Sunday, March 27, 2011


I will be away for a while and will be back with some updates soon!

Chain disappearance

After reading this ruling from TCG, i think its pretty cool!

If you use Chain Disappearance on Formula Synchron, all copies of Formula Synchron will be removed from the Extra Deck.

From: Tyler Berger []
Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2011 10:17 AM
To: US YGO Rules
Subject: Chain Destruction / Disappearance and the Extra Deck

There was a ruling made a while back, stating that if a Monster is summoned and Chain Destruction or Chain Disappearance were activated in response, any corresponding Monsters in the Extra Deck would also be affected, as well as in the Hand and Deck. I will post the link, but the site is either down for the moment or no longer exists, so it may not work. It was on an old Yu-Gi-Oh! Judge website.

So I just want to confirm the status on that ruling. Will monsters Synchro and Fusion Monsters in the Extra Deck be affected by Chain Disappearance or Chain Destruction? If so, are there any other cards that mention the Hand or Deck like these two Traps which may also affect the Extra Deck?


sources taken from pojo.

interesting to remove all copies of formula for dandy, fish decks. LOL.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trap stun

This card proves to be extremely important in this format, as cold wave and heavy storm got banned and book of moon got limited to one.

Effect: Negate the effects of all other Trap Cards on the field during this turn.

things that could threaten you(monsters) now includes solemn warning, bottomless, CED etc. and most of them arent counter traps.

so you can safely assume that one trap stun passes through, you can get ready to spam your combos all over the place. you dont really have to worry about ONE book of moon because most of the time it cannot really stop your combos. or maybe you can plan your combos that with one book of moon, it cannot be stopped.

in a sense that trap stun in this format becomes the NEW cold wave, as you see decks running in 2s of it.because like i mention, most traps that can really stop you are normal traps. even with solemn warning around, playing trap stun and letting it resolve renders solemn warning useless.

on a side note, we have solemn judgment, solemn warning. so god gave us a warning, and a judgment, but can we have a piece of advice from him?

and maybe, just maybe, we may have solemn advice in future? 0.o

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sidedecking 101

As we all know, sidedecking is extremely important in yugioh. lucks for not being able to draw that sidedeck-ing cards aside, being able to side the RIGHT card at the RIGHT time is extremely important.

I used to think that regardless who goes first in a game does not affect the cards being sided in, and i was wrong. It all dawned on my when my friend told me how important it is and after reading J-speed's blog.

Let me use trap dustshoot to elaborate further.

We all know how important and crucial this card is especially when the era of delinquent duo is gone. Now ask yourself this question, if you need that extra 1 more slot in order to fill in your 1 sidedeck card and you are thinking of siding out this card. When would you choose to side this card out?

When you starts first?

When you starts second?

i think the answer is pretty obvious.

See that? Putting it in when you start second has no value in it, and may even harm you when you drew it in an inappropriate moment. and then you realize that you should have taken it out.

Though certain cards may perform a similar function, like for example, system down and cyber dragon, both are good cards against machines. now you go second, which one would you have chosen? 

when your opponent sets 2-3 backrows and 2 machines on field, is it safer to special summon cyber dragon to contact for chimeratech or use system down better? because you knows or afraid of warning, bottomless etc. but rarely people plays cards that negates magic. of course you can keep on arguing which is better, but i hope you get my point.

Starting second may not be as disadvantage as it seems, with careful and proper planning and sidedecking, i believe you can turn the table around. 

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. =)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gladiator beast strikes back?!?

As the new TCG set is coming out, i cant wait for the new GB fusion monster to be released. meanwhile, im really excited to see a new GB support card. Gladiator taming.

Effect: If a "Gladiator Beast" monster is face-up on the field, select and activate one of these effects:
● Change the battle position of 1 face-up monster your opponent controls.
● Select 1 face-up "Gladiator Beast" monster your opponent controls. Take control of it until the End Phase.

firstly, its a build in semi-book of moon effect. that allows you to stop opponent's monster attack. rather useful when you are being stared by a larger monster.

secondly, its essentially a brain control for GB monsters for you. and whats more, you can attack with it. and with that, you can tag out and then tag in another monster of your choice while at the same time eliminated the opponent's GB monster.which can turns out to be very advantagous ( eliminate the monster; tag in a GB of your choice; and attacking of course) for you.

whats worrying is that this card targets, so book of moon will be a headache. but not to worry, its at one now! which makes this card even more versatile in a GB deck, especially in a mirror match!

really cant wait to get the new GB fusion monster, hopefully it will be good and pushes GB back to tier 1 again as i am a GB fan myself. =) its really fun playing this deck.haha.

on the other side, you cannot use tokens for exceed summon. too bad for those speculating on phantom skyblasters. so infernity, like i said, will really be great in this format. 

please release the spoiler for the new GB fusion!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spellcaster excellent support!

I found this card to be extremely interesting in the next format. who doesnt when it comes to drawing?LOL.


"Wonder Wand"
Magical Equipment
Only a monster can be equipped with a magician. ATK monster is up 500 points. Also, by sending this card to the graveyard and a monster on the field this card yourself, you draw two cards from your deck.


translation is done via google as usual. and it is really great for gravekeepers.

better than formula + librarian combo!

cant wait to get the rest of the other cards in the new set, making spellcaster synchro another top tier deck?

and also, HUGE fish, water type supports are released in the new set. maybe because of the new face card of generation force is a water type monster? 

and the new character in the anime is water related?HAHA!

coalancoth/ fish synchro may be even stronger! start collecting your coalancoth now!

Monday, March 14, 2011

YuGiOh Asia Championship!

Report for the Asia Championship held yesterday.

Deck used: Six samurai.

Round 1
Opponent: Blackfeather
Score: OXO
Game 1: Infinite trishula loop
Game 2: got controlled after he dustshoot me on my first turn.
Game 3: Infinite trishula loop

Round 2
Opponent: Machina Karakuri
Score: OX-
Game 1: Controlled with backrow and shien, with
Game 2: No monsters, no gate, no dojo etc. only can struggle with book of moon and warning which is useless in that situation.
Game 3: Draw.

Round 3
Opponent: Blackfeather
Score: XOO
Game 1: He started first and controlled me, as i had no trunade or whatsoever to land my monsters safely.
Game 2: Controlled with shien and heavy backrow.
Game 3: Thought i was gonna lose as i ate icarus x 2 in TWO CONSECUTIVE turns. luckily his oppression saved me and i slowly poke him with my kizan.

Round 4
Opponent: Blackfeather
Score: OXO
Game 1: He went first with 4 cards set and 1 sangan set, i know coz he took the sangan via pot. so i tried to kageki + mizuho three consecutive turns to clear away his backrow before i won the game.
Game 2: Was really too rush and did a lot of mistakes.
Game 3: Infinite counter loop.

Round 5
Opponent: Six samurai
Score: OXO
Game 1: Controlled with shien and backrow as i started first.
Game 2: Got controlled.
Game 3: He mistake by not reborning my kinetic soldier, so left his shien and 1 kageki on field. next turn i puppet plant his shien and special kizan, remove 2 counter to pump 500ATK to kizan and attack for game. Just nice a hundred over his life.very close as next turn i would die, as i only had 1 solemn and 2 warning.

Round 6
Opponent: Blackfeather
Score: OO
Game 1: Controlled with shien and warning.
Game 2: He started first and set 2 and 1 bora. i had only 1 kizan and was wondering whether to summon it or not, in the end i summon and attacked his bora successfully as i was afraid he had a kalut. and it was downhill for him from there.

Round 7
Opponent: Six samurai
Score: OO
Game 1: I started first, with a mizuho and kizan on field, 1 warning, 1 solemn and 1 MST set. He special summoned hermit, and then kizan with gate active and i MST it when he wants to search. next he normal summon mizuho which i warning-ed, and he reborn his mizuho which i solemn-ed. and proceed to set 1 before he ends. next turn i trishula him and lead from there.
Game 2: He started first with 2 backrow and 2 monsters. my hand was really bad, as i had no trunade but i had dojo and gateway which allows me to infinite loop him. i was wondering whether or not to do it, and decided to go ahead with it. luckily his set cards was mirror force and trunade and i did an infinite loop on him.

Opponent: Blackfeather
Score: XX
Game 1: got controlled.
Game 2: got controlled.

Got 1 junk berserker protector and 9 extreme victory packs which i got only 1 3D mental over daemon and 2 common rares. 

coming to think of it now, i think the top tables are somehow related to FENGSHUI. Round 7 (last swiss round) those sitting in my row ALL won.

top 8, those sitting in my row ALL lost. 





Friday, March 11, 2011

double edge sword technique

saw some "misplay" regarding this card, so decided to check it out. and this is what i found, and thought it was good to share.

Effect: Select 2 "six samurai" monsters from your graveyard, and special summon them in attack position. destory them during the end phase of this turn and take damage equal to the ATK of the destroyed monster(s).

from wiki jap:


Q: The monster Special Summoned this card in the AB and CD, another six had Moo Shu, Wu Shu AB Special Summoned two bodies of six separate corruption has moved to change the CD thing possible?
Also, you can change and move, do no damage?
A: Yes, you can. The damage also affected. (07/08/07)

i think what it means is that if you special shien using double edge you can use the kagemusha (one of the C or D) to switch its destruction to it?



AB monster Special Summoned by this card and another six Takeshi crowd if they were C, A six different martial crowd moved to the destruction of the C, B turn transferred it to the destruction of A is possible? Also, you can change and move, do no damage? A: This card's effect destruction caused by the simultaneous timing. The total removal will be destroyed when the A and B at the same time, B of A as well as the destruction can not change that moved, I moved to destroy each other to change the monster special summon this card is not possible. So, B of A breakdown can not be transferred to change things. A similar destruction of B can not be transferred to change things. (A or B to move to the destruction of C can change things, change the transfer case A or B is not subject to damage of ATK) (07/08/07)

like dark hole, cannot substitute their destruction.



Q: While the offense in the effect of fluctuations in the monster card special summon this card, if the damage was destroyed during the End Phase What will happen?
A: Regardless of the change in the offense on the field strength at the cemetery attack (attack power have been described) worth of damage affected. (10/12/08)

simply means when you special kagemusha and kageki, you take only take 200 instead of 1700, because thats the amount written on the card.



Q: If the show back during the End Phase this card special summoned monsters, destruction and damage what happens? A: If the monster is destroyed but it was the back view, nor the damage of ATK. (10/12/08)

book of moon prevent its destruction.


anyway i translated it using google, so may have some small errors along the way or i may have misinterpreted it, if so, please point it out for me. thank you. =)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shooting Quasar dragon

Pretty impressive from the anime. haha!

just hope that it wont get nerf in really life, like as if.LOL.

anyway the asia is near. and its really near! excited!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Irony! Gozen match!?!

As the title suggest, look what we have?

This card is suppose to help six samurai deck anti other deck types, even the picture depicts 2 samurais fighting each other. 

and guess what?

this card becomes one of the cards that six samurais hate to see. because the shien is dark! 

what an irony...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tourney Report!

Lorong Ah Soo tourney @ 05/03/11

Deck used: Six sam

Opponent: Lightlord
Score: XOO
Game 1: He started first and proceed on with recharge and charge. end phase with 1 lumina and 1 ehren and 2 tokens from dandy on field. tried to clear it away with dark hole on my turn but my hand was bad. 
Game 2: Shien control and full backrow protection.
Game 3: Infinite loop...

Opponent: Whirlwind BF
Score: OXX
Game 1: Infinite loop...
Game 2: He controlled and i had few cards on hand.
Game 3: Thought i controlled the field with trishula, shien, 1 book of moon and 1 warning. next turn he top draw puppet plant. cyclone away my warning and thats it for me.

Opponent: Whirlwind BF
Score: OO
Game 1: Hand was bad, but slowly recovered after some stalling and controlled again with shien.
Game 2: Infinite loop...

Opponent: Dandy
Score: OXO
Game 1: Infinite loop...
Game 2: Ate 2 trishulas.
Game 3: Swarm field.

Opponent: dandy
Score: XX
Game 1: can infinite loop but he stopped with veiler. next turn trishula me, and removed my gateway in my hand.
Game 2: Double puppet plant ruins everything.

3/4 placing
Opponent: Six sam
Score: XX
Errors followed by errors.

Puppet plant is really a killer to the six samurai deck. free brain control and free negation after taking control of your shien. on the other hand, if you synchro for android/ catastor, you dont get the negation like what shien does, but if you synchro shien, you are afraid of puppet plant. 


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Asia Championship

Pretty headache with the sidedeck and extra deck. they are the game determining factor IMO.

on the other hand, dark world is back? OMG! really excited to see more spoilers of the new expansion and the structure decks.

Asia Championship! Here i come! LOL!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tourney Report!

Cardmaster tournament 27/02/10

Deck used: six sam

Opponent: Winson / GB
Score: OO
Game 1: tried my best to get rid of all his monster and negate their attack and slowly controlled with balkion.
Game 2: Same as game 1.

Opponent: Rei / Hero beat
Score: OO
Game 1: infinite loop
Game 2: Trunade and controlled from then on.

Opponent: Aim / Six sam
Score: OXO
Game 1: forget to negate his dojo with shien.LOL. nearly cost me the match.
Game 2: no united,no gateway, no dojo for 6,7 turns.
Game 3: He had no monsters and i slowly poke him

Opponent: Jess / BF
Score: OXO
Game 1: controlled with shien.
Game 2: couldnt get rid of his sirocco and bora and my draw isnt that ideal.
Game 3: Controlled.

so in the end i was in top 8 and got a kizan. happy!


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