strictly... =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Some inspirations from shriek and Clarence blog(about claymore dud),i decided to combine both the guardian eatos and claymore dud together and incorporate them into the gladiator beast deck: The guardian of beasts.

Monster (14):
guardian eatos x 3
morphing jar x 1
cyber dragon x 1
GB equeste x 2
GB laquari x 2
GB hoplomus x 1
GB bestiari x 1
GB murmillo x 1
GB darius x 1
GB retiari x 1

Magic (13):
dimensional fissure x 3
proving ground x 3
giant trunade x 1
heavy storm x 1
brain control x 1
shrink x 1
book of moon x 2
indomitable gladiator beast x 1

Trap (13):
GB war chariot x 2
waboku x 2
solemn x 1
claymore dud x 2
bottomless x 2
dimensional prison x 1
dark bribe x 1
torrential x 1
mirror force x 1

Explanation of choices:

I had mentioned some of the advantages of playing eatos in a gladiator beast deck in my previous post, so now i'm going to point out the disadvantage of playing the usual 3 choices in a gladiator beast deck: raioh, DCK, kycoo.

Raioh hurts gladiator beast decks to a slight extend, but sometimes deadly. Because you never know when you need to use that proving ground,search into bestiari, contact fusion for some destruction. Or maybe just need that one gladiator beast for your set war chariot.

DCK hurts the deck most. Simply because you cannot tag out, you are killing 2 monsters of your own just by tagging. Sounds stupid right? Worse case scenario is to have 2 DCK standing on your field and see them get destroyed all at the same time.

Kycoo is a pretty good choice in a gladiator beast deck, especially in a d.d-based deck. Your opponent gets very annoyed by the inability to remove their guardna and you can offer your service by helping them. However, standing at 1800 attack, it is pretty low, considering jain,garoth,and other bad-ass zombie synchros like hades doomkaiser dragon etc(at least raioh can negate in this case).

So thats why we have guardian eatos!

Now for claymore dud, sort-of icarus attack for the gladiator beast. Think about it, gladiator beast often lose out to blackfeather decks due to icarus attack(and yes,i know you can put that too for gladiator beast), what they have to do is to randomly bomb 2 of your monsters and you can bid farewell to your war chariot.

Claymore dud works great, in the sense that it locks 2 of you opponents monsters, that is, if you want of course. Lock their zombie carrier,and they can't synchro. They play icarus attack you can chain this back.

So, this is it, the guardian of beast!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

i bought 1 box of gold series 2010 and it is pretty sucky. anyway, the cards that i have are as follow:

Gold rare:
sakuratsa armour x 1
magic cylinder x 1
exiled force x 1
morphing jar x 1
breaker x 1
judgement dragon x 1
solemn judgement x2
skill drain x 1
spirit reaper x 1
aoj catastor x 1
mobius x 1
lightning vortex 1
giant trunade x 2
book of moon x 1
call x 1
dark armed dragon x 1
fissure x 1
brain control x 1

dark armed dragon x 2
aoj catastor x 2
solemn judgement x 3
skill drain x 3
book of moon x 3
judgement dragon x 4
lightning vortex x 2
mobius x 2
exiled force x 3
magic cylinder x 3
spirit reaper x 3
giant trunade x 3
breaker x 3
brain control x 3
sakuratsu armour x 3
fissure x 3
morphing jar x 3
call x 2

and yes, you see it right, no common rare in my box. no valkyria. and no barbaros... =(

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Effect: A fusion summon of this card can only be conducted with the above fusion material monster. While this card is face-up on the field, by removing from play 1 card in your graveyard and sending 1 card from the top of your deck to the graveyard, negate the activation of a spell or trap card and destroy it.

Natural extrio looks really funny. Really a fusion monster that really fuses natural beast and natural palkion together. You can cross-examine it and compare, it possesses the distinct features that you can find in natural beast and natural palkion.

Undoubtedly, both the natural beast and palkion have pretty impressive effect, especially useful in gladiator beast decks since they are game-control type of monster. Just what gladiator beast deck requires.

However, i wonder who will fuse both of them together?

We know that both monsters make a combo when they are on the field together, one mills two cards for you, the other removes two cards from grave. Perfect, in the sense that you will unlikely be running out of ammunitios to negate things.

When they come together as one, things look different. who is going to provide that extra card you need in grave to remove? Or maybe just when you are about to fuse them happily together, your opponent finally gets the chance to activate that solemn judgement?

PS: Gold series has been revealed, watch out for the shining darkness next! It's always good to have something to look forward to, isn't it? =)

Monday, January 18, 2010

infernity is simply too gay. i see that it shall dominate the next meta game soon. at least in the local tournament.

luckily trishula and mist wurm cannot be used in official tournaments,if not infernity deck sure gay as hell.

having no cards in hand is pretty simple. just set all cards at one card and unleash all the infernity archfiend and infernity gun loops.

nevertheless, still looks forward to gold series 2010, plenty of cool cards inside. and yes i'm right about dark armed dragon getting reprinted. Haha...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

i think there are still some use for black feather dragon,thought it sucks generally and i do agree with it. In fact, it sucks too much at this point in time. Anyway burn deck is interesting and now they have one more member to play with. the TCG exclusive Super-Nimble Mega Hamste!

Effect: Flip: You can special summon 1 Level 3 or lower beast-type monster from your deck in face-down defense position.

Awesome effect in a burn deck but with an "unawesome" name.LOL.

Best combo with Des koala in a burn deck.

Flip, search for des koala, throw some books that we usually see. Like book of taiyou, book of eclipse, book of moon.

Flip search, flip search, flip search. Flip burn, flip burn, flip burn!

Friday, January 15, 2010

the informations on the new black-feather monsters are finally released in BBS website,here is the link to it.currently it has only revealed 3 more black-feather monsters,so lets look through them one by one.please do bear with it as the translation is taken from a chinese website,so i will translate them myself,hopefully making no mistakes.


BF-熱風のギブリ(黑羽-热风之基布利) 暗 3星 鸟兽 0 1600

BF-Ghibli the hot wind
When your opponent declares a direct attack,you can special summon this card from your hand. Once per turn, you can switch the original ATK and DEF of this card until the end phase.

Notable things about this card, is that it is sort of like a battlefader.However the inability to end the battlephase immediately like battlefader does is a drawback of this card. With a 1600 DEF,it is consider its kinda like a scapegoat for you to block one attack.

If you so happen to survive with Ghibli, next turn you can ready to kick some ass.At least you can use it to destroy a monster,that will be the one declaring direct attack to you and provided he has no other stronger monsters to ramp your Ghibli over.

"Jumping" of this card occurs during the battlephase,so say "hi" to the now widely used royal oppression.

Being a level 3 is good,real good.


BF-逆風のガスト(黑羽-逆风之加斯特) 暗 2星 鸟兽 900 1400

BF-Gust the adverse wind
When you have no cards on the field,you can special summon this card from your hand. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, when your monsters with [BF] in its name battles with an opponent's monster, opponent's monster ATK will be decreased by 300 until the end of damage step.

Hmm...sadly this card doesnt go well with sirocco.BUT!BUT...goes well with elphin. Having no cards on the field is a rather strict requirement, since most black feather decks plays black whirlwind. Of course graveyard black feathers aside. It does however, allows you to special summon it on the first turn when you draw it.

Whats good is that, it makes your bora, shura, sirocco, in fact all Black feather monsters becomes so much bigger than they used to be, even if your opponent have to initiate the attack first. It does make your black feather monsters more difficult to get rid of.

The ability to special summon is where this card really shines. Special summon it in defense mode, and the defense of this card becomes 1700 instantly, because the opposing monster will have its attack reduced by 300, so i'd like to think of it this way. Sort of protects itself from monsters below 1700 ATK and at the same time gives other black feathers a boost.

Being a level 2 is good,combining with its special summon ability is good too, real good.


BF-そよ風のブリーズ(黑羽-微风之布利兹) 暗 3星 鸟兽·调整 1100 300

BF-Breeze the gentle wind
When this is added from your deck to your hand by the effect of a magic, trap, monster effect, this card can be special summoned to the field. When this card is used as synchro material, it can only be used for synchro summon of a monster with [BF] in its name.

Another black feather with special summon ability. Seriously black feather special summons like there is nothing else better for them to do. LOL! Anyway, best card among the 3 new cards in my opinion.

Black whirlwind search, special summon; raptor wing strike, special summon; sangan search, special summon. Haiz...CTTM!

the second part of its effect placed a restriction on it, which can only be used for black feather synchro monsters only. Which is good. Means no brain controlling whack whack, and synchro it before they return you, likewise for mind control. BUT! If your opponent has black feather synchros in his extra deck then too bad loh~ ~ ~


You may have realize that i keep emphasizing on their level being good, because we can finally bring Blackfeather-silverwind the ascendant out easily!

YES! the boss card of black feathers! Before the release of these new monster, it is really a hassle to bring it out, even with vayu. As it requires a black feather tuner and 2 or more non-tuner monsters. Now, it is different!

1. Blizzard + shura/bora + gust the adverse wind = silverwind the ascendant!
2. Blizzard + kalut + ghibli = silverwind the ascendant!
3. Gust + ghibli + gale = silverwind the ascendant!

It is good to have many good and new blackfeather monsters, as there will be more varieties and more combo, but sometimes it also cracks your head when it comes to monster lineup as there are really too many good blackfeather monsters that you really wish to pack them all in?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

couldnt wait to watch yugioh 5Ds tomorrow,since Crow and Jack is coming along.

Hopefully we get an insight of how the black-feather dragon looks like and what its effect is.BF support?Non BF support?we shall wait and see.

on the other note,Lotten is simply too gay and imba.why would i say so?Look at him, taking two of the best players in the anime simultaneously. Signer Yusei and Dark Signer Kiryu have to team up against him. I think the Dark Signers just have a new recruit in target.LOL.

Also, the episodes that revolves around the "Lotten Town" is finally coming to an end, wish that future episodes show the battle between the Signers and Dark Signers more.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

was browsing through shriek's website just now and am surprised to see this deck:dimensional GB,with eatos incorporated into it.

Here is the link for those who are interested in browsing it yourself,though no decklist is available yet.

It kinda gives me a sort of "Eureka" feeling that guardian eatos fits in perfectly into a dimensional GB deck.Eatos gives you a 2500ATK high power monster that often dimensional GB decks lacks in.since the staple GB laquari only has 2100ATK when he is special summoned.hence,guardian eatos helps you in getting rid of monster that gladiator beast requires shrink or book of moon in order to achieve the same purpose.meaning that, you can save that precious shrink or book of moon for future predicament.

Guardian eatos allows free and easy special summoning, since the use of dimensional fissure often leave with your monster removed from play. of course there may be times when there are monsters left in grave,but indomitable gladiator beast and GB darius solves that part for you.

In a way,guardian eatos helps you to get rid of that irritating backrow for you, things like bottomless trap hole or torrential. after which you can easily normal summon another gladiator beast safety, since guardian eatos cleared that bottomless trap hole for you.

Considering the abovementioned points, it speeds your deck up and gives your gladiator beast more control. Gladiator beast decks have all along being doing almost the same thing over and over again: tag in, tag out; contact fusion; normal summon. hardly we see any special summon monsters aside from cyber dragon, even with that, 2100ATK is relatively low and we can only put one copy unlike guardian eatos. Let guardian eatos be the bait that attracts all the attention of your opponents traps and let the other gladiator beasts do the controlling.

Frankly speaking, this deck definitely refreshes our preception on dimensional gladiator beast and to a certain extent revolutionise the standard monster lineup for dimensional GB deck. Now, apart from the usual death kalibur knight, raioh, kycoo, you have an additional member to choose from..

And lets welcome dimensional eatos into the gladiator beast family.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

seriously E-hero is getting stronger and stronger as it receives more and more supports.Still remember about the post that i mentioned how Elemental hero flash works well with Elemental hero the shining?and now,we have a must-have card in the E-hero deck.Future fusion!

Effect: Send, from your deck to the graveyard, fusion material monster that are listed on a fusion monster card, and select that 1 fusion monster from your extra deck.Special summon a fusion monster from your extra deck with the same name as the selected fusion monster  during your 2nd standby phase after this card's activation. (This special summon is treated as a fusion summon.) When this card is removed from the field, destroy the monster. When the monster is destroy, destroy this card.

This card help you to fill your graveyard with e-heros,ready for action once you play miracle fusion.

Complements your Elemental hero flash,since he requires 3 other elemental hero to be removed.this card aids by providing more materials for elemental hero flash. take back that parallel world fusion or miracle fusion and get them back into action again.

the cute elemental hero ice edge is another support.reason being it is a "water" monster,so absolute zero comes to mind.helps by dumping your elemental hero into grave,again more material for elemental hero flash and clear that irritating backrow of your opponent simultaneously.

Coming to think of it,elemental hero is really crazy,with the vast amount of supports.and that perfectly imba super polymerisation is pure ownage!

Also,lets not forget about elemental hero prisma.the most expensive elemental hero card,i think.

The more i think about,elemental hero,the more i feel that it works like a zombie the sense that it,too,relies on has an advantage though,it can "fusion" in grave compare to zombies being able to only synchro on field.more options and more versatile in the sense.

The more i write about them,the more i feel that elemental hero flash is a great card.just bear with the little restriction(able to retrieve normal magic card).

How i wish i can get that ultra elemental hero flash!

the heros shall shine in time to come!

Friday, January 8, 2010

xx-saber gatmuz remains to be highest attack x-saber monsters,with 3100ATK,who can easily beat red daemon's dragon.ok,i prefer to call it "gatmuz" instead of gottoms.gottoms sounds so weird and so aweful to the ear.anyway it just doesnt sound good to me,gatmuz sounds more powerful.

1 Tuner+1 or more EARTH monster

Effect: You can tribute 1 "X-saber" monster to discard 1 random card from your opponent's hand.

1.whats good about this card is that it requires no non-tuner you can happily synchro 3 x-saber airbellum if you are flooding with x-saber monsters and field and wish to do something extraordinary.
2.old story,main engine for the infinite hand-dropping combo.
3.High attack saves you a lot of trouble if you wish to protect it,not many monsters have such a high attack. can sacrifice himself as well,since he himself is an x-saber monster.

currently,not much use for him,except for the insane loop.otherwise,nothing much special about pretty straight can always keep reviving xx-saber fulhelmknight after xx-saber fulhelmknight until you have 3 and keep attacking and synchro for this within 1 turn.of course in order to do that,you must have enough xx-saber fulhelmknight in grave and book of moon or enemy controller.

Being one of the few released x-saber synchro,i believe it still has a large potential that has yet to be released due to its devastating effects.imagine dropping your whole hand in turn one.AWW~ ~ ~

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Before the release or rather,the information that xx-saber emmersblade will be released as an TCG exclusive,many are awed by xx-saber Galsem's effect.simply put,it is the main searcher for x-saber deck. however,i dont really see much use for it in a x-saber deck.Curious?Let's find out.

Effect: When this card is destroyed and sent to the graveyard by a card effect, you can add 1 "X-saber" monster from your deck to your hand. This card gains 200 ATK for each face-up "X-saber" monster you control.

1.Whats makes this card good is that,it is basically a searcher that is once destroyed allows you to add simply ANY level x-saber monsters to your hand.and yes,that xx-saber faultroll.
2.And it becomes a 1600ATK monster,since it is a x-saber too.But,being a level 4 monster and with 1600ATK is simply not does,however,gives other x-saber monsters a boost.
3.Still remember wild nature's release?a good card to go along with xx-saber galsem,boost its attack,ramp some monster and then you still get to search.

1.restriction again,by the requirement that it needs to be sent to grave.
2.the word "you can",meaning its optional,things like missing of timing will pop out.
3.So sorry,its a level 4 beast rescue cat combo for you.
4.i dont really advocate the use of saber slash to kill it off just for the searching effect.Sounds kinda stupid to me,to kill one of your monsters just because you wish to search.

Hmm...let's wait for more x-saber supports and better searchers and maybe Konami wants to create some X-Draw for X-sabers?Who knows?Stay tuned for xx-saber synchros tomorrow!

Monday, January 4, 2010

today,we shall have a review on xx-saber ragigura.but i prefer to spell it the old way,xx-saber reijigra,sounds so much nicer and also im used to the spelling.

anyway,lets have a look at this cute little monster:

Effect: When this card is normal summoned or special summoned, you can add 1 "X-saber" monster from your graveyard to your hand.

It is a beast-warrior and again,many of you have asked why is it not beast?because Konami didnt want you to abuse it with rescue cat and allowing you to take back that xx-saber faultroll from grave.whatever,the effect of this card is still pretty good. get to add 1 x-saber monster from graveyard to hand when it is normal or special summoned.the ability to trigger its effect while being special summon really aids in the flow of the game for you.because you can always limit reverse it,and take back your main target: xx-saber faultroll.
2.easily a +1 for you when you play one for one with it.throw any x-saber monsters for one for one,and special summon it,and take back the monster that you have thrown.and you can normal summon another monster.
3.same as other x-saber monster,it is an earth attribute monster.meaning gozen match comes to mind when you need to side deck against gladiator beast,anti-meta decks etc.
4.for most people,especially when you wish to do the infinite hand-dropping loop,you can play symbol of heritage as well.and again,lets you take back another x-saber monster to hand.see how good the card becomes with the ability to trigger its effect when special summoned now?
5.this card is also the main engine behind the infinite hand-dropping loop.because you need xx-saber faultroll to revive and use its effect to take back that xx-saber faultroll that you have just tributed for xx-saber gatmuz.

however,unlike xx-saber fulhelmknight,this card is vulnerable to do not be surprise when the x-saber monster that you wish to take back gets eaten away by the crow,because this card targets big time.even so,what compensates this card is that it is a trigger effect(yes,i emphasis many times in this post,TRIGGER!),you can let your opponent torrential it all they want and you still get to take back 1 x-saber monster.

wouldn't it be sweeter if it includes " reverse summon"?Well......

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let's have a look at xx-saber fulhelmknight.

Effect: Once, while this card is face-up on the field, you can negate the attack of 1 of your opponent's monsters. If this card destroys a defense position monster your opponent controls by battle, you can special summon 1 Level 4 or lower "X-saber" monster from your graveyard.

Same as x-saber airbellum,it is a level 3 tuner.however,it is a warrior unlike airbellum which is a beast,and can easily be brought out by rescue cat.even so,it remains to be one of the best xx-saber monsters. can be search out by reinforcement of the army.
2.having a low 1300ATK means it is immune to bottomless trap hole. by giant rat,and of course as pointed out in my previous post,xx-saber emmersblade.

And it has really some awesome effects. allows himself to be protect from being whacked by other bigger monster while face up on the you that one more chance or even one more turn to swarm your field with his family.if your opponent plays book of moon,then that would be another story. allows you to retrieve one level 4 or lower x-saber monster from grave,when it destroys a defense position point to note,this effect occurs during the damage step,so no d.d.crow to "steal" away your target.
3.also,notice that it does not place a restriction that it must be destroyed by battle AND SEND TO you can still activate its effect while macro cosmos or dimensional fissure is active in play.

the release of xx-saber emmersblade really helps,as you dont have to rely on x-saber passiul and other level 4 x-saber monsters to synchro for xx-saber hyunlay for a xx-saber deck.

other than that,ever thought of brain control your opponent's goyo guardian,and then synchro it for xx-saber gatmuz?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I will be doing a series of reviews on the x-saber and xx-saber monsters and supports for the upcoming posts.

their potential to shine,as i believe everyone would have noticed by now.

i believe they do stand a good chance to make it to tier 1 decks in the months to come,given so many supports and attention by Konami.

So,please stay tuned and let the "X" powers unleash!


A YUGIOH Duelist.Please do email me if you have any questions regarding rulings,card sales,game plays etc.

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