Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to kil Laval

how to side against laval? some of the options include macro cosmo, dimension fissure. however the problem with these cards is that they all need to remain face up on the field to resolve. once opponent draws MST or storm, thats it.

what we really need is a card that can work against it well, not just for the time being, but the whole duel.

lets first identify whats the main card that starts all the combos and momentum of the deck going.

1 sweltering heat field.

2. rekindling.

yes, that is the 2 main combo pieces of the deck. so how exactly can we destroy them? we cannot side in 3 copies of magic jammer, magic drain etc. that would take up too much space. with that, i would like to present to you: cursed seal of the forbidden spell!

Effect: Discard 1 Spell Card. Negate the activation and the effect of a Spell Card and destroy it. Your opponent cannot activate Spell Cards with that name during the rest of this Duel. 

an excellent counter trap with awesome effect!

once the first copy of sweltering heat field has been hit, you can rest assure you wont be seeing it again and think hard on how to get rid of it.

siding in 3 copies of this card is good, as it hits both sweltering heat field and rekindling, the most irritating cards of the deck. not only that, you can use it against other magics that might pose as a threat to you. such as pot of duality, gold sarcophagus.

remember, solemn is restricted to 1 now, which means the chance of successfully resolving this card is extremely high given that it is a counter trap. 

discarding 1 spell card as a cost is also balanced with the restricting of not being able to activate the same spell again in the duel.

once you hit rekindling, be happy! you dont have to worry about your opponent swarming the field and drawing like mad with librarian anymore. 

not only that, the other weakness of the deck is that most of their monsters are low attack point. now please tell me you cannot get past them.

as long as you have successfully managed to negate rekindling or heat field, you have already won half of the battle!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to kill insectors part 2

i mentioned about how to kill insectors in part 1of my previous post and now i am introducing another card which is very useful against it too.

Effect: When you activate this card, declare 1 card name. Cards with that name and their effects cannot be used. Cards on the field before this card was activated are not affected (including face-down cards).

apparently, this card is aimed at declaring hornet which is the most irritating insect of all as it just keep destroying your field and resources.

however, the arrival of insector gruf did pose some threat to the use of this card. as they have more options of exceeding into different ranks now, as oppose to their only available rank 3 in the past. in the past, all you have to do is to declare hornet and your safety is secured until your opponent manage to remove prohibition from your field. but now, you have 2 targets to choose. hornet or gruf.

though gruf does pose as a threat, it is still managable as it is still not as destructive as hornet whereby your field disappears in the blink of an eye. so, prohibiting hornet is still the way to go.

as for the rulings part, it contains a really long list which i doubt many of us wants to read it. lol. if you are really interested, you can check it up on wikia or jap wiki and translate it using google translator.

as a general rule of thumb, we have to be wary of the following:
1.  Cards on the field before this card was activated are not affected (including face-down cards). meaning if your opponent sets mirror force, and then you declare mirror force, the set mirror force still works.
2. declaring hornet will render the disability of activating its effect and boosting the attack power of the host monster (the one it equips to).
3. as long as you declare hornet before it appears on the field you are pretty much safe, since it cannot be "used", unless its being discarded for cost etc.

joining of gruf into the insector's family and car card d changes the way standard insectors is like. we no longer play arm knight, tomato etc. the current build focuses a lot on sort of pure insectors, other than car d and effect veiler of course. not only that, 2-3 raigeki breaks is considered as the norm now in standard builds. 

still working hard to find new cards which is able to stop insectors effectively as they are just too irritating.

will be posting a card which works well against laval next. so stay tuned!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to kill insectors part 1

some of my personal thoughts on sidedeck options against insectors.

to me, i feel that chain disappearance doesnt really work that well against insectors. because it is not versatile enough and situational, you only get to hit that damn damsel, which isnt that good. forget about hitting hornet when they summons, thats rarely the case unless your opponent is really that despo to destroy your stuff.

imagine a scenario, you set chain disappearance happily waiting to hit damnsel and opponent proceeds to summon centipede and destroy it. still safe? not anymore! you then think of bottomless, but seldom people plays it nowadays. even so, opponent summons damsel and destroys your set bottomless first before swarming their field. i believe most duelists cannot be more familiar with this scene.

even if you chain disappearanced their damsel, dont forget about leviair dragon. all they have to do is to special summon them back and the whole process repeats again. again, we have seen it so many times already. 

so, what we really need is something that works on both damsel and centipede. and i bring you the emperor's holiday!

Effect: Negate the effects of all Equip Cards.

from jap wiki:
 Q:このカードと、《甲虫装機 ホーネット》を装備したモンスターがフィールド上に存在しています。   この《甲虫装機 ホーネット》を自身の効果で墓地へ送り、効果を発動する事はできますか?   また、その効果は適用されますか? 

google translate:
Q: hardening effect has been invoked in the graveyard when this card is present and "Superuvu~isu" such as "Viron Materials" Do you disabled?
A: No, not disabled. (11/01/02)


Q: and this card, monster equipped with "Hornet aircraft instrumentation beetle" has been on the field.
Be sent to the Graveyard by the effect of its own "Hornet aircraft instrumentation beetle this", to trigger the effect can I? In addition, the effect is or will be applied?
A: Its effects will be disabled, but can be triggered. (12/02/08)

though they still get the monster effect, hornet's effect is negated! meaning if you equip hornet to damsel, damsel gets to special summon but hornet doesnt destroys. 

now all they can do is to exceed summon their biggest monster acid golem with 3000atk for offense, or zenmaines for defence. most important point of all, hornet doesnt destroy! meaning all your resources on the field are still intact and safe. 

on your turn, just get rid of whatever things that are in your way ftw!

furthermore, being a continuous card means that it stays on the field till it is destroyed. on average, insectors normally run 2 copies of MST and 1 storm, which adds up to 3 cards with the ability to get rid of it.  3 cards out of the entire deck means they dont get them all the time, which gives you a lot of turns and chances to win them before they can draw it.

ok, thats all from me on part 1. will be introducing another card in part 2. stay tuned!


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