Sunday, November 29, 2009

actually wanted to do some trading(finding my remaining burial from different dimension,but why are they so expensive?zzz...) at yishun, where "the desicive playoff" was held.but end up joining because my friend wanted the attractive lucky draw and also the entry fee was rather low($3 only).but i dont have any meta decks with me since i had dismantled my gladiator i used his undead-vayu and played while he used lightlord.

Format: Single elimination with 2 lives.

Round 1
Opponent: Sam/gladiator beast
Results: XX
Game 1: died due to his irritating kycoo,cant synchro my vayu and sirocco and also mezuki is too small.
Game 2: first turn dimensional fissure=instant good game. manage to survive for a few rounds,and just when i thought i can turn the table since i have brain control and burial.he dark bribed my burial...

Round 2
Opponent: ???/angel deck
Result: OO
Game 1: OTKed
Game 2: i swarm till he dies.

Round 3
Opponent: my friend!!!/lightlord
Result: OXX

damn funny,my friend was suppose to pick his opponent from a stack of covered cards and he picked my end up playing without thinking.haha...but lucky i won 2 packs of booster packs from the lucky draw which i gave it to him since he is the one paying the entry fee and stuff.haha...1 lucky kid got 2 packs of LE14 and 3 tempest mage from the lucky draw.thats imba luck!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

after dismantling my gladiator beast deck,i formed a new deck.wanted to call it twilight since it has some form of twilight element in it, but i feel that this name has been overly i decided to call it the " Anyhow Beat" deck.the decklist is as follow:

Monster (21):
E hero alius neos x 2
crusader of endymion x 3
battlefader x 2
caius x 1
shining angel x 3
honest x 3
lord british x 1
sangan x 1
breaker x 1
cyber dragon x 1
bf-gale x 1
chaos sorcerer x 2

Magic (11):
book of moon x 3
MST x 1
giant trunade x 1
heavy storm x 1
brain control x 1
gemini spark x 3
pot of avarice x 1

Trap (8):
bottomless x 2
mirror force x 1
torrential tribute x 1
mind crush x 2
trap dustshoot x 1
call of the haunted x 1

this deck is really a fun deck to play with,and has been doing well against undead synchro,and a 50-50 against DD decks(those that spam 3 macro and 3 dimensional fissure kind,due to honest and shining angel and also no food for chaos sorcerer). and the deck is compable of doing the following: can do really a lot of damage due to lord british and honest.
2.crusader or alius neo=destruction plus free draw plus food for chaos sorcerer
3.anti-hand damage.anyhow call honest,gorz or tragoedia!of course at the right time.
4.prevent OTK!battlefader is the hero that allows you to keep the last smile after your opponent had finish touching turn sacrifice for caius,remove something and then attack.
5.breaker helps you clear backrow,and gale for synchro purpose.both are food for chaos sorcerer as well.

baiscally,this deck is about control and the anyhow beat for the win!shall put it to test with the remaining metas and see how this deck can survive.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I kept thinking about grave-bf recently,mainly because i see the huge potential in it and also got bored playing gladiator beast.and blackwing-elphin the raven comes into my mind.

Effect: If you control a face-up "blackwing" monster, you can normal summon this card without tributing. When this card is normal summoned, you can change the battle position of 1 monster your opponent controls.

it is a common trend that most grave-bf players do not play this card,as this card is not as powerful as sirocco.however,there are also huge advantage in playing this card too.think about it this way,how many copies of burial from different dimension do you have to waste before you can synchro out armored master?and in certain times the eventual silverwind?with this card,you can throw this into your grave to special summon dark grepher,and then dump 2 more dark monsters into the grave.letting you jump dark armed dragon immediately.after you have synchro for armored master using elphin and vayu,you can normal summon another elphin(if you have another 1 in your hand).with that,your field will have 1 grepher,1 DAD,1 armored master and 1 elphin=1700+2800+2500+2200=9200=OTK!

another point to note is that,you have put your burial into good use!having both the elphin and sirocco in your grave means your main focus in using burial is to return your vayu back(since you have either elphin or sirocco),and then synchro.this would have been much better comparing to when you have to burial both vayu and sirocco or amrs wing back before you can synchro for either arms wing or armored master.furthermore, it allows you to have easy access to silverwind,the biggest black feather monster to date.

Friday, November 20, 2009

its quite a widespread phenomenon that many people plays charge of the light brigade,mill 3,then either search for ryko or some other lightsworn monsters.however,many a times crucial magic or trap cards are milled in the your burial from different dimension etc,and it is almost impossible to retrieve it once you mill it out.hence this situation brings us to mind another card that lets you mill large quantity of cards that you wished to be in the grave while allowing you to get that much needed magic or trap card into your hand.

Effect: FLIP: Pick up cards from the top of your deck until you pick up a spell card or trap card. Add that card to your hand. Send the remaining cards to the graveyard.

Magical merchant! a very useful card to be integrated into graveyard based decks,especially when you have 20 over monsters in deck and your main purpose is to get them into the grave as soon as possible. just remember that graveyard-based decks have no problem when players have no cards in their hand, because, remember, you have graveyard as your hand!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

was browsing through the new cards from DT in shriek and all the frembell family is coming out it is time to put this card into good use:

Effect: special summon from your graveyard as many fire monsters as possible with 200 defense. During the end phase, remove from play all monsters that were Special Summoned by this effect.

a really nice card since there are so many new fire monsters with defense less than 200 with the release if the new DT.combos are pretty simple,just keep swarming the field with monsters using this card and synchro for their notable synchro monster: ancient god frembell. another card that comes to mind is imperial iron wall,since during the end phase monsters get removed from play.imperial iron wall will make them stay.this series of fire monsters works well with lightlord cards as well,as the japanese had already done so.time to spam 3 charge again ftw!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Asia tourney report: went there to scrub,LOL.should be putting my gladiator beast deck aside after this and will be playing other decks in the mean time.the following will be my thought on the major tournament for this year end.

Played with Darren on the first round, an exciting match i would say.but that's not the main point of it,before the match starts,i looked around and saw so many familiar faces got paired up with so many other familiar faces. didnt really think about it until i started to feel abit odd how come on the second and third round,so many familiar faces got paired up with so many other familiar faces again. at one point in time,i saw Baha playing with Jess,which really bewildered me.

Also,many were lamenting about not holding top 16 and only the top 8 were called up to play for the finals.reason being that there is a lack of time.i believe many of the finalist were all young adults and hence would not mind going home late since there are already in the finals( who would mind if you are in the finals anyway?),hence even if the match carried on till 10pm will not be a problem to may say that the university does not allow the event to be held until such a late time,however shouldn't there be any emergency plans thought beforehand should these situations or predicaments arise?

the venue where the event was held was simply too a result two waves were made for each round.having a venue with ample space is important for such event as it would aid in the flow of the event and it was so packed(as we were somewhat all confined in the little area) that it is difficult to go into and out of the area before and after our games.having a spacious environment for us to play is important,because only then do we not need two waves per round and also make the event look more grand and prestigious,after all,this is the Asia Championship that we are talking about!

ruling queries are rampant in all tournaments,be it small or grand events.hence all judges should be fully aware of the rulings of all,if not most or at least those commonly played cards.briefings or lessons that aimed to equip all judges with more knowlede regarding controversia rulings should be that time will not be wasted when one judge had to consult another.yes,it is undeniable that there will always be ruling disputes in all tournaments.however,shouldn't the judge cross-reference with reliable resources before making their desicions?as one wrong ruling would mean the end for a duelist.

though we all will encounter endless problems and huddles ahead,we must have that mindset that improvements must be made when there is a need to.being stagnant and isolate ourselves in our own utopia will only hold us back while the rest of the world move on.let us not forget that we are all duelists,that share the same interest,play the same game and speak of the same lingo.after all,we all have one dream,live it! 

Saturday, November 14, 2009

was looking at shriek on the new list of cards from absolute powerforce and this card reminds of lord british:

Effect: This card can only be equipped to a machine-type monster. When the equipped monster destroys an opponent monster by battle and sends it to the graveyard, draw 1 card. Destroy this card during your 3rd end phase after activation.

yes,not only your lord british allows you to get rid of that 3 or 4 monster in 1 turn after you drop your honest.this card allows you to keep drawing as well.

now lets talk about absolute powerforce,i would think that it is a rather decent extra support to x-saber decks(have to wait for exp3 for fulhemknight and gardestrike),crystal beast as well(bad end queen),gravekeerpers,core chimail(urknight is cool),and the sun and the moon thingy is also a fun thing to play,can keep looping.LOL.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Khatib tourney report.format used was tournament swiss to decide top 8 and single elimination for finals.

Deck used:DD gladiator beast.

Round 1
Opponent: Baha/MGS
Score: OXO
Game 1: can't really remember the details,i think my gyzarus was doing its job.
Game 2: got OTK by holy ancient wyvern and all the demon roar god monster after he brain control my monster.
Game 3: can't really remember also,please refer to his blog for more details.LOL.

Round 2:
Opponent: Xuan Kai/Dark Deck
Score: OXO
Game 1: can't remember how i win also,LOL.
Game 2: blunder that cost me the game.i had 1 bribe,1 call,1 chariot,1 waboku set and no monster.he synchro for black rose and blast the field.only until the match end did i realise that i can actually call my equeste that's in my grave and special summon it and can chain my chariot to his black rose.
Game 3: he got poke by my monsters and was down to 1500LP.he had 1 junk warrior and 1 carrier on field and set everything while i had 4 cards set on spell/trap zone and 1 laquari and 1 raioh.on my turn i brain control his junk warrior and synchro for black rose and blast the whole field(finally my turn to do so.haha.) and went on to use proving ground for the win!

Opponent: Benjamin/GB
Score: XOX
Game 1: died under the hand of mirro force,fatal mistake was made.
Game 2: drew many shrink and indomitable gladiator beast and control the game.won when he normal summoned rescue cat and i solemned it.
Game 3: another fatal error that is associated with mirror force yet again.i brain controlled his darius and normal summoned my own darius and attack.hit into mirror force.and that cost me another game when i should actually used his darius to attack first then tag in to special summon another gladiator beast of my own.then it is still not too late to normal summon another gladiator beast.

Quote one of the phrase that my friend used to say: gladiator beast is a control deck,once you are out of control you lose the game. 
Anyway after today's tourney i felt that the deck was running rather smoothly after some minor changes made and was better than before.hope before Asia i can tune the deck to its maximum potential.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

one very big problem with graveyard bf deck is that,they are lacking of hands,due to grepher for constant dumping of cards and the appropriate cards to throw for grepher's effect.sometimes it may end up having the wrong materials in a result,there may be times whereby drawing the triump card: burial from a different dimension may be mockingly end up as a dead draw.with that,it reminds me of one card that used to dominate in the previous format(it still is in my opinion,just that we dont see much play in this format and surprisingly it left untouched by the banlist).

yes!this is the card that i'm talking reinforcement of the black-feathers!haha...just normal summon any BFs with attack higher than 800,then search for vayu,next turn dump it for grepher,search deck and dump another one,be it sirocco or elfen.

this way,your will have sufficient cards in hand to throw,small handsize will no longer be a problem to you.other than that,you are now able to dump the right cards to the grave!if you notice,the previous SJC champion played this instead of one of my friend Kel suggests,it may be good if we play both burial and black whirlwind.well,thats theory wise for you,still have to test it out on the battlefield though.HAHAHA.....


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