Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One of the main reasons why x-saber or their best partner xx-sabers will likely to dominate the next meta does not lie in the fact that they possess beat down fact,their highest attacking low level monster is x-saber airbellum with 1600ATK if i'm not wrong.

So,the question remains...what makes it so strong then?

The key factor lies in...

Dropping the whole of your opponents hand in your first turn,if not the second turn(should your opponent starts first)!

YES!thats the key concept behind it.Think about it this way,there is really limited things that your opponent can do with only 1 card in hand,while you have,a few monsters on field and a series of backrow protection.and i can guarantee you,your field will have a minimum of 2 xx-saber faultroll.who doesnt if you want to do the infinity loop?Hahahaha~ ~ ~

Thats why,hand destruction plays a potent role in xx-saber deck.Just think of how delinquent duo,forceful sentry,confiscate pawns the whole hand out of your opponent and you will get the idea.

Of course,drawing that much needed card during your first turn is pretty diffcult,considering the probabilty of it drawing all that you required to perform the loop from a deck of 40 cards.Hence,xx-saber decks should be focusing on first turn discarding the whole of your opponent's hand. only when it comes to no avail should sheer beat down comes into the picture.

Well,bearing that in mind,let's see what new xx-sabers support will we be getting in the future.maybe an xx-saber dragon?that allows you to special summon 1 xx-saber monster from hand upon successful summoning?We shall wait and see...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

hello to all xx-saber fans,get ready for some kiss-ass action next year and be ready to climb its way up the tier ladder.ready?lets take a look at the new TCG exclusive xx-saber monster: emmersblade!

Earth/Insect -Effect/3/1300/800
Effect: When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the graveyard, you can special summon 1 level 4 or lower "X-saber" monster from your deck.

what makes this card so good is not only its searcher ability.but!'s a level 3 and a non-tuner!see it?'s xx-saber hyunlay that im talking about.

ever since the release of xx-saber hyunlay,many are awed by its CTTM effect but has yet to find a good way to maximise its potential as there is just too limited xx-saber monsters to tune,its totally different.x-saber airbellum has a new partner and it is definitely xx-saber emmersblade.synchro both of them for xx-saber hyunlay and get ready for some backrow blasting.

crazy things that you can do with emmersblade:keep ramming it to search out all the emmersblade and search for x-saber airbellum as the last target,play gottoms emergency call,synchro for xx-saber hyunlay.if your grave is flooded with xx-saber monsters,you can even special summon 2 xx-saber rajigra with gottom's emergency call,take back 2 faultroll and perform that CTTM infinity hand-dropping loop.but before that,be sure to clear the backrow using xx-saber hyunlay.COOL~~~

whats more,it didnt place a restriction that the monster that is special summoned out must be a level 4,instead it is level 4 or lower.meaning,xx-saber rajigra,x-saber airbellum,xx-saber fulhelmknight.or maybe you can even try doing this: ram your xx-saber emmersblade,special summon xx-saber fulhelmknight,attack and chain things like BOM or enemy controller so that you can activate its effect,and special summon xx-saber emmersblade,attack with emmersblade,and then synchro for xx-saber hyunlay and destroy up to 3 M/T.and you only need the presence of 1 of your opponents monster on the field.

however, being an insect type monster is really quite a would be beast and this card would be totally CTTM!play your cold wave,summon rescue cat,search for airbellum and emmersblade and synchro for xx-saber hyunlay and bomb!bomb!bomb!and you get the idea of the era when synchro cat owns.

watch out for the invasion of the xx-saber family has just began!

on the side note,core transport unit is another totally cool card.core chimail has finally gotten their own reinforcement or black whirlwind.that would be another story to begin with.Enjoy!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thinking back...YuGiOh has come a long long way since it first started. i first get in touch with it back in Primary 1 when one of my classmates brought its comic to class and i was totally amazed and fascinated by the duelings between monsters and how the characters command their cards with a burning passion,and the strive for the win.

Those were the days when many duelist still gather at Bishan MRT station,sitting on the tiles and playing the card game.

Those were the days when 1900ATK, four star gemini elves and blood volrus dominates the meta. And harpy feather,IR,D-ring were still around.

Those were the days...

So,it is really really great to see that YuGiOh has developed into a worldwide trading card game and even held the annual World Championship,as well as Asian Championship.It really takes a lot of effort and time for YuGiOh to become a worldwide phenomenon and i am proud of it.

Seeing how it grows and how the game develops,it is great to see how the strategies transforms from one era to another.And also,how the banlist affects the gameplay.More combos and more OTKs or FTKs emerge as new sets are release as duelist seek to become more creative to form a deck that performs magic.

Undoubtedly,many duelist have once questioned themselves,how long more can i continue playing YuGiOh?I would say,play it as long as you can,for a duelist never quits.

The year 2010 will be another wonderful and exciting year for us to anticipated.And we shall see the rise of another age!Duel!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it has just caught my attention that elemental hero flash and the shining look so much like each other!

just look at the lines on their thigh,their protruding belly button,and the 3 horns on their seems that the shining is an evolved form of elemental hero flash.

now we know why their effects complement one another so well.

and now we know that a picture does indeed tells a thousand words...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

recently elemental hero gets so many support cards,that none of us want to overlook their power.super polymerization is one of the key cards in this theme alongside with the new release parallel world fusion.and trust me,super polymerization is way too you-got-to-be-kidding-me strong!reason?being,the fact that it cant be negated!now you can show your third finger(be it count from left or right) and point it striaght at solemn judgement or dark bribe etc.and whats more?its a spell speed 2 card.totally CTTM!Cool To The Max!and whats more?we have elemental hero flash and elemental heo the shining working greatly together!now,lets take a look at them:

Effect: When this card is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, by removing from play this card and 3 different "Elemental Hero" monster in your graveyard, select 1 normal spell card in your graveyard and add it to your hand.

Effect: 1 "Elemental Hero" monster + 1LIGHT monster
This card cannot be special summoned except by fusion summon. This card gains ATK equal to the number of your removed from play "Elemental Hero" monster x 300. When this card is sent from the field to the graveyard, you can select up to 2 of your removed from play "Elemental Hero" monster, and add them to your hand.

when your flash gets destroyed and send to the grave,you can remove it and 3 other elemental heros to take back 1 normal magic-->heavy storm,giant trunade,and lets not forget miracle fusion!just remember it as DMOC in disguise,though it specifies as normal now,you have 4 elemental hero removed from play,and now lets look at elemental hero the shining,when you summon it it becomes a 3800 ATK monster!CTTM?Yesh....

after that,you can take back up to 2 of your removed from play elemental heros,like maybe your stratos,alius neos,prisma and summon it again for more gayness.and it is relatively easy to special summon out your elemental hero the shining since you can get right of your opponent's cyber dragon easily and at the same time special summon this guy with super polymerisation.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

tourney report @ Bishan,format used was single elimination.and i got kicked out in first round.LOL.was using grave-bf deck.

Round 1
Opponent: Kel/dimension fissure-gadget
Score: XX
Game 1: got controlled when my shura whack his gadget and he chained shrink...zzz.and none of the birds came to my rescue.and he always had that irritating dimension fissure.
Game 2: first turn dimension fissure...irritating to the max!next time dont want play with him liao,everytime first turn dimension fissure.Haiz... =(

and so this marks the tournament for today,i shall go revamp the deck soon.round 2 next week! =)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

some rulings on geartown:

From yugioh wikia:
1. If "mystical space typhoon" is chained to "geartwon", "mystical space typhoon" resolves first and destroys "geartown" at Chain Link 2. Then, "geartown" resolves without effect as Chain Link 1. Since it still resolves, the destruction of "geartown" is not the last thing to happen, so you miss the timing and cannot activate the effect of "geartown".

2. If "magic jammer" is chained to "geartown", "magic jammer" resolves first and negates and destroys "geartown" as Chain Link 2. Chain Link 1 does not resolve since "geartown"'s activation was negated. The last thing to resolve is "magic jammer", so you can activate the effect of "geartown" and Special Summon an "ancient gear" monster.

3.If "geartown" is Special Summoned by "magical hats", "geartown"'s effect will activate when it is destroyed while being treated as a monster. Its effect will activate if it is destroyed at the end of the battle phase by "magical hats", if it is destroyed by battle, etc

4.The effects "destroy a Field Spell Card" and "gain 1000 Life Points" of "ancient fairy dragon" are considered to resolve simultaneously. However, if you choose to resolve the "add 1 Field Spell Card to your hand" effect, then that occurs afterwards. Example: If "geartown" is destroyed by the effect of "ancient fairy dragon" and you choose not to add a field spell card to your hand, then you can activate the effect of "geartown". However, if you add a field spell card to your hand, then you miss the timing and cannot activate the effect of "geartown"

5.The effect of "geartown" is optional, so if the last thing to resolve is not the destruction of "geartown", then you cannot activate the effect of "geartown" which Special Summons the "ancient gear" monster. If something resolves after "geartown" is destroyed, then you miss the timing and cannot activate the effect.
  • If your "geartown" is destroyed because your opponent activated a field spell card, then the last thing to resolve is the destruction of "geartown". Thus, you can activate its effect and Special Summon an "ancient gear" monster.
  • If your "geartown" is destroyed because you activated a new field spell card, then after "geartown" is destroyed you resolve the effect of the new field spell card. Thus, you miss the timing and cannot the effect which Special Summons an "ancient gear" monster.
  • If your "geartown" is destroyed because you set a new field spell card face-down, then the last thing to resolve is "geartown" being destroyed. Thus, you can activate its effect and Special Summon an "ancient gear" monster.

From yugioh-wiki:

translating the text above(using some random translator,i hope the readers can understand as im not very good in japanese myself and this is the translation that i found makes most sense.):
I can take off a timing intentionally even if I use the effect to set for [after having destroyed it] with chain 1 according to the text in order that it is performed. When a strong effect confronted a card becoming the misfire by missing timings such as 《 gear street 》, I will learn a thing becoming very effective.

let us then take a look at the english text of dust tornado again:
Effect: Destroy 1 spell or trap card your opponent controls. You can then set 1 spell or trap card from your hand.

Meaning that,the setting of a magic or trap card happens after the destruction of the card,rendering some cards in that case to miss its timing.

Monday, December 14, 2009

machine deck once again rises with more support from the new machine-theme structure deck: machiner's commando,or the TCG machiner mayhem. the big head machiner fortress is a notable card that combo well with ancient gear dragon.

what comes to mind next is an incredibly strong field spell card,that allows you to special summon your ancient gear monster at almost no cost.drop your ancient gear dragon to special summon your machiner fortress,"stack" your geartown and then special summon ancient gear dragon from the grave(the one you had just discarded),or if you want,from hand or deck also can.

you will now realize how strong geartown is now,if your opponent plays heavy storm,you get free big head,plays cyclone,get free big head now comes the question,what card can we play or side against such deck so that we dont have to waste our deck space just for this particular deck?and at the same time serve other purpose as well?

now,let's take a look at geartown:

Effect: Both players can tribute summon "Ancient Gear" monster with 1 less tribute than required. When this card is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, you can special summon 1 "Ancient Gear" monster from your hand, deck, or graveyard.

yes,pretty cool card huh?and the answer to counter this card will be:


Effect: Destroy 1 spell or trap card your opponent controls. You can then set 1 spell or trap card from your hand.

the reason why dust tornado can effectively get rid of geartown and at the same time prevents your opponent from special summoning their big head is due to the last phrase of dust tornado's text " You can then set 1 spell or trap card from your hand."

geartown cannot special summon their big head because after you have activated dust tornado,and you randomly set 1 M/T,will cause geartown to miss its timing,since the last thing to happen now is not the destruction of geartown but the setting of a M/T.

see how dust tornado can be a wonderful card?you can simply side this card in and remove others in this situation,but just do remember to set a magic or trap card.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tourney report @ jurong east.same format,4 round swiss9(point system) to cut top 8.was playing undead synchro,and i kinda have to admit that i suck at playing undead.LOL.did a lot of wrong things today,but lucky enough to get into top4 and get a natural not that bad.round 3 played with zheng hao,an OTK deck that revolves around life equalizer and blasting the ruins.very cool deck!should get a creative prize.anyway here is the report:

Round 1
Opponent: Kel/ gadets
Score: XOX
Game 1: dimension fissure on first turn=OMG!no more grave,no more brionac bounce bounce,no more undead loop.
Game 2: dark armed dragon and some other things controlled the game and won.
Game 3: sided in manevolent catatstrophe,but got cycloned away,and the irritating dimesional fissure appears again and i have no raigeki break or heavy storm in hand.

Round 2
Opponent: Bryant/ Burn deck
Score: OO
Game 1: my life point was 3000 plus i think,due to his constant burns here and i synchro out stardust,red demon and some others when he forget the existence of my stardust and use torrential i used stardust to negate it.,and won on the following turn.
Game 2: sided in 3 royal decree,since his deck is trap heavy.and it works!and so the undead keep jumping around here and there and everywhere.

Round 3
Opponent: Zheng Hao/ Blasting the ruin OTK
Score: XOX
Game 1: i was doing some sight-seeing,while he continue to do the loop.and when i finish sight-seeing,i die during my draw phase. wall of revealing light+life equalizer+blasting the ruin=OMG!game 2 please?LOL
Game 2: finally his turn to sight-seeing,while i do my things,and the zombies are hopping everywhere.OTKed him.
Game 3: he couldnt draw the cards he need during his turn,as he started first,and i couldnt do much when it was my turn also.when it was his turn,i sight-see again as he continue to do his stuff.and so i died...on my draw phase AGAIN!life equalizer+blasting the ruin=OMG!I'm pawned.

Round 4
Opponent: Banana/ Gravekeeper's
Score: XOX
Game 1: royal tribute and necro valley on first turn,really couldnt do much,no heavy storm or raigeki break.he slowly whack till i die.
Game 2: forget how i win.haha...
Game 3: he had stardust,royal oppression,necro valley on field.and his stardust negate my mirror force,so i paid 800 lifepoints to negate his stardust upon turn i drew giant trunade,synchro out hades,goyo.i was about to win,when i did something wrong and on his turn he summoned ascendant of the gravekeeper and destroyed my backrow(i set 1 card only),before he use torrential tribute and clear the whole monster zone,with our lfe @ 2550(Him),1600(me).couldnt draw into any monster and he summoned a gravekeeper's spy and attack for game.

Round 5 (Top 8)
Opponent: Fireowner/ Gladiator beast
Score: OO
Game 1: dark armed dragon is jumping around along with some zombie.
Game 2: made some stupid mistakes,luckily didnt cost me the match as it is towards the end of the game.a war of top decking begins and he couldnt draw any monster,while i drew burial from different dimension,synchroed for goyo and attacked for game.

So,this is it. i didn't played on when i am supposed to play with Sazabi in the top 4.since he and jun hao wanted dark end dragon and i wanted only the natural landols,so i let him go ahead and proceed to the finals.really quite a lucky day,as i still manage to proceed into the top 8 despite so many loses.Today must be my lucky day! =)

Monday, December 7, 2009

version 2 of my fun TOPdeck!generally speaking,this version is much much better than the previous build,and it can do some great deal of damage too.the decklist will be as follow:

Monster (21):
legendary jujitsu master x 2
raiza x 3
thunder dragon x 3
breaker x 3
cyber valley x 2
demon roar god cerberal x3
d-hero malicious x 2
demon roar god kashi x 1
chaos sorcerer x 2

Magic (11):
scapegoat x 1
enemy controller x 2
creature swap x 1
one for one x 1
giant trunade x 1
brain control x 1
heavy storm x 1
back to square one x 3

Trap (8):
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast x 3
bottomless x 2
call of the haunted x 1
torrential x 1
mirror force x 1

Changes made:
1. thunder dragon is a good card for this deck,since it can add 2 more thunder dragons after you have discard one from your hand,means you can use them to discard for PWWB,back to square 1 can further use it while it is in grave to use it and special summon chaos sorcerer.
2.demon roar god cards makes your discarding more worthwhile! for one allows you to dump your malicious etc to special summon 1 cyber valley,use cyber valley effect for greater draw power=more discard=more topdecking!
4.creature swap,swap away your unwanted monster like scapegoat tokens etc and steal away their big monsters.
5.breaker will do the job by clearing away the opponent's backrow for you.breaking those irritating things!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

here is the decklist of the deck that i'm playing yesterday.

Monster (20) :
tragoedia x 2
DAD x 1
kalut x 3
gale x 1
sirocco x 3
vayu x 1
blizzard of the far north x 2
silver shield x 1
shura x 3
bora x 3

Magic (12) :
black whirlwind x 3
book of moon x 3
brain control x 1
MST x 1
giant trunade x 1
allure x 2
heavy storm x 1

Trap (8):
icarus attack x 2
compulsory evacuation device x 1
bottomless x 2
mirror force x 1
torrential tribute x 1
call of the haunted x 1

currently working on my fun topdeck deck version 2.still need some fix and it will be ready soon,will post up the decklist once it is done.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

first tourney at jurong.played many rounds,until very tired and dont feel like playing anymore for the last few games.haha...anyway,here is the update of the tournament today.and it feels like so long since i last played a tournament.

Deck used:Whirlwind black-feather

Round 1:
Opponent: Melvin/??? deck
Score: OXO
Game 1: was a easy match,won very fast with the whirlwind and black feather thingy.
Game 2: even faster match,his prime material dragon plus honest totally pawns me.dont ever think of winning an honest with kalut.even with honest at chain link 2.
Game 3: very intense match.our life points were both very low.he had 1 card in hand,1 armored master,1 shura on his field and 1 set S/T. on my turn,i summoned shura,with whirlwind effect search for gale,special summoned gale.half his shura and attack his shura.then synchro for black rose and blast the field.and this is the only way to get rid of armored master,since i cant synchro out brionac,dark end or icarus attack.luckily he drew a creature turn i summoned another shura i think,then special summoned bora and drop kalut for the win!

Round 2:
Opponent: Fireowners/gladiator beast
Score: OO
Game 1: he got a bad hand i think,and i am in total control of the game.
Game 2: Same as game one,while the highlight is that i dropped 2 kalut just to kill his hoplomus since one of my kalut got charioted.zzz...wasted one kalut.

Round 3:
Opponent: Xiao Mei/gladiator beast
Score: OXO
Game 1: cant remember if this is the game,if not then it is game 3.anyway,she had 2 laquari on field,both with 2100 attack.and i had 2 dark monsters in the grave,so i suicide my kalut with one of it.then jump dark armed dragon and destoryed her monsters.and then slowly destroy her backrow and slowly attack her.
Game 2: my graveyard has 3 dark monsters as well,but i chained my oppression to her tagging too early.and when i finally destiny draw,i drew dark armed dragon.thinking i am about to win with dark armed dragon again,so i special summoned it happily.but OPPS!oppression!
Game 3: cant remember if this is the game,if not then it is game 1,LOL. this time,same thing,i had 3 dark monster in grave,and we both empty field,and my hand was 1 dark armed dragon and 1 i special summoned dark armed dragon and set oppression and attack turn she summoned 1 gladiator beast and special summon 1 test tiger,so i chained to it and won.

Round 4:
Opponent: Darren/whirlwind bf
Game 1: cant remember,but dont know why he always drew whirlwind before me.forget how i die also.
Game 2: Get OTKed!Cant believe black-feather can still OTK in 2 turn in this format since no dark dive and no imba 3 hand was full of monsters,so i summoned shura,since i have kalut in he played whirlwind,summoned sirocco,brain control my shura,special summoned 2 bora,and 1 more gale,everything focus=OMG!I'm pawned!

The following rounds will decide the top 8 players.

Round 5:
Opponent: Melvin/??? deck AGAIN!
Score: XX
Game 1: very bad killed by his creature swap,creature swap and more creature swap thingy.totally IRRITATING!
Game 2: Woah,epic match.everyone was crowding around to see.I had like 1000 plus life points and my dark armed dragon got stuck in my hand as i have too many dark monster in my grave.and he got the irriating armored master on field.i had 2 whirlwind on field,so i summoned blizzard,and search for vayu.and there is no longer any monsters in my deck other than 2 sirocco i i synchro into brionac,drop my vayu and bounce his armored master,then synchro another arms wing(vayu+sirocco) and attacked.his life point dropped to 1000 plus i think.and after we stalled for a few turn and some intense fighting.he top draw into dark armed dragon!OMG!Why this time round his top draw is better than mine...NO...

Round 6:
Opponent: Xiao Mei/gladiator beast AGAIN!
Score: OO
Game 1: i think she has very few monster and i controlled the game.
Game 2: her hand was full of monster and drew into proving ground=even more monster while i had defensive cards like bottomless etc and won.

Round 7:
Opponent: Darren/ Whirlwind bf AGAIN!
Score: XX
Game 1: he always gets a better draw than mine.
Game 2: please refer to game 1.LOL.

so yeah,this will conclude the tournament that i had i obtained the 6th position and got an eccentric boy.a card that has great potential in my opinion.will update on my decklist tomorrow,too exhausted today already and had lots of fun too!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

about 1 more month before the arrival of the much anticipated gold series 2010, and this month's v-jump or weekly-jump may have give us some information on the cards that will be released, i shall make a guess of the cards that i think would likely be printed.

1. Caius the shadow mornach. this is a good card in my opinion and since the previous gold series had already reprinted raiza i guess this is a likely card as well.
2. Giant trunade. look at MST and heavy storm from the previous series.
3. Dark armed dragon. yes,very likely.may be one of the gimmicks konami use to attract more buyers.
4. A.O.J catastor. either this or mist wurm.since they throw brionac into the list.and this card is widely used.
5. Mist wurm. refer to point 4.
6. Cry of the living dead. like monster reborn.
7. Airman. likely card.haha...looking at dandylion reminds me of this.

i took some reference from both the TCG and OCG gold series,making some comparisons before arriving at the conclusion.cant wait for January and Febuary to come,in fact next year! The shining darkness,black feather shall shine AGAIN!


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