Sunday, June 26, 2011


As worlds is coming, would like to write some post regarding rulings. As rulings can make you win/lose the game at times. so i had select a few and would like to mention them.

taken from jap wiki:

Glow up bulb


Q: If this card is no longer present in the graveyard when the effect resolves, the process of sending a card to the graveyard on top of the deck I do?
A: Yes, do. (11/01/03)


Q: "Rip dimension" when she is present, can trigger the effect of this card?
A: To send a card to the Graveyard by the effect of the top of the deck can be triggered. Moreover, even if the effect of excluding special summon a card on the deck will be applied. (10/08/19)

Yeah, so that is pretty much for glow up bulb. though sending the top card is part of effect, and not a cost, you still have to send it even if glow up bulb is not in grave during resolution. think of it being D.crow.

Formula synchron 

when you accel synchro in your opponent's turn, your opponent has to warning formula and left the other materials untouched. 

it will be too late to warning when accel synchro is performed and the monster is already out due to formula's effect. 

think of it as you have to warning monster reborn and not warning the monster brought out by reborn.

you can only warning if your opponent's monster which uses it as a tuner during their turn, since it is just a normal synchro summoning.


will try to update more if i come across any new ones. =) 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Malaysia World Championship

Malaysia will be having its big day tomorrow as it is theri world championship.

wish all the malaysian duelists all the best, have fun and enjoy your matches.

good luck to all! =)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tengu plant

Alright, so tengu kind of added too much power into the already awesome dandy deck.

look at the recent champions at PJ's website, most of the champions played tengu plant.

tengu is simply too amazing.and extremely annoying to get rid of. you remove one, there comes another. luckily the TCG's has yet to get their quasar yet. if not this will be totally devastating. as one tengu and one bulb can already make 2 librarians. getting quasar out with this deck is a breeze.

totally totally chaotic!

so i guess dandy kind of dominating the european side?lol.

as for our OCG side, it is still a tough fight between dandy, angels, grave bf and six sam i guess?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dark world deck

So the dark world storm has official hit japan, since dark world as expected topped several tournaments.

one thing to be sure though, as experienced by several structure decks before dark world (like that of machina fortress), we still see many variants of this deck.that is to said, this deck has yet to reach its mature stage. whereby there is one solid build.

the standard line up is there, but only one or two cards difference due to personal preference.

i guess it would take several weeks before the japanese can figure out a standard build for this deck, or so called "standard".

do try out and experiment with whatever ideas that you have, meanwhile waiting for the standard build to be revealed and then modify a little bit from there.LOL.

or should i say netdeck?LOL.kidding.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Interesting stardust ruling.

Ok, so Lauren asked me to help him spread this new interesting ruling. really

so here it goes:


手札から魔法カードを発動した時に「ホルスの黒炎竜 LV8」の効果をチェーンして発動した場合、「スターダスト・ドラゴン」の発動を無効にする効果を「ホルスの黒炎竜 LV8」に対して発動できますか?

また、セットされている魔法カードを表側にして発動した際にチェーンした「ホルスの黒炎竜 LV8」の効果に、「スターダスト・ドラゴン」の効果をチェーンして発動する事はできますか?

「ホルスの黒炎竜 LV8」の『魔法カードの発動を無効にする』効果は、フィールド上のカードを破壊する効果の扱いになりません。
したがって、「ホルスの黒炎竜 LV8」の効果にチェーンして、「スターダスト・ドラゴン」の無効にする効果を発動する事はできません。

taken from :


from google translate:
Q:When you activate the magic card from your hand "LV8 Horus the Black Flame Dragon" is triggered by a chain of effects, "Stardust Dragon" the effect of invalidating the imposition of "LV8 Horus the Black Flame Dragon" to can I fire?

In addition, the chain when the top side and fired a magic card that is set "LV8 Horus the Black Flame Dragon" to the effect of "Stardust Dragon" to be triggered by a chain of effects possible?

A:"LV8 Horus the Black Flame Dragon" on "to disable the card's casting magic" effect does not become effective treatment to destroy the card on the field.
Thus, "LV8 Horus the Black Flame Dragon" chained to the effect of "Stardust Dragon" to trigger an effect that can not be disabled.

basically in short, since the activation of the magic card is negated, it is never to be on the field, hence stardust cannot negate it.

interesting question that follows: so how is stardust vs stardust being ruled right now after this ruling takes effect?LOL.

expect to see major debates over this.haha. but konami is still konami, they have the final say. too bad. =(

Saturday, June 18, 2011

ancient fairy dragon

expect to see more of its appearance soon i believe, as dark world is looming.LOL.

Effect: Once per turn, you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower monster from your hand. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this effect. Once per turn, you can destroy a Field Spell Card. If you do, gain 1000 Life Points, and you can add 1 Field Spell Card from your Deck to your hand. 

It doesnt matter if you want to special summon a monster or conduct your battle phase. whats more important is to get rid of that field spell!

destroy dark gate!

destroy necrovalley!

that will pretty much solve the problem and helps you to save your precious cyclone.

it has a pretty big butt, and its destruction effect is once per turn. so you can pretty much sit back and have fun destroying them.

and oh, dark gate's effect is a cost. so sad. still i am pretty excited to see dark world top in tournaments.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

united we stand

long long time ago, the era when 1900 blood volrus and gemini elf were god. united we stand is one of the few prominent stable cards. as time goes by, we are seeing lesser and lesser of its appearance. 

not until recently, it had made a come back. and now, in angels.

at the 5th shikoku championship, the champion, including most of the angel players that topped the championship, mained not 1, not 2, but 3 united we stand! how cool is that?

most of us, have realized that at times, having too many balls in hand is really difficult to play, because of the low attacking power. what we can at now at best is to exceed into gangetsu and pump the atk and def of the remaining monsters on field.

but its different with united we stand! now imagine this:

with venus, you pay 1500LP, special summon 3 balls. equip united we stand to it. out of a sudden, you have a 4800atk venus STARING at your opponent!plus 3 balls, you are essentially able to deal a whooping 6300 damage to your opponent. 

scare of losing your balls?no problems, you still can proceed to exceed for gangetsu. and your venus is now at 4400atk, which is only 400atk diffence. its even bigger than quasar dragon.LOL.

lets not forget, stacking 3 copies of united we stand can even overkill your opponent.LOL.

and also the recent bolt phoenix OTK, this deck can do it too!

try killing your opponent with all the balls.haha!

i shall go test play now.haha!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Six Samurai - Yaichi

so, its been a while since i last updated my blog. went for the national qualifier today, and lost at top 16 to Clarence. makes me wanna play six sam

yaichi has seen some plays in the tournament today, as i saw two top4 players running it. and it is amazingly good.

Effect: Once per turn, while you control another "Six Samurai" monster with a different name, you can destroy 1 Set Spell or Trap Card. This monster cannot declare an attack during the turn this effect is used. If this card would be destroyed, you can destroy another "Six Samurai" monster you control instead. 

Without heavystorm, people using plays 3-4 backrows and set it happily. most of the time, players often wonder how to get rid of it. now with this:

1. kageki + yachi = you want to warning/solemn kageki?if not free bomb.
2. yachi + grandmaster = free bomb
3. yachi + kizan = free bomb

and the most imba part is its a once per turn effect.LOL. 

seeing how six sam floods the field so easily, makes me so tempted to play it


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