Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Offering gadget

i have always feel that the lack of synchro-ing in gadget is a pity.

so it is best if we can incorporate some karakuri  element to it. by just fitting in the karakuri tuners. 

in this way, offering gadget give you more explosive moves and wider range of options.

getting bureido out, special summon 1 karakuri tuner and then offering a gadget, proceed to synchro burei/bureido. rinse and repeat is simply awesome!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Team Tourney

After seeing the Malaysia has its first qualifier. i begin to think about the possible decks that works well as a team.

after some thoughts...

i begin to feel that...

structure deck rules!

a possible combination would be

1. dark world: totally can avoid the stable traps and still as strong.just play the virus variant.
2. agent angel: can set it to have all the stable traps and magic, depending on your team.
3. offering gadget/fortress style: can avoid the stable traps and play the offering it can easily avoid the use of stable magic since it mainly uses smashing ground, creature swap etc.

coming to think of it, main deck should be much of a problem. the tricky part is the side deck. where you have to really share the cards. 

i believe one thing though, dig up some "ancient" powerful cards that used to shine but dies currently. this way, your opponent wouldnt be prepared for it. nor will its sidedeck. again, its the surprise element there.

placing plays another important part. so choose your order very carefully. i shall use this story as an analogy.LOL...

long long ago, in a far far away land.Sun Tzi was discussing with the emperor...ok, to cut things short!

Emperor bet with some guy on three races, namely race A,B and C. however, the emperor keep losing on each race. so Sun Tzi suggest the use of tactics to win it.

since horse A on A" always lose, and horse B on B" always lose and horse C on C" always lose. he simply swapped the order to become:

C on A" - emperor loses 1 match.
A on B" - emperor wins 1 match.
B on C" - emperor wins 1 match.

so overall, the emperor wins! hope you guys get the idea. anyway its a true story, just that im lazy to google it. saw it on Sun Tzi's show many years back. 

team play is all about tactic, make full use of it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New cards

new card information has been released on shriek. and there are some things that caught my attention.

Effect: Once per turn, you can activate this effect by removing 1 of this card exceed material monster. draw 1 card. afterwards,shuffle 1 card from your hand to your deck.

first thing that came off to my mind is gadgets. free recycling and drawing. refresh your hand by returning 1 gadget back. 

but then the point is, how to get this thing out in a gadget deck?LOL.

nowadays, cards that are able to draw=good. and i believe somehow or rather some decks is able to abuse this. 

who knows?we may be able to see people abusing it with SKULL SERVANT or WIGHTMARE.haha!


wind/dragon - tuner 
ATK: 300 DEF: 900
Effect: Once per turn, you can activate this effect by selecting 1 face-up monster you control. the selected monster is treated as dragon-type until the end phase.

another member soon to join debris dandy i think. able to special summon out by debris dragon easily and it is a tuner!

debris pull, join doppel. synchro doppel and this for librarian. tokens synchro with debris for orient dragon, remove 1 and then draw 1.

pretty cool. that is wait till we get the orient dragon first.LOL.


Effect: when this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle and sends it to grave, during your opponent's next turn, your opponent cannot normal summon or special summon a level 5 or higher monster.

i believe many would rush to get this card once it is out. with an attack of 2800 and doesnt have any specific synchro requirement, coupled with the ability to lock down opponent's normal and special summon of level 5 and above monster. this is good!

locking your opponent for 1 turn means that your opponent can only summon some small next time. and if you summon something small, it is at the mercy of this card. which means this card creates a vicious cycle for your opponent because there arent many things below level 5 that can get rid of this card effectly. though 1 example would be ryko. but then again, this cycle lasts for another turn.

this card plus another monster on field can almost win the game. just keep pushing and destroying monsters with this card and attack with the other. 

out of a sudden, this reminds me of yata lock.LOL.

Friday, July 8, 2011

the transmigration prophecy

i think this card is really pretty awesome, especially when quite of the few decks that resolves or relies on their respective "gates".

Effect:Select 2 cards from the Graveyard(s), and shuffle them into their owner's Deck(s). 

notice that it says 2 cards, which means ANY cards in BOTH players' graveyard.

in gravekeeper, when all 3 necrovalleys are destroyed. activate this and return back to deck. since you have stele, you can pretty much "commandant" it again and reuse.

six sam same thing, the era when only 1 gate is allowed, recycling the gate and you may draw it again via united. even best, you can recycle the gate or unite if you want.

in dark world, similarly when your dark gate gets destroyed. recycle it back and you may search it via snow and reuse again.

main decking this card may even come in handy sometimes, like against dandy or grave BF. 

IMO, we should really try this card out!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rescue rabbit

Pretty useful in gladiator beast decks, at least it helps to speed up their process faster.

the days with only 1 book of moon makes test tiger so much stronger compared to the days with 3 book of moon.

as we all know, andal serves as a beat stick and that is it. but with rescue rabbit out and test tiger, it makes one of the andals able to special summon another gladiator beast out.

with a new gladiator beast that is able to tag, you can easily tag for gyzarus. 

or a rescue rabbit will net you the essedari, but i still hate it for not having the tagging out effect. damn it!

coming to think of it, if essedari was really able to tag out, gladiator beasts would have become tier 1 immediately with rescue rabbit. maybe the TCG side saw what the OCG side was releasing and it was all carefully planned after all.

if essedari was able to tag, rescue rabbit into essedari, attack and then tag out for bestiari and some random monster. bomb one backrow, contact again for gyzarus and bomb another 2. LOL. can you imagine how chaotic that would be?

as of now, i cant wait to try this combo(rescue rabbit + test tiger) out, hope it improves the already lay down (though once in a while we still see it top, but you would have to agree that its peak days were gone)gladiator beast deck.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy busy

luckily i have my new and first ever touch screen phone to keep me company over my worlds failure.


never mind, try again next time.=)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good Luck

Nationals coming up in a few more hours, so just enjoy the game and have fun!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Random updates

ok, i shall not write about how good or bad rescue rabbit is since almost everyone has written about it in one way or another. just some personal opinion, it is indeed very cute.LOL.

singapore's championship starts this sunday, wishing everyone all the best and enjoy the game here. have been busying deciding on the sidedecks and stuff.

seriously, i think that photon shockwave is much better than generation force with so many new and usable cards around. such as the new dinosaur type.and the following interesting cards aside from the exceeds:

1. ruler's penetrating gaze, reminds me of proof of powerlessness.
2. fragment of greed.
3. rescue rabbit.
4. unfathomable trap hole.
5. photonise.

whats more, it adds on with more supports to the mainspring archtype. lets hope that the evoldor and the mainspring archtype will not fail as much as the previous koaki meru.LOL.

alright, shall proceed with my sidedeck tasks. =p


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