Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rulings update

Was playing today and a few questions pop up along the way, hence decided to do a ruling update here. I didnt go to Sunset way for the tourney today as it was postponed to next friday, it was alright for me as i have sensed some signs that is not right these few days and was still wondering whether or not to go for the tourney. Luckily i didnt have to make that tough desicion.

The rulings for the various cards are as follow, some taken from yugioh wikia.

1. You can bottomless drill warrior when it is synchro summoned, even if your opponent decides to use his turn player priority to activate its effect. the chain will be as follow: chain link 1 drill warrior, chain link 2 bottomless. Resolve backward drill warrior goes out of play, because its effect is still resolving,  and the timing for bottomless is already met.
2.The effect of "drill warrior" which removes it from play and the effect which Special Summons it are not treated as the same effect; "drill warrior" is not treated as being removed from play temporarily. Thus, if the effect of "drill warrior" removes it from play after control of it switches by an effect like "mark of the rose" or "brain control" or "creature swap", then "drill warrior" will be Special Summoned to its original owner's side of the field during its original owner's next standby phase, and its original owner adds a card from his Graveyard to his hand.
3. You discard one card when resolving the effect of "drill warrior" which removes from play. It is NOT a cost to activate the effect.

1. Sending a card(s) from the Deck to the Graveyard IS a cost to activate the effect.
2. "dimension fortress weapon" prevents cards from being sent from the Deck to the Graveyard, so while its effect is active effects like those of "celestia, lightsworn angel", "card trooper", and "hidden armory" cannot be activated.
3. "card trooper's" second effect activates in the Graveyard. If your opponent controls your "card trooper" and it is destroyed while on their side of the field, this effect cannot be activated.
4. You cannot bottomless card trooper when he activates its effect, because when he activates its effect boosting its ATK to 1900, the timing for bottomless has passed because the last thing to happen is not the summoning of 1900ATK card trooper. 


On another note, i copied and paste the reply regarding xx-saber darksoul from the TCG rulings department, this reply was taken from POJO, and here is the link and special thanks to CPLCLARK. Congratz to all xx-saber lovers, this guy is way to gay and imba and whatever you call it with this ruling.

From: US YGO Rules (
Sent: Thu 5/06/10 1:49 PM
To: '*****' (********@*******.com)

You get to search once for each time its sent to the Graveyard. The effect activates and resolves when the card you control is sent to the Graveyard. Adding 1 “X-Saber” monster to your hand does not start a Chain and still happens even if Darksoul isn’t in the Graveyard.

From: ***** [mailto:*********@*******.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 5:44 AM
Subject: question

If i summon the same xx-saber darksoul multiple times do i get to search just once or for each time he left the field 

Can someone please tell me how powerful this card can be? Doesnt start a chain, and does have to be there physically in grave. Chariot, D.D.Crow fail to catch this guy. and lastly, it is once for each time send to grave. LOL... emergency call, or faultroll special summon then synchro a few times, next turn be ready to start the infinite hand discarding loop.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Khatib Trishula Tourney Report

Format: 3 round swiss, followed by single elimination
Number of participants: 50
Deck used: Whirlwind BF

Round 1
Opponent: ??/ Twilight
Score: OO
Game 1: Killed him within 3 turns with Dark armed dragon and some other stuff.
Game 2: He was down to very low life of 500LP, and he special summon judgement dragon and attacked my shura with a battlefader standing along side. Next turn i drew bora and won by tramping his battlefader.

Round 2
Opponent: Winson/ Meta-beat gadget
Score: XX
Game 1: Damn big mistake cost me the game.
Game 2: Refer to game 1.

Round 3
Opponent: Yong Siang/ Whirlwind BF
Score: XX
Game 1: Enormous backrow block every move of mine.
Game 2: Drawing a hand full of trap and only 1 blizzard, if that is not bad enough. Next turn i cyclone his set M/T ( he sets 3 M/T), didn't hit starlight road, then i dust tornado again, didnt hit starlight road, finally i ircarus attack and a white dragon came flying down. Just tell me how bad can this be?LOL.

Full of mistakes today. Nevermind, i will do my best again on this Sunday! =)

Monday, May 24, 2010

i realize that many people forget about the importance of cards that doesnt target. cards that doesnt target really rocks. and i shall use smashing ground as the example.

Smashing Ground/Effect: Destroy the 1 face-up monster your opponent controls that has the highest DEF. (If it's a tie, you get to choose.)

Take note that:
1. It is only at the resolution of this card that the highest DEF is determined.
2. Book of moon the monster with the highest DEF, or tribute that for icarus is not an option to counter this. Because it will just smash away any remaining monsters on the field with the highest DEF after book of moon/icarus resolves.
3. Both points 1 and 2 already makes these type of cards strong enough, so dont be too greedy.

Note: I have added the comments function, which can be found at the bottom of each post. So do feel free to comment. =)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bishan Tournament Report
Format: 3 Round swiss, follow by single elimination.
Deck used: Whirlwind BF

Round 1
Opponent: Viral/ Synchro cat
Score: XX
Game 1: Lack of monsters to summon, and drew 3 sirocco in the opening hand and with black whirlwind on field, you might think it is good. but sadly, all my sirocco either get book of moon-ed or bottomless-ed. Sad. He slowly controlled the field and sealed the game with caius removing away my trap and attack. If thats not enough, Dark armed dragon comes to the game and bully me. Just when i thought that i might turn the table around after he stormed me and i chained starlight road successfully, with 1 set dimension prision and 1 black whirlwind on field. He set all the M/T and used allure of darkness and drew into a cyclone and destroy away my stardust dragon.
Game 2: I summoned a shura and with black whirlwind's effect searched for a kalut, set 1 bottomless and end turn. Next turn he heavy storm, summoned summon priest and special summon out 2 airbellum using summon priest effect, brain control my bora, all attack, discarding 2 of my hand cards. And synchro into voltech bicorn and arcanite magician. I set the kalut that i added with black whirlwind and a trap, next turn he use arcanite magician effect destroy my cards and one more turn later killed me.

Round 2
Opponent: Chan Peng/ Anti-meta
Score: XOO
Game 1: Totally god hand he drew, summon breaker break my M/T. next turn fissure and cyclone. Followed by more smashing ground and lock down with king tiger wanghu and burden of the mighty.Totally interrupt my play and lost.
Game 2: He drew a hand of monsters, i realize that by observing that he did not set any spell or traps. and i controlled the field with bottomless, sided trap hole, and book of moon. Won gradually.
Game 3: Please refer to game 2.

Round 3
Opponent: De Zheng/ Six-samurai
Score: OXO
Game 1: i controlled the game early and was about to win, with trishula out, removing from play his lightning vortex from hand, and 1 six samurai monster from grave. He set 1 monster and 2 M/T on his turn and ended. My turn i drew heavy storm, reluctant to use afraid of starlight road, and attacked using my trishula. I didn't expect to see a morphing jar staring at me! I had 1 blizzard and 1 Dark armed dragon in my hand. So my hand was refreshed due to morphing jar and drew a trunade in the process. Next turn he spammed gateway of the six and six samurai united, wanting to OTK me. Luckily i had bottomless and book of moon set to defend myself. Next turn i played giant trunade and OTKed him with brionac bouncing and monsters attacking.
Game 2: Totally got spammed by gateway of the six, six samurai united, and great shogun shien locking me down. Had no choice and unable to defend.
Game 3: Controlled the game early as well, with sided trap hole. Bottomless and book of moon help me a lot in stopping the combos of six samurai, and i had i set royal oppression ready to stop their special summoning anytime. Won when he couldnt draw any monsters and attacked for game with a sirocco.

Top 8
Opponent: Anthony/ Quickdraw dandywarrior
Score: OXO
Game 1: We were fighting and exchanging blows, and it is a tough match to play as our lifepoints remain very close to one another. I started to lead when i had sirocco, and normal summoned blizzard with black whirlwind on the field, reviving kalut, can't believe my graveyard doesn't have a level 4 blackfeather monster as it is so late into the game.LOL. So i searched for breeze, and snychroed into bf-arms wing, attacking his dandylion with blizzard, and tramp his token with arms wing and attacked the other with sirocco. Then i synchro for colossal fighter. Next turn he synchro summoned junk destroyer and destoryed my colossal fighter, and i counter attacked on my turn with blizzard reviving the same old kalut for A.O.J Catastor. Lucky enough for me, i sealed the game with a top decked bora and keep tramping his dandy tokens.
Game 2: A veyr close fight again, and i got controlled by him after losing my monsters to his book of moon, dimension prison etc and couldnt draw anymore monsters.
Game 3: My side deck came to my rescue and he lose his monster to my trap holes and book of moon important tuners which saved my live. An arms wing and brionac bouncing won the game as i had 1 set royal oppression and mirror force ready to take him down.

Top 4
Opponent: Wen Kang/ Gladiator beast
Score: we didnt play as the prizes was shared among ourselves and they wanted the box of deulist revolution and i aimed for the started deck. 

Was satisfied with my performance, and shared the started deck with shelton and takoyaki as promised earlier in the tournament. I figured that i miss having dust tornado in my deck, and brionac is simply too strong.LOL~Loves my current monster lineup. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

i wonder how the rules of the game is going to change when accel synchro releases.

Being able to synchro summon during your opponent's main phase can be truely amazing and life-saving.

It can simply avoid targeting effects during the main phase.

DAD destroy; Book of moon; icarus attack; brionac bouncing and dancing; brain control and the list goes on.

Looks like the game is getting more and more fun!

On a side note, as if battlefader isn't enough for final countdown, konami just gave us swift-attacking scarecrow.

Whats 20 turns to final countdown players now?Haha~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

just when we all thought that neos knight is already pretty cool and wonderful, konami gave us another piece of GOLD! Yes, it is the Vision Hero Trinity!

And so the name Trinity really speaks of itself, it requires 3 "HERO" monster in order to summon it out. And i believe with the Konami will release super duper ultra powerful support card to support this new theme, or new type of hero as you call it.

Effect: During the turn this card is fusion summoned, this card's ATK becomes twice its original ATK. If this card was fusion summoned, it can attack 3 times in a row. This card cannot attack your opponent directly.

1. Naturally its ability to attack multiple times reminds people of neos knight, and then honest comes to mind, too bad it is a DARK monster. So no imba/gay OTK conducted by dropping 2 honest and keep attacking.
2. Future fusion makes the summoning of this monster an ease, simply send your E.hero another neos, Airman etc to the graveyard for Trinity, and miracle fusion them, get your Absolute Zero or Shining or Great Tornado instantly. and whats more on the 2nd standby phase, you gets your Trinity! How cool can that be?
3. Junk synchro revives synchro fusionist, synchro for a A.O.J Catastor or whatever, adds future fusion from deck to hand and repeat point 2.

It is really thrilling to see vision hero to be so powerful, makes me wanna form a hero deck soon. =)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tourney updates for this week! went for the bishan and khatib tourney at one go.
deck used: whirlwind-bf

Bishan Report
Format: 3 round swiss
Note: Agreed to share prize with takoyaki and bryan, and he each get a BYE at round 2 and 1 respectively. leaving me fighting all the way to top 4.LOL~

Round 1
Opponent: ??/ Hopeless dragon
Score: OXO
Game 1: shura slowly poke him. he synchro the deltafly and dark grepher for colossal fighter and attacked my shura, which i have a kalut in hand. i let him destroy my shura anyway, no point dropping kalut. next time, i synchro for brionac and bounce his colossal away and won.
Game 2: I only remember his imba field, 1 stardust, and 1 colossal fighter in 1 turn. i struggled for a while, i had icarus, book of moon, and mirror force set but to no avail since he had a dark bribe.
Game 3: He rushed for the game, with colossal fighter again on his field and 2 set cards. i cycloned his set card during end phase, and he quickly chained his dark bribe, realizing that its end phase shortly. on my turn, i synchro brionac, and jumped dark armed dragon and he conceded.

Round 2
Opponent: Bryan/ Whirlwind BF.
Score: XX
We agreed to share prize, so win or lose no difference. and he didn't let me win despite getting a BYE at round 1.

Round 3
Opponent: ??/ Whirlwind BF
Score: OXO
Game 1: i got heavy storm during his storm and i have no starlight road. a few turns later, he delta crow me, this time i have no choice but to solemn, since i'm losing already have to protect my set book of moon. finally gale came to my rescue and with countless book of moon, and bottomless my gale surived and slowly attacked for the game.
Game 2: Not as lucky as game 1 this time, i was losing again, and i didn't manage to fight back for the advantages he gained from black whirlwind.
Game 3: I had a shura and gale on my field, and he summoned sirocco, and i was like shit. he focus and attacked my bora and i flipped magic cylinder and he died.LOL.

Round 4
Supposed to fight one more time to go into top 4, but my teammates and i decided to dark bribe him giving him the entry fee and he let me go up. =)

Conclusion: Shared a box of deulist revolution and i got the most foils in them, including a holo surging knight, summon curse, 3D bicorn, and elecchimera i think. While bryan gets the pot and takoyaki gets effect veiler.


Khatib tourney
Format: 3 round swiss

Round 1
Opponent: ??/ Twilight
Score: OO
Game 1: My shura was doing its job again, controlled the field, while he constantly didnt have any wulfs jumping and backrow. so i managed to win quite easily.
Game 2: I only remembered that he played cold wave and ended his turn with an open field, and i knew that it must be gorz that he is holding. He was left with 5K plus lifepoints, while i had a shura on field already, so i synchro vayu and sirocco in grave for arms wing, and summoned a blizzard pulling back shura and has a dark armed dragon in hand and 2 kalut. i attacked with everything and he wanted to jump gorz when arms wing attack but i dropped double kalut and won.

Round 2
Opponent: ??/ GB
Score: XOX
Game 1: Damn fail, LOL. i summoned shura and searched for gale, special summoned gale and activated effect, which he chariot away. so i special summon a bora and attacked his equeste, shura attacked his 2100ATK laquari with shura discarding kalut. i didnt check my lifepoint and forget that i left only 600LP. and used shura effect searched for vayu and forget to synchro. next turn he topdeck into a proving ground and attacked my vayu. Moral of story ALWAYS check your lifepoints!
Game 2: He had a monster hand, hence i controlled the game with ease and won.
Game 3: I drew the sided royal oppression, bottomless, solemn, starlight road and i thought okay im gonna win this.LOL. BUT!he had a monster hand again while i didnt manage to draw any monsters, so even if the royal is there, it has no use as he consistently summon monsters and attack me.

Round 3
Opponent: Takoyaki/ Hero Beat
We decided to share prize, so we just played casually and i lost, so he went up and won an avenging knight parsath, and traded for a smashing ground.Haha~

Friday, May 14, 2010

Armory arm and colossal fighter combo is really cool.creates an infinite loop and wins game!

Armory arm/ Effect: Once per turn, you can equip this card to a monster OR unequip it to special summonface-up attack position. While equipped to a monster by this effect, that monster gains 1000 ATK. When the equip monster destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the graveyard, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the destroyed monster's ATK.

Colossal fighter/ Effect: This card gains 100 ATK for every warrior-type monster in any graveyard. When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the graveyard, you can special summon 1 warrior-type monster from either player's graveyard.

And now the fun begins:
1.Equip armory arms to your opponent's monster, which must have a ATK higher than colossal fighter.
2. Keep ramping colossal fighter into that monster and keep burning your opponent's life for 2800LP, or whatever that colossal's attack is during that point of time.
3. If your opponent has no backrow of defense, say good luck to him even if he has imba monster field. =)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have been finding trap dustshoot and mind crush rather interesting and since the prohibition of delinquent duo, forceful sentry, confiscate, these 2 are the better hand destruction choices left. Hence, i would like to do a comparison between these 2 cards. 

MIND CRUSH/ Effect: Declare 1 card name. If your opponent has the declared card(s) in their hand, discard all of the declared card(s) to the graveyard. Otherwise, you randomly discard 1 card.

TRAP DUSTSHOOT/ Effect: Activate only when your opponent has 4 or more cards in their hand. Look at your opponent's hand, select 1 monster card in it, and return that card to its owner's deck.

Rulings first,taken from yugioh wikia:
1. Both players must have at least 1 card in their hand in order to activate mind crush.
2. If the player does not have the declared card, you can check their hand to verify. You can even check their hand if you declared kalut and your opponent discard 1 kalut, because you suspect him to be hiding 1/2 more kalut.
3.If an effect like "trap dustshoot" is chained to the effect of "battle fader" so that "battle fader" cannot be Special Summoned, then the effect of "battle fader" which ends the battle phase is also not applied.
4. If you activate "trap dustshoot" and your opponent chains an effect that leaves them with 3 or less cards in their hand, the effect of "trap dustshoot" is still resolved. If your opponent chains with an effect resulting in them having no cards in their hand, the effect of "trap dustshoot" disappears

Personally speaking, i favour mind crush more, simply because of the following reasons:
1. You can still activate mind crush if your opponent has 4 or less cards in his hand, making mind crush more useful and less situational than trap dustshoot in late games. And it really is not helpful at all in the late game, because most of the time, your opponent has less than 4 card in their hand.
2. Even if you "guess" it wrong, discarding may be good for you. Because you can always discard away the guardna, vayu, zombie carrier etc which helps you better when they are in grave than in your hand.
3. You may end up discarding 1 or more cards from your opponents hand, try this on gadgets, its fun!
4. Though drawing trap dustshoot in the very early stage of the game is extremely helpful to lead an advantage for you, you may end up seeing a hand of no monsters.
5. It is really easy to know what your opponent holds these days, especially decks like BF, zombie( with searchers like goblin zombie), machine (machina gearframe, gadgets are good examples), lightlords, gladiator beast etc. 

Note: Trollandtoad will be the proud sponsor of this blog from now on.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bishan Tourney
Deck used: whirlwind BF

Round 1
Opponent: Shelton/ Whirlwind BF
Score: XOO
Game 1: He started first, with black whirlwind and threatening backrows, leading to enormous advantage. So i lost.
Game 2: I started first, set 3 including starlight road. He heavy stormed on his turn and a dragon came flying out. from then on i controlled the game and won.
Game 3: He started first, with only sirocco( revealed to me later on), and my hand was filled with small monsters, which i think was breeze and kalut and passed after setting a few cards. We passed for a few turns, as he couldnt draw any monsters while i didnt draw any "big" monster as well. I initiated the offence when i finally drew a shura, and had 2 whirlwinds on my hand and slowly attacked him. I torrentialed when he summoned sirocco. Next turn he summoned kalut and wanted to use black whirlwind and i chained cyclone. from there i gained advantage slowly and won.

Opponent: Sam/ Whirlwind BF
Score: XX
Game 1: i solemned his heavy storm and 2 turns later he summon sirocco and special summoned bora focus and attack, i activate dimension prison and he solemned.
Game 2: Forget...LOL.

Moral of story, BF mirror match must start first! Massive advantage = owned!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

《フォーミュラ・シンクロン》☆2 光 機械 シンクロ/チューナー ATK 200/DEF 1500

Formula synchron! Superb effect, reason being everyone LOVES to draw!

Treeborn frog + Fishborg gunner.

snyffus + dandylion token.

kinka-byo, xx-saber rajigra, tunning supporter are all likely candidates.

We will be expecting accel synchro to be introduced in the new set, since shooting star dragon is Yusei's triump card.

Cant wait to see how will accel synchro affect the metas.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Snowman-eater really eats the BF up.

And Junk destroyer is powerful~

Memory crush king works well with dragunity knight-trident. Removes the trishula, stardust, brionac away and burn your opponent for 3000LP is fun!

Lastly, i think my playmat is CURSED.LOL~


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