Saturday, April 30, 2011


so the much awaited GB was finally unveiled. and i am so sad.

Effect:2 "Gladiator Beast" monsters
This card can only be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck by returning the above cards you control to the Deck. (You do not use "Polymerization".)

other than another gladiator beast fusion, and its attack power, i have nothing much to say.

though its effect has been leaked, i chose not to believe. telling myself that it will have a much stronger effect.

but i was wrong. 

never mind, i couldnt care about the higher attack power, but at least give me the normal gladiator beast tagging effect? sigh...

hope it could be of some use one day...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Future of gladiator beast

While waiting for the new gladiator beast fusion to be released, i was thinking of what gladiator beast monsters lack in. as in the kind of effects that they have yet to obtain.

since now we have:

1. offense: laquari
2. defense: hoplomus
3. destroy monster: murmillo
4. destroy backrow: bestiari
5. negate magic/trap: heraklinos
6. destruction: gyzarus
7. magic/trap retrieval: equeste
8. monster revival: darius

of course the list above is not all, but just some that i would like to bring notice to and they are also the most frequently used cards.

we have almost all and everything but what we are lacking are the following.

now, this is what we dont have yet and i wish konami could release them. of course, if they do, it would be rather strong support!

1. discard opponent hand effect: think of spirit reaper
2. return 1 of opponent's card/monster back to hand during either player's turn: think of six sam enishi
3. a gladiator beast tuner: something as good as gale perhaps?
4. and of course a gladiator beast synchro monster: something as devastating as shien.LOL.

with this list of monster effects, i think gladiator beast monsters' effect will be more or less having all the monster effects that you would wish to have.LOL.

of course, if this really happens then gladiator beast will be tier 1 again in no time soon.haha! just some random imaginations, dont really expect it to happen. 

would be great if it really happens.HAHA!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tourney discovery

So i went for a tourney yesterday and they followed the asia format. at first i thought that it starts at 2pm just that they had earlier registration, but my friend called me earlier telling me that it starts at 10. i had no choice but to drag myelf to the venue since i had already registered.

and this is what happened.LOL.

I didnt bring my sidedeck despite the fact that i looked at my other deckbox (which i put my sidedeck cards in it) but just somehow didnt manage to recall that my sidedeck was in it. and i left the house.

My extra deck includes absolute zero, lucky their stuff reminded me. another LOL, since i didnt really went to check my deck after forming it and totally forget about the asia format thingy.

played with my first opponent with a lanista.another LOL.

conclusion, i am really so sorry to have cause so much trouble to my first opponent, a judge and a head judge due to my carelessness. my heartfelt apology.


anyway back to the main point, discovered at the tourney that splendid venus plus royal decree totally rocks your opponent off their boat. you can play all magic and traps you want while rendering your opponent's magic, trap totally useless.

and then the debate came in when this card that turns the tide of the game came forth:

Effect: You can only activate this card when your opponent declares an attack. Your opponent selects 1 random card from your hand. If it is a Monster Card, Special Summon it on your side of the field. If not, send it to the Graveyard.

player A activates this card and player B response with royal oppression. now the judge was called at this point and asked whether royal oppression can negate this card or not? the debate was at 2 sides:

1. royal oppression cannot negate this card as the special summon was uncertain.

2. royal oppression can negate this card because it can negate anything that "has a possible hint to special summon, regardless whether or not it is certain" ( i am putting this phrase loosely so dont catch me on this,haha)

i was curious as well, and decided to look this up. however neither wikia eng or jap wiki has an answer to this, so i asked the famous Ness00( the ruling god IMO) from pojo forum about this question and this was the answer that he gave me:

Royal Oppression's text is a little ambiguous. Its effect should actually tell you that it can negate the effect of a Card whose effect includes the possibility of Special Summoning something when it resolves (aside from negating Inherent Special Summons). This possibility may be subject to chance as well, much like Reasoning or Monster Gate.

Your opponent can chain "Royal Oppression's" effect to negate "Monster Gate's" effect.
You can activate the effect of "Royal Oppression" as a chain to "Monster Gate". No cards will be picked up, and no monster will be Special Summoned (The opponent still must have Tributed a monster as a cost).
Oppression is different to effects like Stardust Dragon that require that the effect they aim to negate is GRANTED to destroy something. Oppression only cares about a Special Summon being included in the effect that it aims to negate.

A Hero Emerges attempts a Special Summon. It may fail, sure, but since it includes a Special Summon as part of its effect, Oppression can negate its effect.


yup, so this is what he said and it pretty much made sense to me. so what do you think? whats your stand on this?just a general discussion. hehe 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Random rant

alright i am getting really frustrated.LOL. why is it that they have to release the new GB monster last?

it'd better be good!after keeping the suspense for so long. dont make me drop my spectacles.haha.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dark World!

The "new" dark world arrives soon, making some trembles while leaving some thrilled. for me, i am thinking of the ways to counter them. because i dont have dark world dealings etc, and i believe they are so gonna be expensive! so i dont bother to buy them all. haha!

some useful cards...

Effect: Any monster sent to the graveyard is removed from play instead.

Effect:Negate the activation of the effect of an Effect Monster that activates in the hand or Graveyard, and remove it from play. 

i didnt bother to mention oppression, since all special summon decks hates it.LOL.

As usual, dimension fissure wrecks any graveyard based deck, or related decks. like your machina fortress, and dark world is no exception from it. gladiator beast decks can use this card to side against it. yes, you may argue that you have chariot. but one chariot is not enough to stop them all, and it is the very same reason why one chariot cannot fully stop dandy, because there are too many effects involved/played. one chariot is not enough. and you dont happen to draw 2 so frequently.

assaulting the weak point looks good in countering this deck as well, as it removes away their dark world monster, which is extremely important when it comes to removing away their grapha dragon god. again, same concept why you win half of the duel when machina fortress is removed from play. IMO, anything that is able to remove cards is extremely good, because you dont allow your opponent to reuse them again. with cards like pot of avarice, reborn, call of haunted etc. its simply too dangerous.

as of now, it is still uncertain what other supports that the new structure deck will be giving us, but rest assured that it will stirs up the meta. the question is, to what extend.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Asian Championship

here is the result for the event, wanted to go there, but due to time and money constraint, dropped the idea. =(

Asia Finals
Champion : Singapore - Soh Jun Yuan (Junk Debris)

1st Runner-up : Korea - Noh Jea-Yeong (Six Samurai)

2nd Runner-up : Taiwan - Hsiao Wei Liu (?)

Fourthplace : Malaysia - 順利(Sung Lee) (Junk doppel)

so proud of our singapore rep Jun Yuan!yeah!

for the interview that i had with him earlier before his finals at malaysia, click here and scroll down.

the field card for the new dark world looks so freaking awesome and imba. gotta play this deck when its out!

lastly, congratz to Jun Yuan!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grapha Dragon God of Dark World

Alright, so konami has unveiled the new boss monster for dark world. and when i look at it. it reminds me of...

look at it closely...

and now...

yes, thats the alien from the movie alien vs predator.LOL. so alike to me, just that they have enhanced the creature a bit and add in a little bit of wings etc to make it look more "bossy?" haha.

alright to his effect: You can return 1 face-up "Dark World" monster you control to the hand, except "Grapha, Dragon God of the Dark World", to Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. When this card is discarded from the hand to the Graveyard by a card effect, select 1 card your opponent controls and destroy it. If this card was discarded by an opponent's card effect, look at 1 random card in your opponent's hand also. If that card is a Monster Card, you can Special Summon it to your side of field. 

things coming to my mind, one for one throw bulb etc. the usual abuse like machina.LOL. but this time round with more deadly effect.haha. 

LOL @ spirit reaper. very bad match up against dark world.haha.

konami becomes cleverer, as structure deck used to be a bunch of **** cards, maybe one or two reprints, but now, people are buying in set of threes, because you can simply form a deck out of it. and it is strong.

looking at the past, every structure deck becomes one of the metas.LOL. how strong!

on the other hand, today is the asia champ finals in malaysia. Cant wait to see who is the champ and the deck.hehe!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ancient forest

i still remember how this deck hypes up all the gladiator beast players when it was first released during the rescue cat + spy era, aka AKB time.

now that gladiator beast is back, with the introduction of lanista and with a new playing style fusing icaurs attack and more taps/magic to protect the gladiators beast. i am still excited at the thought of ancient gladiator beast.

Effect:When you activate this card, change any Defense Position monster(s) to face-up Attack Position. Flip Effects are not activated at this time. If a monster attacks, destroy it at the end of that turn's Battle Phase.

i still remember seeing one of the top japan GB decks running 2 copies of gladiator's beast battle manica, which protects the gladiator beasts from being destroyed by battle. think about it this way, with these 2 cards around, you can savely get rid of your opponent's monster with ancient forest, though at the expense of some life points. and you dont have to tag out a murmillo just to destroy their monster, you can tag something out more useful (according to situation) like laquari swinging for greater damage next turn etc.

whats more, in order to prevent the destruction of their own monsters. opponent is more likely to waste their cyclones just to get rid of this card, which means that your backrow is facing 1 lesser destruction card.

hero beat may have to waste their gemini spark just to destroy it.

against gravekeeper's you can also destroy their copy of necrovalley by playing this card.

feels like building a deck involving this concept. looks rather interesting.LOL. 

only thing is that it might be rather slow and waste 3 precious slots for a gladiator beast deck which could have been used to put some other better cards. because drawing multiple copies of this card isnt fun at all.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Exclusive interview!

i finally had the chance to do an informal "interview" with our singapore asia champion Soh Jun Yuan today. the following is the "interview" that i had done with him.

I had used JY as his initials for the following dialogue, i hope you dont mind.haha. The following had been rephrased before i present to you, because i did not copy down exactly word for word of what he said. so please pardon me for that. but i had kept most of the content to its original.

ME: How much time do you usually invest your time in yugioh a week?
JY:only one day, and that is saturday. as i had other commitments,studies to juggle and this is also the busiest day of the week, as most tournaments are held on this day.

ME: Why did you choose blackfeather as your deck for the asia championship instead of other metas?
JY: I realize that BF is an all-rounder deck, which can counter other decks easily. it is also very stable after sidedecking comparing to the other top tier decks.

ME: What deck do you think would have won this year's asia championship?
JY:Not very sure, but i think most likely it will be infernities. as this deck had already came in first for some of the asia countries.

ME: How did you prepare yourself for the upcoming grand finals held in malaysia?
JY:Lots of testing with friends, and join the local tournaments. 

JY: Why did you not ask me who was it that i am most afraid of in the singapore qualifier?
ME: Who?
JY: It was shifu(a doppel dandy player) and you. because doppel dandy is really fast, and they have effect veiler which can stop important stuffs. and i was scare of your six sam's loop. 

ME:Alright, thanks for giving this chance to have a talk with you and wish you all the best for the upcoming finals at Malaysia and do singapore proud!
JY: Thank you.

A round of applause for our singapore champion please, and that is Jun Yuan for you. i hope this post had unveiled some of Jun Yuan's thoughts about the championship and his yugioh lifestyle for the readers and hope you enjoy it. 

Lastly, do us proud in Malaysia Jun Yuan. =)

Friday, April 8, 2011

chaos hole

i was looking through my pile of cards the other day and chance upon this card.

Effect: Pay 2000 Life Points. Negate the Summon of a LIGHT or DARK monster and remove it from play.

this might be useful when warning gets semi limited and people has been finding a viable substitute for it.

its really good against twilight beat. almost another 3 more copies of warning for you, provided you have enough lifepoints to pay.

suitable candidate for main/side/replacement slot for the 3rd warning in grave BF deck? 

or maybe even in plant synchro?though rather situational.

and i still remember when it first came out, people was complaining how pain it is to pay 2000LP. and out of a sudden, with warning, people realize that 2000LP isnt that painful anymore.LOL.i am not comparing the effects of the 2 cards of course, but merely trying to point out how 2000LP's "value" fluctuates over time.

would be interesting tech, especially with the birds flying around here and there.LOL.

and the hot card right now: shooting quasar dragon is LIGHT? 0.o

better still, just simply pay 2000LP.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


as the title suggests, i am a little curious on the following things on 5ds anime.

1. what is the monster/dragon that always appears on top of yusei and aki at the end of the show?the gold gold colour thingy?

2. what is the identity of the crimson dragon?


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm back!

went for a short trip and am finally back. bought lots of nice clothes.LOL.

still cannot decide what to play for this period, seeing doppel dandy getting tops alongside with grave BF is kinda boring. but, doppel is really fun with lots of combos for you to explore and execute.

and getting quasar dragon out is really fun, pity that i havent get a copy of it yet. =(

been away for a week and had since lost touch with yugioh, and am surprised to see psychic shockwave, reborn tengu. but what i was expecting was, is the GB fusion monster to be leaked. i mean having psychic shockwave and reborn tengu were nice, just that my attention was on the new GB fusion.

time to build a deck and play maybe. most probably will stick to doppel dandy.LOL. miss the drawing part of it.

shall update on card strategies soon. =)


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