Friday, December 31, 2010

BF-Zephyros the elite

Some situations that i had encounter while playing this D3 deck. some of the time the combo involving junk synchro and doppel warrior ended up only being able to special summon 2-3 synchros while not being able to get your wvyern out. this is all due to the excess/ overflow of tuners and your draw is bad.

and so, bf-zephyros the elite is here to help!

Effect: You can return 1 card you control to the hand to special summon this card from your graveyard and take 400 damage. This effect can only be used once per Duel.

lets recap the combo: 
1. summon junk synchron, revive your bulb, special summon doppel warrior from hand.
2. synchro for librarian using junk synchron and doppel warrior.
3. proceed to synchro for 2 formula and draw 4 using the tokens and the bulb.

now, here is where the problem lies.

see it? no?

you have 2 tuners on the field, and an untouchable librarian that you cannot use for synchro. what makes things worse is that you had also realize that you had already normal summoned.

too many tuners and too little non-tuners for further synchro, because you have only 2 available monster zones.

you wish you discard dandy for quickdraw and you realize again, too many tuners because your tokens cannot be special summoned due to the lack of monster zones. and even if you special summon spore and then followed by doppel warrior, you cannot get the tokens for further synchro because 5 monster zones are simply not enough.

now, what if the situation becomes something like this?

1. summon junk synchron, revive your bulb, special summon doppel warrior from hand.
2. synchro for librarian using junk synchron and doppel warrior and a formula synchro and draw 2.
3.special summon quickdraw by discarding zephyros, zephyros effect bounce quickdraw back and special summon itself, synchro for a level 7. 
4. special summon quickdraw by discarding dandy,then synchro for drill warrior.
5. revive bulb by its own effect, then proceed to synchro for ancient wyvern!

see how crucial the zephyros is in freeing that monster zone for you to further proceed with your combo? shall update with a new decklist soon. haha!

Edit: Just realize that token cant be bounced by zephyros, but still then concept is there. =)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Gold Sarcophagus

still remember how this card dominates the meta when the infernity series was first introduced and we had 3 trishulas jumping around? basically all this card does is to search for giant trunade and 2 turns later, perform an OTK.

Effect: select and remove from play 1 card in your deck. During your second standby phase after this card's activation, add the removed card to your hand.

i was thinking, the D3 deck could have used this, search for giant trunade and perform an OTK like how infernity used to be.

to start the combo, basically, you would only need 1 junk synchron, 1 doople warrior and 1 foolish burial ( if you do not have glow up bulb in grave). we have 3 tuning, 1 reinforcement and 2 gold sarcophagus (decklist can be found in the older post) to search for what we need.

once the backrow is cleared., you are free to spam anything you like. always remember, synchro your formula and librarian for holy ancient wyvern last, because you want to draw. and using it to attack last for an OTK.

you dont really have to worry about not having enough monsters to special summon for synchro purpose, because your 3 pot of avarice and librarian's drawing effect is there to help you. combos like reviving spore, and then special summon doppel warrior for brionac, clear their monster then de-synchro and synchro again for goyo and at the same time drawing 1 is awesome. not to mention that you dump required synchro materials into the grave as you need.

so, maybe i should amend the decklist and slot in 2 gold sarcophagus to see how it goes. =)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Necrovalley vs Drill warrior

found this debate over at the TCG side few weeks back and thought that it might be good to share. as i had mentioned, this is only pertaining to TCG, so for official OCG rulings, we still have to wait for the official ruling to be released. 

the below mentioned ruling was given at YCS atlanta. and maybe that is also why, we have 3 GK players emerging as top 3. =p

Effect: All "gravekeeper's" monsters gain 500 ATK and DEF. Cards in either player's graveyard cannot be removed from play. Cards in either player's Graveyard cannot be affected by card effects, except for their own effects.

The ruling was :

drill warrior would return to the field but could not add a card from the graveyard, and its effect to add a card from the gravyard did not activate, so the last thing to happen is the returning of drill warrior and now you are free to bottomless it. the bottomless part is also consistent with the OCG ruling given at wikia.

this ruling kind of makes gravekeeper decks strong, as recycling and reusing materials from the grave is what dandy deck is all about. now, out of a sudden, with necrovalley on field, you cannot take back the monster from grave, and still has the chance to get hit by bottomless makes it worse. and dont forget that -1 that you had discarded for drill to remove it from play.

the following is the OCG ruling taken from wikia regarding drill warrior:

1. If the activation of the effect of "drill warrior" which Special Summons it during the Standby Phase is negated by the effect of "light and darkness dragon", then you cannot activate that effect of that "drill warrior" a second time during the same Standby Phase. Thus, "drill warrior" remains removed from play.

2. The resolution of "drill warrior" which removes it from play and the resolution which has you discard one card from your hand are considered to occur simultaneously. Thus, if you discard "jinzo-returner" with this effect, then you can Special Summon "jinzo" from the Graveyard.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Draw Dandy Draw!

Tournament report after a while, joined the tourney at cardmaster using the newly formed D3 (3=cubic) = Draw dandy draw deck. 

Nicholas: X-Saber
Sunny: Six sam
Me: D3

Round 1
Opponent: Akira / Six sam
Score: XX
Game 1 :  He lead all the way due to an early trishula, removing my glow up bulb, dandy. and when i thought i finally can reverse the game, i ate 3 x solemn warning. FML!
Game 2: Another early game led by him due to trishula, and when i thought i turned the table, with 1 goyo, 1 quickdraw, and 1 trishua (steal via goyo), and ready to synchro the goyo with the spore for scrap dragon to destroy his only card on field which was a gate way, he crow-ed away my spore. his field now was left was 1 gateway and 1 hand, which was a kizan searched earlier. next turn he top draw shinai. FML!

Round 2
Opponent: ?? / Lightlord
Socre: OXO
Game 1: usual librarian + formula + formula, with 4 synchro monster on field and 6 hand cards.
Game 2: Misplayed, and he had a gorz which i cant get rid off.
Game 3: Time was called with the game ending on my turn. no damage was dealt to either player, and i had 1 drill warrior removed from play via his effect. ryko ate away his jain, making him having 4 LL in grave, jumped judgment but he forget that the turn ends on me and he already attacked with his jain.

Round 3
Opponent: Jin Hao / Six sam
Score: OO
Game 1: was losing when i made a mistake of not blackrose him and drew into a gorz finally which pokes him slowly for game.
Game 2: Usual librarian + formula + formula combo. 

anyway, 1 word for this deck. GAY!

Decklist as follow:

Monster (21):
Quickdraw x 2
junk synchron x 3
lonefire x 2
dandy x 2
spore x 1
glow up bulb x 1
gorz x 1
doppel warrior x 3
debris dragon x 2
sangan x 1
ryko x 2
card trooper x 1

Magic (18):
tuning x 3
reinforcement x 1
pot of avarice x 3
de-synchro x 1
one for one x 1
mind control x 1
cyclone x 2
trunade x 1
cold wave x 1
monster reborn x 1
charge of light brigade x 1
dark hole x 1
foolish burial x 1

Trap (1):
Call of the haunted x 1

After thought playing this deck, doppel warrior is strong. opponent revives monster from grave can jump, spore revive jump, glow up bulb revive jump etc etc etc!

Have fun drawing!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Arms aid + colossal fighter

Anway someone mentioned to me that the loop is no longer possible due to the new ruling implemented after date: xxxxxx.

so i went to yugioh wiki to check it up and this is what i found:


A: under revision as of 01 DEC 2010.

meaning that the loop doesnt work is not official yet, or maybe wiki havent update it yet? I dont know. still pray hard that this combo works. LOL.

on another note, quickdraw dandy with librarian is simply too powerful. spamming 3-5 synchro monsters on field and still having 5-9 cards in hand is too easy to do than said.LOL.

so enjoy your free " card of safe return " while you can! since after banlist this librarian will be either losing his job or gets his salary deducted.HAHA!

and swinging holy ancient wyvern for game is just fantastic!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tech Genus Hyper Librarian

incredible card, superb!

Effect: Each time a synchro monster is synchro summoned, draw 1 card.

the above picture was taken from yugioh wikia, anyway this card is simply too strong!

1. summon junk synchron , special summon any level 1 tuner from grave.
2. special summon doople warrior from hand.
3. junk and doople warrior synchro for hyper librarian.
4. special summon 2 tokens.
5. synchro for formula synchron using the level 1 tuner that you revive and the token.
6. result, draw 2!

pot of greed for you, using only 2 cards! and if that is a glow up bulb, you can draw another 2! that is a total of 4 cards drawn in a turn! using only 2 cards! what a massive advantage gained! 

OMG! 1 word BROKEN!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Puppet plant!

Anyway, since puppet plant is the new love against six samurai, decided to do a ruling post on it. haha! it is always good to know rulings.

Effect: By discarding this card from your hand to the graveyard, take control of 1 face-up warrior or spellcaster-type monster your opponent control until the end of this turn.

the usual stuff:

1. change of heart effect, can attack, can tribute, can synchro.LOL.
2. the six sam jade cannot negate this.

and the ruling:

1. discarding this card is a cost to activate the effect.
2. This effect targets.
3. If the targeted monster is flipped face-down by an effect chained to this card's activation, control of the target will not switch.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kaien Token

JF 2011, guess what we have? Kaien token! 

If this pack comes out easily obtainable and cheap, i really pity those who spend 300-400 buying the 1st edition (so called) kaien token. 

this is what konaimi does best, to release a reprint and makes the card value drop.

moral of story: dont buy cards that are too expensive! haha!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mausoleum of the Emperor

main engine of the card in fish synchro. hence decided to do a post on it.

Effect: Both players can normal summon or set monsters without tribute(s) by paying 1000 life points x the number of monster needed to tribute summon them.

rulings on yugioh wiki :


Q: After Effects exercise, "Cyclone" and when to explode the chain, then usually summoned to make possible? 
A: Yes. (09/06/12)

You cannot solemn a monster like the "big ancient fish" when he normal summons it via the effect of mausoleum of the emperor, because, as solemn and the like cannot be used to negate the result of its effect. it can only negate the initial activation of the card. which means your "big fish" can land safely, if your opponent has no bottomless that is. Haha!

anyway, seeing the spoilers for the new theme, TG, really feel like playing it. extremely cool theme. 

and am excited on the arrival of junk berserker, hoping for a great effect as dandywarrior gets another boost! hohoho!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kagemusha isn't that god

Read up the rulings on kagemusha and realize that kagemusha isnt that godly as we all thought it would be. so hope this rulings clarifies it.

Effect: If a face-up "six samurai" monster you control is targeted by a card effect, you can switch the target to this card instead.

taken from yugioh wiki and translation done in google: 

1. Q:他の六武衆《次元幽閉》対象になった時このカードに移し変える事はできますか?

Q: I have six other Wu Shu "prison-dimensional" things change when you move this card can I become eligible?(Whether it is possible to shuffle the wrong target) 
A: In that case, I invoke the effect of the target can not translocate. (10/11/14)

2. Q:相手《スクラップ・ドラゴン》効果発動しました。自分フィールドはこのカード以外の六武衆1体だけ選択されましたが、相手フィールドも同時に選択することになります。この場合は対象をこのカードに移し換えられますか?

Q: My partner "Scrap Dragon" to activate the effect. My field was chosen as one body in six other martial crowd this card will also be able to choose other fields. In this case, can I move this card to be replaced? 
A: During adjustment. (10/11/17)


that is to say:
1. you cannot shift the target to him when your opponent prison one of your six sam. that is to say, kagemusha MUST become a suitable candidate before he can shift the target to himself. n this case, the kagemusha isnt attacking. suitable candidate means when your opponent DAD, mind control, brain control etc.

2. and the ruling vs scrap dragon is during adjustment. haha!

so...weakness found in six samurais?haha!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Scrap dragon

Some useful ways of getting rid of this irritating scrap dragon, without it activating its effect of course.

Effect: Once per turn, you can select 1 card you control and 1 card your opponent controls. destroy them. When this card is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or by card effect) and sent to the graveyard, select 1 non-synchro "scrap" monster in your graveyard and special summon it.

from yugioh wikia:

1. The effect of a monster like "scrap dragon" or "voltic bicorn" cannot be activated unless it is under the control of its original owner when it is destroyed. Thus, if a "voltic bicorn" that you own is destroyed while on your opponent's side of the field, then you cannot activate its effect.

just a fun way of playing around with it other than the normal trishula thingy. Haha! enemy controller for the win!


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