Thursday, November 25, 2010

White elephant's gift

white elephant's gift looks rather promising in the new angel deck based around agents, especially when venus is on field field. you get insane drawing powers, if you have multiple copies of white elephant.

Effect: Send 1 face-up non-effect monster you control to the graveyard to draw 2 cards.

Effect: Pay 500 life points, select 1 "mystical shine ball" from your hand or deck, and special summon it to your side of the field.

White elephant + venus = pot of greed at the expense of 500LP.

whats more, you can special summon multiple copies of mystical shine ball in the same turn. and if you have 3 copies of white elephant, just imagine how big is your hand size.

did i mention that there is no restrictions on special summoning? unlike pot of duality and treasure of heaven?

Agent deck looks fun. haha!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Vanity's ruler

until the new structure deck comes out, perfect declarer deck cannot maximise its full potential due to the illegality of christia in official asia tournaments. however, i do realize that there is another card that can almost be the best substitute for christia.

Effect: This card cannot be special summoned. While this card is on the field, your opponent cannot special summon monsters.

Effect: This card cannot be destroyed by battle. When this card's controller takes any damage, destroy this card. If you tribute summon a light fairy-type monster, you can treat this 1 monster as 2 tribute monster for the tribute summon.

what serve as the christia and perfect declarer lock is the inability of your opponent to special summon and to negate the important card effects. without christia, or rather, a medium in which it prohibits your opponent from special summoning, your declarer can be gotten rid of rather easily.

hence, that is where vanity's ruler come into the picture. it serves the same function like christia, and at the same time, provide you with a beatstick. and with freya on field, it is a 2900 ATK monster. whats more, it allows you to special summon! 

it is a fairy, meaning excess copies of it can be used as a food for declarer to dump. it is light, meaning honest is a good friend as well.

and with the help of gellenduo, summoning it can be relatively easy as keeping your gellenduo in defense position makes a wall. while waiting for the arrival of vanity's ruler.

to be honest, perfect declarer is an irritating deck!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gold series 2011,SD 20 cards!

Great news! Gold series 2011 is simply too awesome! cant wait to share with you guys. the following will be the leaks from the gold series 2011 and SD20 Lost sanctuary.

Cards confirmed:
1. Trishula
2. Gungnir
3. Chimeratech fortress dragon
4. Ceasefire
5. Compulsory evacuation device
6. United we stand
7. Crossout

What can i say? Gungnir and trishula together in the same pack. Konami really knows how to make money. LOL!

From SD20 Lost sanctuary, we even have archlord christia. POWER! since shriek havent upload the pictures yet, i shall upload the spoilers.

New cards from the structure deck:

Divine punishment:
Effect: Activate only if there is a "sanctuary in the sky" face up on the field. Negate the activation of a magic, trap and effect monster card's effect and destroy it.

Treasure of heaven:
Effect: Activate by removing from play 1 light angel-type monster in your hand. Draw 2 cards. during the turn you activated this card, you cannot special summon or perform your battle phase.

In my opinion, treasure of heaven is really cool in perfect declarer deck. since there are lots of angel monsters in the deck, and treasure of heaven allows you to "thin" the deck relatively. of course, please have the declarer out on the field first before you activate this card.

while for divine punishment, though it is good, but the requirement of having sanctuary in the sky on field may be a drawback.drawing either one of them and lacking the other seems pretty awkward, though sanctuary in the sky can be quickly played by using terraforming. we shall see how this card goes.

with the reprint of christia, perfect declarer becomes officially playable in official tournaments! how cool is that!

alright, thats it for the spoiler. stay tuned for another post maybe tomorrow or the day after. =)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Countering Six Samurai

Anyway, saw the power of six samurai, and their nonsense. Realize their weakness as well, and so, i believe the following cards will be of some help in countering the six samurais in tournament.

Effect: Activate only when there are 4 or more monsters on the field. Destroy all face-up monsters.

Effect: Destroy all other face-up spell and trap cards on the field. Both players take damage equal to the total number of cards destroyed by this effect x 300.

Effect: Destroy all face-up spell cards your opponent controls. For each destroyed spell card, inflict 500 damage to your opponent.

Of course, there are many things like lightning vortex etc. but i felt that somethings it is a little too late to use it on your turn when your opponent's shien is out. 

not to forget blackrose. i had observed that most of the time, six samurai decks exhaust their hand rather quickly, hence after you blackrose them, clearing away all their gateways, united etc. you would be able to slowly gain back the advantage led by them.

so, i had mentioned a few chainable cards like needle ceiling, fairy wind, spell shattering arrow. which card greatly hamper the six samurai deck. six samurai tend to swarm the field with monsters and then attempt to kill you by using all to attack. that is when needle ceiling comes in handle. to stop their swarming and save yourself.

fairy wind and spell shattering arrow serve the same purpose, that is to get rid of their gateway and united completely and stop their abuse of the Bushido counters. 

Fighting six samurai, you have to really stop their gateway and united from gaining counters, once you allow them to abuse it. it is like giving black feathers with 3 whirlwind in play. 

though book of moon, trap hole, bottomless may be good, it really dont serve you well when your opponent summons kageki. it is rather useless. you book of moon it, trap hole it or bottomless it also cannot stop another six samurai from special summoning. once that happens, you see kizan coming down. and the next thing you see will be the flooding of six samurais.

if you happen to visit shriek, the top 3 winners are all six samurai users. please dont be alarmed, as there can only be 2 reasons:
1. six samurai is really good and consistent.
2. over hyped and all yugioh players were playing that deck, and consist of about maybe more than 50% of the players participating in the tournament. so it is no surprise that they win, just a matter of probability.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Godly Six Samurai

I was getting bored, and so i wrote a post on the card that i was truly amazed when it was first leaked out. Magatama of Musakani! 

What a long name,dont think i can remember. maybe i will just call it Six Samurai Jade. haha!

Effect: Activate only if you control a face-up "Six samurai" monster. Negate the activation of an opponent's spell card, trap card or effect monster's effect that would destroy a card(s), and destroy it.

Whats so great about this:
1. no tributing cost, unlike pollinosis. and having 1 six samurai is too easy to fulfill.
2. counter trap card!
3. chaining this to your opponent's solemn, dark bribe, DAD etc is so fun.
4. its only a RARE. help you save money on the already so expensive six samurai.

on another note, what lacks in six samurai deck will be a retriever. things like what gladiator beast equeste is doing, to get this trap back from grave after you use it. 

if that really happens, and the banlist that you so wish to come for is still a few months away, i have something to tell you...

if you cannot beat it, then join it; if you cannot join it, then so be it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Storm of Ragnarok!

Alright it is being a while since i last updated, and here is something i want to talk about after the release of the new pack. 

currently wont be talking about the six samurais and their awesomeness. it is in you, and you know their power. maybe i will do a review on them when i am bored. haha!

so, i would like to bring your attention to this card:

Effect: Activate only by paying 1000 life points when your Life Points are lower than your opponent's Life Points and the difference is 1000 points or more. Draw 1 card for each 2000 points of difference between you and your opponent's life points.

Firstly, pardon the picture, couldnt get the updated pic in wikia and the one in shriek is just too small. LOL.

the reason why i mention this card is due to its drawing power, and nobody complains about drawing, dont they? 

Think about it, this card allows you to draw a maximum of 3 cards!3 cards! just for the expense of 1000LP. where else can you get this kind of bargain?even pot of duality which allows you to draw 3, but only 1 card gets added to your hand. and you cant even special summon.

Think of it this way, a 1000LP lose, allows you to draw 3 cards max( of course i am talking about the most dire situation here), and no other conditions applied. 

Meaning to say, that 1000LP lost, could be your savior instead. because drawing 3 is even better than pot of greed! and i believe, with the newly drawn 3 cards, you can definitely work a way out. 

Lets all hope for a miracle. Believe...


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