Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pot of Duality

Doing another ruling update this time. I know this question has been asked several times and many people are still wondering whats the interaction is like between pot of duality and future fusion. unfortunately, the OCG ruling is under revision and till it is released, let's follow the TCG ruling.

Effect: Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck, add 1 of them to your hand, then shuffle the rest back into your deck. You can only activate 1 "Pot of Duality" per turn. You cannot special summon a monster(s) during the turn you activate this card.

Effect: Send, from your deck to the graveyard, fusion material monsters that are listed on a fusion monster card, and select that 1 fusion monster from your extra deck. special summon a fusion monster from your extra deck with the same name as the selected fusion monster during your 2nd standby phase after this card's activation. (This special summon is treated as a fusion summon.) When this card is removed from the field, destroy the monster. When the monster is destroyed, destroy this card.

1. Pot of duality CAN be activated on the turn future fusion is activated.
2. Pot of duality CANNOT be activated on the turn (2nd standby phase) the special summon is performed.
3. A player cannot activate cards like call of the haunted in chain to the activation of pot of duality even though pot of duality has not resolved.

So hope this clears up some doubt for the player while waiting for the OCG rulings. 

By the way Black Garden is another card that solemn warning cannot negate.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Solemn warning

Came across this ruling about solemn warning the other day. Since it is widely played nowadays, i think it is rather useful to know and bring it up. 

Effect: Pay 2000 Lifepoints. Negate the summon of a monster OR the activation of a spell card, trap card, or effect monster's effect that includes an effect that special summons a monster(s), and destroy that card.

Effect: Once per turn, you can send 1 "Infernity" monster from your hand to the gravyard. If there are no cards in your hand, you can send this card to the graveyard to select up to 2 "Infernity" monster(s) in your graveyard and special summons them.

I know people dont play infernity anymore nowadays, but its always good to know. Haha! basically you cannot solemn warning infernity launcher's activation. because:

1. solemn warning can only negate the initial activation of a card that special summons.
2. infernity launcher doesnt special summon on its initial activation. 
3. too late to solemn warning after infernity launcher is sent to graveyard due to the above 2 reasons. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All rise! Six Samurai!

The new true six samurai monsters seem to be extremely interesting. Making me have the urge to play it when it is released. i believe it will be the next BF, since it gets so many supports. Like gateway of the six, six samurai united etc. with all the imba searching and drawing power.

Mizuho and Shinai make a perfect match. and according to shriek,shinai is able to add itself back when it gets tributed. What makes more fun other than our beloved mass driver that we miss so much?

Anyway according to another website, it says shinai cant add itself back, which is more likely to be the case. So, just to cheap thrill a bit by mentioning it. Haha!

And if you think that is not enough, they gave us yoriko! Six samurai's honest/kalut! Whats more, you can even wait for your opponent to drop their copy of honest/kalut and then you drop your cute little yoriko! Since it can be played during damage calculation.

Seriously, this theme is really too powerful. 
1. Warrior type- reinforcement playable.
2. Yoriko- six samurai's honest/ kalut.
3. Six samurai united- free drawing
4. Gateway of the six- free searching, free attack boost, free special summoning of shien. of course, you need the summoning, but isnt that what they are best at now? to keep special summoning?

Oh well...another storm is approaching INDEED!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Light monarch

i have come to realize that actually light monarch works quite well with the machine emperor monsters.

Effect: When this card is normal or special summoned, you can destroy up to 2 cards on the field. For each card destroyed, that card's controller draws 1 card. This card cannot attack during the turn it is normal or special summoned.

bomb your geartown, draw 1 card and jump your ancient gear dragon.

bomb your monsters, draw some cards and you can jump your machine emperor like free. LOL...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cardmaster Tourney

Deck used: Quickdraw dandy

Round 1
Opponent: Whirlwind BF
Score: OXO
Game 1: Some tori stunts here and there, and controlled him as he had no hand left.
Game 2: Cyclone the wrong card, died to oppression. Lesson learnt.
Game 3: Controlled him and manage to clear his backrow, and his oppression, rivalry etc didnt come.

Round 2
Opponent: Hero beat
Score: XOO
Game 1: Early game oppression is not fun at all.
Game 2: Manage to clear his backrow, tori him and led from there on.
Game 3: Time was called, and i won with slightly more LP than he has.

Round 3
Opponent: Machina gadget
Score: OXX
Game 1: Drill warrior direct attack and with a junk destroyer as a wall is fun. his machina fortress didnt want to attack my junk destroyer.
Game 2: Double dimensional fissure on field is seriously no fun, and i had no ryko, cyclone, catastrophe...
Game 3: Ate 7300 damage first turn, and it is useless holding the system down in my hand at this point of time.

Round 4
Opponent: Whirlwind BF
Score: OXX
Game 1: Tori is seriously too imba.
Game 2: First turn tori me, removed my glow-up bulb, dandy, catastrophe. Got tramp to death. see, thats why we all need LeiLong! haha...
Game 3: Two Xin Zheng Hu sucks. and i forget to chain my call of the haunted. if not could have turned the table.

Round 5
Opponent: Quickdraw dandy
Score: OO
Game 1: He conceded after i clear his field with blackrose and he had no hand.
Game 2: Flooded with Tori, arms aid, brionac and won.

Conclusion, got a 5th/6th place since i didnt play with my final opponent on the last round. So sad no Leilong beat this time to show you guys. haha... but i would try to next week. =)

Anyway, quickdraw is a deck which is not easy to master. as there are countless combos that you can do given the same hand and each would result in a different outcome.

Lastly, LeiLong (LL) is seriously too imba. dont believe? Try it! Seriously!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Khatib tourney 02/10/10

Deck used: Quickdraw dandy

Round 1
Opponent: Benjamin/ Whirlwind BF
Score: OXO
Game 1: He solemned, warning-ed, which quickly depletes his lifepoint, and some LeiLong (Thunder dragon) beat made him left with 100LP. he summoned shura and searched for kalut, and didnt attack my set Snowman, next turn i flip snowman and summon and won.
Game 2: Nothing much i can do after getting hit by DDV and rivalry.
Game 3: LeiLong beat FTW!

Round 2
Opponent: Samuel/ Lightlord
Score: XX
Game 1: Judgment dragon sucks.
Game 2: Judgment dragon sucks SERIOUSLY!

Round 3
Opponent: Whirlwind BF
Score: OO
Game 1: Leilong beat FTW!
Game 2: Leilong beat FTW!

Round 4
Opponent: Sam/ Whirlwind BF
Score: XOX
Game 1: very close match. wasted too much unnecessary resource on wanting to get rid of his black whirlwind, face down sirocco and 1 set M/T. 
Game 2: Leilong is here to help me again!
Game 3: 1st turn DDV, survived here and there, and lost to his top decking. 

Anyway the reason why i post this is because i want to show others the usefulness of LeiLong. and i had found some additional use for him after this tournament too. Haha!

1. Sacrifice your fluff tokens for some LeiLong beat!
2. Gets rid of the problem of afraid tokens being tramp!
3. Evades DDV!

whats most important is LeiLong beat is fun!HOHOHO! sometimes i am really amazed by the number of combos that this deck can execute. and of course, i LOVE LeiLong! =)

Friday, October 1, 2010


it is not that i didnt want to keep my promise that i will update more frequently after the previous post. it is that the internet over at china didnt allow me to!

yes, i went to hongkong and china for the past 2 weeks or so. and frequent their yugioh card shops. including the west kowloon konami shop. 

went there on a wednesday afternoon and no one was there except for the shopkeepers, it is spacious, will a number of tables and chairs. whats more, the packs there cost only $10 HKD, which is slightly less than $2 SGD. how i wish to have this kind of price back in singapore?

so its a pity, that i didnt get to play with the players there.

i went to china following the hongkong trip. the card shop was rather small. and again, no players were there when i went, even though it was a saturday. i went on 2 saturdays. -.-"

i took some photos, but i couldnt upload it to my computer because i dont have a reader for M2 memory card. so cannot share with you guys as of now. will try to get it uploaded soon. 

bought a few packs in china, and had a pot of duality and effect veiler, others was not that decent though. 

and can someone please tell me why the internet over at china dont allow me to browse blogger and blogspot?zzz...cant even read my own blog.


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